Oreo People Snapchat game

Oreo have set us a challenge with their 2019 prize promotion – not only do we have to use the Snapchat app, but we have to master a zorbing game too! There are thousands of prizes to be won instantly, including ten £1000 cash prizes, Oreo merchandise and 1,500 free packets of cookies.

Play the Oreo People game on Snapchat for the chance to win £1000 instantly!

The Prizes

  • 10 Cash Prizes of £1000/euro equivalent
  • 200 Oreo Hoodies
  • 400 Oreo T-shirts
  • 1500 Enamel Oreo J Pin Sets
  • 1500 Oreo Coupons up to a maximum value of £1.08/euro equivalent (a printer will be required to redeem this prize)

How to enter

  • Download the Snapchat app to your mobile device, open it up and register your details
  • Take a photo of the yellow Snapcode on a promotional packet of Oreos
  • Open Snapchat, and tap on the icon at the top right of the screen (the person with a plus sign) to add a friend, then tap Add Snapcode
  • Choose the Snapcode photo from your camera roll, and a link should pop up*
  • On the link, complete your details plus date of birth
  • You’ll now be able to play the game!

*The codes are the same on every packet. If you have trouble getting your photo of the snapcode to work, try using this one (tap and hold to save it to your camera roll):

Playing the Oreo People game

To play the game, you need to tap the screen to jump over obstacles while rolling down the mountain in your zorb. It moves quickly, so you’ll need to keep your eye on the screen and tap as soon as the purple obstacles appear. Jump over 21 successfully to reach the Finish Line.

When you reach the finish line, tap to find out if you’ve won a prize. If you have, tap to claim it, stating where you bought your Oreos. If you’ve won a free packet, you will receive a voucher by email with a link to print it off.

You must be over 16 to play and unfortunately you can only win one prize! It ends on 30 April 2019, but there’s a draw for late entries to win a £500 cash prize, ending on 31 August 2019. There seem to be a limited number of prizes released each day so you may get a message to say they’ve all been snapped up!

Full T&Cs are at www.oreopeople.co.uk – they do state that you may be asked for Proof of Purchase, so keep hold of your packet and receipt.

32 Responses

  1. Joel Addyman says:

    Won £1000 and it said error 🙁 i want my £1000 sent to my bank account as soon as possible

  2. Paula bibby says:

    Hi does anyone know the email address , I went to finish line it said await and email but no email received!!!

  3. Louise says:

    Have played the game before but now every time I attempt to(after putting in personal details and verifying) it comes up with error code and won’t take you to the game!

  4. ELISHA says:

    I really thought I came in late on this comp.. took a few tries to scan the code and to zorb down the hill..in the end got me a free pack of biccies! 🙂

  5. Tracey says:

    It’s a con . Play the game . Sorry all prizes have gone but where did you buy your Oreos . Leave your e mail so we can bombard you with e Mail’s . SCAM !!!

  6. Oscar says:

    Im just getting the “ all the prizes today have been snapped up , played at about 10am and previously at 2am, it surely can’t be ‘that’ popular ,

  7. Kimmy says:

    Hi Di!
    Is your snap code still available please? My packet of Oreos are most stubbornly not scanning…..

    • Di says:

      Have you tried the photo of the code in this post Kimmy? That’s the only one that worked for me!

  8. bouboumum says:

    Hi, every time I try to scan the code I have taken photo of, it gives me message “Oops something went wrong”. I tried to use the photo you kindly shared but absolutely same thing happened. Is there anything else I can do?

  9. m says:

    I won on the game and a pop up screen said I’d receive an email to let me know what I’ve won, which I havn’t recieved.
    Has anyone else experianced this?

    • Rob says:

      I had the same thing last Tuesday and have received nothing.

      • m says:

        I emailed them a few days ago and they initially replied asking if I had took a screen shot ( which I didnt).
        I raised the point that I didnt think I should have to take a screen shot, which they agreed.
        At the moment the current situation is that I’m waiting for them to look into it!…I keep you updated 🙂

        • M says:

          I received a reply from mondelez stating that they found my entry but I didn’t win! I know that I did, my pop up message said I’d won and to watch out for an email to find out what my prize was. I’m a bit gutted considering I’d also won the day before but like others playing this Comp I had the lovely message that all the prizes had gone. This competition seems to be run very poorly and I told them so!

  10. Linda Wilkinson says:

    I won a t-shirt this morning.

  11. Nicky says:

    Won a hoodie on my first go! A VERY useful prize! It took me a little while to figure out the game, but got there in the end. Persevere!

  12. Leanne Perrett says:

    every day i try to enter go thought all the filling in of form with my details then error occurs

  13. Ismael says:

    I don’t no how to do can you tell me how to do this

  14. George says:

    I’m using Snapchat on Android OS.

    The snapcode from my purchased Oreo packet (and the one on the blog) both show a skeleton head when the scanning process starts, and then stops with a cross after 4 scans up and down.

    Are there different snapcodes on the packets?

    • Sam says:

      It’s says that after I’ve finished the race the prizes have all been snapped up what I’ve will they be available?

  15. Lucy says:

    Didn’t work with anything

  16. Natalie Crossan says:

    I can’t even scan a code. It just tries to scan then gives me a big cross. With both the packet and the one on the blog

  17. Kara Revill says:

    My snapcode was invalid

  18. Caroline says:

    I got the error occurred after winning a free pack too…ahhh at least it wasn’t £1000!

  19. Clare Moloney says:

    I open the link but cant see where you add your details ? xx

    • Nick says:

      Once successfully completing the game it stated I’d won and clicked through to a form… but it wouldn’t send for me. Hopefully it was a one-off glitch for me and other people who win will be able to submit their details.

  20. Nick says:

    Although I was informed that I’d won a free pack of Oreos after completing the game, the form didn’t work and I was just repeatedly given the message “Oops an error occurred ! Try again!”. 🙁

  21. Lucy says:

    Free pack of Oreos on first go! Thanks Di!

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