Our April prize unboxing

How has the lockdown affected your comping habits – have you been comping more, or less, over the last couple of months?

I started 2020 very enthusiastically – and succsessfully! – comping, but since the lockdown I’m struggling to find time to devote to it. I’m busy with my blog and new book, but also home schooling for a big chunk of the day, and I’ve also got engrossed in watching several subtitled Netflix series (and it’s no good comping and watching TV simultaneously if subtitles are involved!).

Despite that, we’ve still received some lovely prizes this month, so I hope you enjoy watching the unboxing video – and thanks to Ry for helping me edit the video. I fully intend to get busy again with the creative comps in May!

My April wins

Here’s a full list of my wins this month…

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

Wishing you good luck for your May comping!

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