New York Bakery Co. Bagels instant win promotion

New York Bakery Co have just launched their latest on-pack promotion, with a Friends theme! There are over 12,000 prizes available to be won instantly, and also three grand ‘Iconic NYC home’ prize bundles to be won. 

The prizes

There are three grand prizes to be won – these won’t be won instantly, but every entry goes into a prize draw and the 3 winners will be chosen at random.

The grand prize includes:
Foosball Table, 2 Georgina La-Z-Boy chairs, Coffee Machine, Joseph Joseph kitchen bundle (worth up to £500), Apothecary Table, and a Telescope

The 12,020 Instant win prizes include:

  • Friends 1000 Piece Scrap Book Puzzle
  • Friends Top Trumps
  • New York Bakery Co. Bagel Tins
  • Friends Quiz
  • New York Bakery Co. Tote bags
  • Friends Playing Cards
  • Hugsy Plush Toy
  • Friends Apron

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional pack of New York Bakery Co Bagels
  • Open the packet and look for the unique 8 digit code on the inside – it’s printed faintly behind the black panel, so you may need to turn the packet inside out and look in a bright light!
  • Head to and enter your code – you’ll find out instantly if you’ve won
  • If you’re a winner, complete your contact details – you’ll receive a confirmation email and receive your prize within 30 days

The promotion closes on 26 October 2020. You can enter multiple times using a new code each time, and win a maximum of ten prizes per person for GB residents and 5 prizes for NI and ROI residents.

If you’re from ROI or NI no purchase is necessary – claim a free entry code by completing the No Purchase Necessary (NPN) form by the 20 October 2020. Once submitted, you will receive your free entry code via email within 48 hours.

The terms and conditions state that the 12,020 prizes are distributed evenly across the 12 weeks of the promotion, and any unclaimed prizes in one week will be rolled over to the next week. With lots of prizes there should be a good chance of winning!

Check out full T&Cs and FAQs on the main website – if you have any problems there’s also a contact form on the website. Good luck!

22 Responses

  1. Inga Igwe says: to find out who won the grand prize draw.

  2. Inga Igwe says:

    Hi.i had won twice.very happy the gifts arrived today 8weeks later but they finely here.thanks for the lovely bagels which very much loved in this household and lovely gifts too.

  3. Clarre Thomas says:

    I’ve entered loads of codes and haven’t won anything yet, though I’ve had lots of entries to the main draw.
    Although from what I’m reading on this page I don’t hold much hope of a win.

  4. VALER PALMER says:

    sorry but i will not enter my credit card info to anyone issues with fraud, etc it is discriminatory have to have a laptop or phone, and receipts to enter this comp. its a waste of time to, whilst i always have the product i will not give my personal bank card details to anyone, do i really need a trump game. Sorry but this competition is just a way of gathering info for marketing purposes. Like the product use daily but …..there are limits.

  5. Sharo. RIMBAULT says:

    Code U9STA5SS. Hope this is how I enter this competition.

  6. Elisa says:

    : ) I won a friends apron a few days ago – I buy these most weeks only entered a handful of times so was surprised to get a win so quick !

  7. Beverley milburn Milburn says:


  8. Beverley Milburn says:

    I’m having the same problem, saying the code isn’t one of theirs?

  9. Dave says:

    None of my codes are working. My family eat 6 packs of bagels a week. I know it sounds a lot but I have 2 cinnamon for breakfast monday-friday (that is 2 packs). I have 2 original each day for lunch, with a variety of fillings (2 more packs). My partner has 2 sesame for lunch (another 2 packs). We also sometimes get a pack of the green ones, i thought it was cheese and herb but I can’t remember, for the kids as they like them with spreadable cheese.

    6 – 7 packs a week and all these codes dont work. “That doesn’t look like one of our codes” is the error message. I have had no joy contacting them either.

    • Di says:

      Dave, that’s a LOT of bagels! Is it possible for you to send a photo of one of your codes over to me at I’ll take a look and give it a try – if it works (I’ll send you back one of mine in return to try!)

    • Karen says:

      I bought 2 packs 3/11/20. Have entered the codes. The competition has closed. Promotional packs are still on sale. Makes me wonder when the bagels were made!!

      • Karen says:

        Also previous codes didn’t work. I thought they had already been used and a prize won on that code.

  10. Anja says:

    Last night I picked up a pack reduced to 39p because they were at the best before date, and I won a Friend’s Top Trumps game! And I will be entered into the draw for the main prize.

    I don’t think I would have bothered buying New York Bagels at full price just for the competition, buy at 39p it was worth it!

  11. Fred Lamarine says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Open the packet and look for the unique 8 digit code on the inside – it’s printed behind the black panel! NOTHING THERE, bought my Bagels three days ago and not very happy when there is no code anywhere on the bag.

    • Anja says:

      You might need to shine a strong light on the back of the panel – the code is printed in a fitted black font on a grey background, so it’s easy to miss at first glance.

      • Anja says:

        I meant to say the code is in a DOTTED black font on grey background, so it’s hard to see …

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