Nescafé Win a £30,000 salary for a year

Nescafé’s popular Win a Salary promotion is back for 2024!

There’s one fantastic £30,000 ‘salary for a year’ prize to be won, where the winner will receive £2,500 a month for a year, plus there are the usual thousand instant cash prizes too.

To enter, you’ll need to buy a promotional jar of Nescafé and peel the label to reveal your entry code, then enter it online at after 8 January 2024. The last date to enter the instant win and £30,000 prize draw is 31 March 2024 but late entries received before 2 January 2025 will go into one final prize draw with a £1,000 prize.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still working my way through the jar of decaf I bought at the start of the year so I don’t think I’ll be bothering this time round!

The Prizes

All the prizes in this promotion are cash and will be paid by cheque or by BACS.

For the 2024 promotion, there are a thousand instant win cash prizes, awarded after random winning moments. The prize breakdown is the same as the 2023 promotion:

  • 5 x £500
  • 10 x £100
  • 35 x £50
  • 950 x £20

And then there is the grand prize of £30,000, awarded in a prize draw at the end of the promotion, and given as a cheque for £2,500 each month for a year.

There’s also a late entry draw taking place on 3 January 2025, with one £1,000 cash prize.

How to enter

Remember, although you can buy the promotional coffee now, you can’t enter your code until 8 January 2024.

  • Buy a promotional jar of Nescafé coffee (it’s absolutely fine to buy a promotional jar and have a receipt dated early as the jars are already in the shops!) – check it’s the new 2024 promotion pictiured above, because old jars with the 2023 promotion are still on the shelves. T&Cs are not yet online, but if it’s the same format as last year it’s featured on Original Instant Coffee 100g, 200g, 300g jars and Decaff 100g, 200g, 300g jars.
  • Peel back the front label on your jar to reveal your unique entry code – then enter the code at – you will need to log in to your Nescafé Perks account first, or register for Perks if you’re not signed up yet

  • Keep hold of your label and till receipt (or online order details)
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a cash prize, and you will also be entered into the grand prize draw to win £30,000.
  • You can enter this promotion multiple times – but will need to buy a new jar and use a new code each time.

Instant winners will receive an email within 48 hours, and will be asked to provide further information to complete the claim and receive the prize – this is likely to include proof of purchase (a photo of the label and receipt), bank details and ID.    

The grand prize winner will be contacted by email on the day of the draw, and will need to complete the claim process within 14 days.

There is a maximum of one prize value per person, and per household during the promotional period (so a household would be eligible to win £20, £50, £100, £500 AND the £30,000 prize, although there’s a very slim chance of that happening!)

About the winning moments format

There are 1,000 winning moments during the Nescafé promotional period – and if you’re the first person to enter after one of these random winning moments, you’ll win a prize. This means that you can choose your entry time for the best chance of winning – less people will be taking part overnight, so you’ll have a higher chance of hitting a winning moment between 1am and 6am. With a thousand prizes, it works out at roughly ten winning moments each day.

If there’s no entry between one winning moment and the next, the prize rolls over and will be won by the next entrant.

To find out more about this type of instant win format, read my post What is a winning moment promotion?

Tip: Check the prices of Nescafé before you buy using the supermarket comparison tool on the Latest Deals app or at

The promotion is open to UK, IOM and Channel Islands residents aged 18 and over and read the full terms and conditions on the Nescafé website.

For any problems, email Good luck!

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61 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    This is the ideal competition for me, because I drink loads of coffee! It’s unlikely I’ll have any left over by next year! Jim

  2. John Dawson says:

    I have tried 10 times today to enter “HAVE FAILED” to enter my code to enter next time make it SIMPLE to put the code in.

  3. Elvira says:

    Why have ROI residents not been included in the 2022’s ‘Win a 30k salary Competition’ ? I won €500 with them last year and I am based in Ireland. So what changed??

  4. Margaret Walker says:

    I entered many times in 2021 but never won a prize. I’ve never been able to get a winners list, so changed to Kenco as I suspected this was a scam.

  5. Elaine Hollis says:

    300gr was £4.50 today in Asda 200gr was £4

  6. Leslie paul wales says:

    Car to remmember were I got this jar but good coffee but it’s the best taste ever

  7. elvina says:

    Pls help me out on the code i have mine but dont know how to do it

  8. Paul Edward Richards says:

    Absolutly a waste of time…been conned would be a better competition !!

    • Di says:

      Several SuperLucky readers won in this promotion Paul! It’s just disappointing that there are still so many promotional packs for sale in supermarkets when the main daily prize draw period has ended.

  9. Jamie says:

    The label says-

    Enter your code…

    Not enter all your bank details ?

    • Di says:

      I don’t understand why people are mentioning bank details – there’s no requirement to enter any bank details at all!

