Do The National Lottery hate compers?

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  1. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I wrote about this on my blog recently, it’s funny I came across this straight after. It really irritates me. I can be a comper AND a blogger AND a person. I’m not scummy just because I have a hobby. It makes me really sad actually.

  2. Chris says:

    Forget the Lottery. Put your money into Premium Bonds. You can have your money back any time and there is still a chance of winning a million every month. Glad I gave up the lottery years ago. Always thought it was fixed anyway.

  3. Twitaculous says:

    What promoters always seem to forget is:
    a) Compers don’t win their whole life – they have to buy things, annoying compers will prevent them from being a customer in the future and from recommending the promoter in the future.
    b) Compers have ‘real’ friends – a comper retweeting a comp will be seen by these ‘real’ people.

  4. Diane Radford says:

    So silly! Compers are also spreading the word for bands, which is way they run them in the first place. So many things I’ve won then told other people about the product. If it was not for the compers or the sites that promote competitions then the advertising would not be so successful in the first place.

  5. emmasfabulous says:

    Same old same old, deluded companies that don’t realise compers are customers!

  6. su tyler says:

    Thanks Di. glad I bought it to your attention. A post by you is so much more eloquent than anything I could put together… and yours is polite.. mine wouldn’t have been 🙂

  7. emilyomara says:

    Great article, I have just tweeted it to them in the hope they will read it. Lets start a Twitter riot 😉

  8. Steve Thomas says:

    i dont tweet except for comps, What would they say if us compers stopped buying tickets for the lotto?

  9. beverley keenan says:

    I only use twitter for comps, i dont tweet

  10. Hazel Hulson says:

    Twitter is worse for restrictions limits I have found lately and less restriction on facebook to like comment share chat talk to friends and everyone has a life besides comping even though we enjoy comping as a hobby, and we don’t make us win prizes are shared fair random selection.

  11. Emily Knight says:

    What they don’t seem to realise is that not only will compers spread the word for them, but they’ll also talk to each other if things like this happen! My guess is that a huge proportion of their competition entrants are dedicated compers…so what happens for them now?

  12. Tim Bain says:

    At least they say it up front in the open, many blatently do this but say nothing. Some do it and moan to their blogging mates about compers.

  13. RachJ says:

    Disgusting. Closing my lottery account now. Stuff them. I’ll donate directly to charity and put my money straight into a savings account every week instead. Thanks for highlighting this Di.

  14. Caroline Tonge says:

    Interesting article, thank you – This is unbelievable – I’ve also been doing the Lottery since it began (because I like to try and win things) Think it’s time for me to save that money, unfollow them, and concentrate my efforts elsewhere.

  15. Irene Wright says:

    So that’s the reason I haven’t won a substantial (more than £120) prize in the lottery even though I have bought a ticket in every lottery since they first started in 1994/5. These days can’t even get more than one number – thinking of giving it up and putting the money on the stock exchange. Have better odds of getting something back. Seriously, banning Compers is pants!!

  16. neekeem says:

    I’ve nearly 38,000 tweets – go on, Lottery people, count them up and let me know my competition percentage 😛

  17. sandy port says:

    Nice article Di. I had no reply to my tweets to them about it – not even an acknowledgement.

  18. dragonfly63 says:

    Even more reason to join the opposition and avoid their product.

  19. Janie McColl says:

    Compers actually provide a service and help spread the word and make marketing easier and cheaper for companies…. they should be embracing us!

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