New Mini Cheddars promotion – Every Pack Wins!

You’ve probably spotted the flashed ‘Every Pack Wins’ packets of Mini Cheddars in the supermarket – they’ve been on shelves for almost a month even though the promotion doesn’t start until this Monday, 29 January 2024.

The prizes on offer are exciting – 8 European trips, 80 UK Breaks, a hundred £1000 travel vouchers, 500 Merlin Gold Passes for 2, and lots more. In total the packs advertise around £1,000,000 of prizes –pretty impressive until you realise this is an ‘algorithmic’ instant win promotion, with most of the prizes not actually guaranteed to be won. I would recommend you only buy Mini Cheddars if you would usually buy them – don’t go out of your way to buy them just for the competition!

8 European trips are guaranteed to be won

There are eight guaranteed Tier 1 prizes in the Mini Cheddars Every Pack Wins promotion. Each prize has been assigned a random time (a ‘winning moment’) between 29 January and 10 March 2024 – if you’re the first person to enter your code after that winning moment, you’ll win a European break!

Each of the 8 winners has a choice of the following five trips:

  • 5 nights in the French Riviera for 2 adults and 2 children aged 11 or under, including flights, transfers, 4* hotel accommodation, breakfast, a full day private tour and £500 Spending Money
  • 5 nights in a 2-bedroom self-catering villa in Mallorca for 2 adults and 2 children aged 11 or under, including flights, transfers, car hire for the duration and £500 Spending Money
  • 7-night Western Mediterranean cruise with Royal Caribbean for 2 adults, including flights to Venice and returning from Barcelona, plus all meals on board
  • 7 nights Center Parcs Europe stay sharing a 2-bedroom accommodation on selfcatering basis for 4 adults, return Euro Shuttle travel for one standard vehicle, £500 Fuel allowance, and £500 Spending money.
  • 5 nights in Turkey for 2 adults and 2 children aged 11 or under, including flights, transfers, 3* hotel accommodation sharing a family room (daily all inclusive, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soft beverages and selected alcoholic beverages.

3,680 prizes are NOT guaranteed to be won

The rest of the ‘real’ prizes in the Mini Cheddars promotion (Tier 2 prizes) are not guaranteed to be won, they are only available to be won via an instant win algorithm. All these prizes will ONLY be awarded if the code from every single promotional pack is entered online – generally, for a unique code promotion like this, only around 3% of codes will be entered.

  • 80 x UK break (Cheddar Gorge, Cottage retreat, Glamping or London)
  • 100 x £1,000 travel voucher (choice of Center Parcs, TUI, and Airbnb)
  • 200 x £800 travel voucher
  • 300 x £600 travel voucher
  • 500 x Merlin Gold pass
  • 1000 x £200 travel voucher
  • 1500 x £180 travel voucher

The coupon prizes

And if you don’t win one of these prizes, you’ll bag yourself a 50p off Mini Cheddars coupon (there are a maximum of 6,461,637 coupons to be won).

How to enter

  • Purchase a promotional pack of Mini Cheddars – it’s OK if you bought your pack before the launch date of 29 January 2024.
  • Keep hold of your original itemised till receipt for each entry as it may be required to claim a prize if you’re a winner
  • Enter your unique code from the ‘Best Before’ box on the reverse of the pack at (or scan the QR on pack)
  • You’ll find out instantly what you’ve won
  • Winners of tier 1 and 2 prizes will receive a text message with claim details, and everyone else will receive a 50p coupon via email (the coupon must be printed out)

Similar to the current Walkers & Doritos instant wins, the code is printed on the outside of the crisp packet. There’s a risk that someone may cheat by entering the code while in the supermarket so I advise you take your bag from the back of the shelf to reduce your risk of picking up a bag with a used code.

What are the chances of winning an instant prize?

Imagine every time you enter a code, you’re spinning a huge wheel of fortune with 6.5 million segments. Only 3,680 of those are real prizes – the rest are a 50p off coupon! So your chance of landing on a winning segment and getting a ‘real’ prize is less than 1-in-1756 with every entry.

Going on previous statistics for this type of promotion, we can expect there to be around 200,000 entries, and less than 150 of the 3,680 tier 2 prizes are likely to be won. Most of us will win a 50p coupon!

The eight Tier 1 European breaks are guaranteed to be won though – over a 42 day promotion, there should be a winning moment roughly every 5 days. In a competition with multiple winning moments per day I would recommend entering overnight for the best chance of a win, but with only 8 moments spread over 6 weeks I don’t think your choice of entry time will increase your chance of a win this time! If you’d like to know more about this, read my post What is a winning moment promotion?

Late entry draw

If you miss the main instant win promotion, you can still enter your code between 11 March & 2 June 2024 for the chance to win one UK break in a prize draw.

The ‘Every Pack Wins’ promotion is open to UK residents aged 18+ ​, you can enter twice a week and each household can win a maximum of one prize from Tier 1 and one from Tier 2.

Check out full T&Cs for the Mini Cheddars Every Pack Wins promotion here.

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try – you’ll have a better chance of winning a prize in the Doritos or Cadbury instant wins rather than Mini Cheddars!

You can also find advice on entering this type of competition in my post Top tips for winning on pack promotions.

8 Responses

  1. Peggy Banks says:

    Haha didn’t take it seriously luckily and not particularly want a trip st the mo. Out of curiosity I scanned the code, got the instructions as mentioned above. And was asked for bank details to pay to set it up one gbp so maybe by deleting at that point I missed my chance of a 50p coupon which would have halved the expense of paying one gbp

  2. Elizabeth Porter says:

    What a crap promo !!! 50 p off a pack and only two chances a week

  3. Sylvia Robbins says:

    Hi, – The rules say that a smart phone is necessay to enter – it’s mentioned more than once. Why would they specify this, and not mobile? How would they know?
    Thanks x

    • Di says:

      That’s a good question Sylvia – I see no need for entrants to have a smartphone, as the website is accessible via a computer, I’ll see if I can find out!

      • Mrs. Sylvia Mary Robbins says:

        Thanks Di -We both ‘won’ 50p coupons on our laptops – we both used old nokia phones if we had to put our numbers in.
        I AM progressing with the smart phone but not very confidently.
        Tesco tomorrow till receipt day! And lunch in the Cafe – gorgeous menu.

        • Di says:

          I’ve heard back! A smartphone is required because winners of the real prizes (not the 50p off) will be sent a unique link via SMS to claim their prize. You can open the link easily on a smartphone, but if you don’t have one you would need to type that link in on a computer. So it’s not essential to have a smartphone, but it would make a prize claim much easier.

          • Sylvia says:

            Thanks for that Di. So really it’s like uploading a TR from the link sent in TTW draws.

  4. Rhona Brown says:

    Thanks for the analysis. It is good to know when a promo has low odds. I can then spend more time on something more likely to win.

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