New Year’s Comping Resolutions

Happy New Year! I love January 1st – a time to get excited about what the year has in store, to make plans and embark on new adventures! And if you’re making resolutions for 2015, perhaps you might want to create a few comping ones too?

Here’s a few suggestions…

1. Keep a spreadsheet of wins

Some compers like to write their wins in a notebook but I love the power of a spreadsheet – using Google Drive (also available as an app for mobile devices) I can add prizes and details on-the-go, and total up my winnings easily. If you’d like to do the same, my post Setting up a prize spreadsheet in Google Drive should help you set your 2015 spreadsheet up – do it TODAY so you’re ready for your first win of the year!

2. Read the rules

Most compers don’t read the terms & conditions, and who can blame them, when they’re usually long, wordy and dull! But it’s really important to ensure you’ve entered a competition or prize draw correctly. Check the closing date (and time) before you comment or Retweet. Have you done EVERYTHING required – left a comment for a blog competition, shared on Facebook, completed the entry form, liked or commented on the correct Facebook photo (not the one I’ve shared on my SuperLucky page!), spelt the hashtag correctly, etc…? I run giveaways regularly and am surprised at how many people don’t do what’s required – it really is worth those few extra seconds to double check!

3. Use browser bookmarks

As well as adding individual comping websites to your bookmarks bar, using folders is a clever way to group lots of URLs together. You could set up folders for Daily entry & instant win comps, Local websites, Facebook groups & forums, Google searches (for prizes in your wishlist, for example), and more. I also have a Comps to do folder and like to bookmark on the go from my iPhone. If you need help with setting up bookmarks, you can find advice for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox online.

4. Get organised with notes & lists

You probably already have a simple Notes app on your phone or tablet, but Evernote is my app of choice for comping – I have separate notes set up within it for my ‘shopping list’ (for purchase necessary comps), ‘unique codes’ (codes from products I’ve bought, plus links to websites to enter the codes) , ‘creative comps to do’ (a clickable list of links in date order) and ‘tiebreaker entries’, where I copy and paste any slogans, poems or tiebreakers I write for future reference. I even keep notes which are photos of receipts or product codes – just in case I lose the originals! All these notes are accessible on my computer or phone so I can check them wherever I am. Storing this information digitally means you can edit, remove, move and add easily – things that just aren’t possible with a Moleskine notebook!

5. Make a prize wishlist – and keep adding to it!

This is a great one – because it’s so much fun! I love to dream of big wins and amazing prizes, and the dreams even come true occasionally – like celebrating my 40th birthday at Glastonbury! There are a few ways to do a wishlist – the old fashioned way, by writing a list in your diary or sticking photos onto your fridge or noticeboard. Or do as I do, and create a Pinterest wishlist and keep adding to it – I like this because I can add comments when I win prizes. Check your wishlist regularly, and search for those prizes on competition forums and websites, as well as Google and Twitter.

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Finally, if you’re a blogger or promoter – make it YOUR resolution to include thorough terms & conditions for every prize promotion. And stick to them. It will make everyone’s life easier!

As for me? My single resolution is to write more, comp less (at least until I’ve published my e-book!) – which is good news for you lot, with more of my blog posts, tips and stories to hopefully keep you winning and inspired!

Let’s make 2015 a great winning year – and please let me know what YOUR comping resolutions are in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. Kim W says:

    Just to be more organised and find the time to do more really!

  2. Diane Wareing says:

    I think I will avoid twitter unless it is mandatory to enter a comp as i have never had any luck on it, apart from one cinema ticket!! I have already set up a spread sheet and hope to see it filled up with lovely wins. And, I definitely need to be more organised and stop getting distracted. Good luck with the book. I’m looking forward to reading it! Happy New year to you and your family.

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