  10. cheryl north says:

    i can’t seem to register, it keeps saying email doesn’t match, sick of retyping now

  11. Mrs Catherine Simpson says:

    I am trying to enter the comp. I live in the Isle of Man and it gives me that option for Country. However, when I try to enter the first 3 letters of the County (either BRA for Braddan or DOU for Douglas) it will NOT accept them. How do I enter?

  12. Michael Mallen says:

    I have several jars of coffee and tried to enter the codes but only one code was excepted

  13. Carol says:

    It says you can enter without putting your bank details in,just your address and email address but I can’t get past bank details as I don’t like giving my bank details to anyone

    • Di says:

      Someone else has mentioned this but I can’t see where you’re being asked for this information Carol – it’s definitely not required on the entry form. You’ve not clicked on an ad link or anything have you?

  14. Mike Ginn says:

    This is way too complicated. Nescafe should trial these processes before launching into the public domain.

  15. David Herold says:

    I finally find what they are using for my county and when I use it , they now say the promotional code I have entered is not recognised. I have never seen such a nonsense as this ever before , very very annoyed at having wasted my time with this nonsensical site.

  16. David Herold says:

    I have tried to enter competition and it won’t accept county .

  17. Roger says:

    Tried various ways could not enter my numbers

  18. Gwen Mee says:

    Having problem getting started

  19. Phillip JAMES says:

    I share the problems encountered in trying to take part in this competition. The site is not very user friendly. It was difficult to get my county acknowledged. I was advised by Nescafe to just type in a County close by. So, instead of Lincolnshire, I tried Norfolk which was acknowledged. When I made my second entry, the system acknowledged my county Lincolnshire. I presume, it had learned there was such a county after I had tried entering Lincolnshire about 5 times prior.. Finally got through. Hope it is worth all the aggro encountered.

  20. Nicholas Dasey says:

    Tried to enter draw but it refuses to believe that I live in Carmarthenshire or Dyfed.

  21. Jo says:

    I want to enter the comp but I don’t want to give my bank details. Can I enter without giving these details. Cheers

    • Di says:

      Yes of course, you enter the competition just with your name, address and email details. You will only be asked for your bank details if you win a cash prize!

  22. Violet says:

    Please help as I am unable to enter the competition.
    I can give you my numbers.

  23. elisa says:

    i just can’t seem to log onto the site ir sends me round in circles – log in then try and go to perks – log in – press on the comp tab – log in again ??? its not working or i’m doing something wronmg ??

  24. harry roden says:

    Have tried 4 times to entre Nescafe draw and having emailed Nescafe to let them know but get the same answer = I was told to pick from country Isle of Wight which does not exit on their list (we are Isle of Man) did that then for county asked what l should do didn’t get response – we do not have counties . What to do

  25. Gillian Johns says:

    is there any point in doing postal draws please? Are they included in the draw? Stamps are not cheap.

  26. Rawan says:

    I entered everything I was supposed to enter, but I’m not sure how I will know if I win, or how long it will take, will I get an email telling me if I won or lost?

  27. Anna says:

    I entered but got no confirmation. Should a confirmation email receipt follow an entry? Wondering if it went through

  28. Jean Vaughan says:

    I am really disappointed. It’s the third day and I still cannot enter my county so no entry made. Is there any news on them sorting out the glitch yet?

    • Di says:

      I know several people have contacted them about this but it’s not yet been fixed. Have you tried typing different letter combinations to see if any of them bring up your county on the list?

  29. stuart says:

    I would love to win the cash first time I’ve entered a competition like this

  30. Andrea Matthews says:

    I’m having the same problem with the county part of the form. I have emailed Nescafé. I don’t want to miss out on day one!

  31. Susie Smith says:

    I’ve tried to enter this morning but there seems to be a problem with the entry form. There’s a drop down box to enter your county, but this doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried to enter it freehand without success. I’ve contacted Nestle. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Di says:

      I started typing Ea and then my county appeared in the list as ‘Ea Sussex’ – but then changed to East Sussex when I clicked it. It does seem a bit glitchy!

  32. Julia Linsley says:

    Do the jars of coffee all need individual receipts please ?

    • Di says:

      Well, I was going to reply that it should be ok to have them all on a single receipt – however I just checked T&Cs which say “There is no limit to the number of times a participant may enter, provided a different unique promotional pack and code is used for each entry, and that each such entry is supported by a NEW and valid till receipt or copy of an online order (i.e. a proof of purchase)” – so because it says NEW, I suggest getting them all on separate receipts just in case. Although if you win I’m sure they will only ask to see one receipt!

  33. Karen Stirling says:

    If you win on the daily draw are you allowed to keep entering for the monthly salary draw?

  34. Elaine Hollis says:

    Got a few jars at Tesco while they’re on offer but just noticed this “Purchase of a promotional pack, and a valid till receipt showing the purchase of a promotional pack “within the stated promotion period,” Surely they can’t have them for sale then disallow your entry because you’ve bought the jars a week early?

    • Di says:

      Nescafe have responded to this question and confirmed that receipts for promotional jars bought before 11 January will be valid!

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