Our February Prizes

So… that’s the shortest month out of the way – and probably one of our shortest unboxing videos too.  It’s been a quiet month on the prize front, but as a comper you always have to stay positive – there must be a biggie coming our way in March!

Watch the video then scroll down to see what we won…

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If you’d like to know a bit more about the prizes featured, here’s the list…

Spoiler alert!

Prizes featured in the February unboxing:

  • Four independent cinema tickets – Won in the instant win at www.shell.co.uk/win  – spend on your Mastercard before entering! (running til 3.5)
  • Danny Dingle book – Won at Boolino.co.uk
  • SING keyboard dance mat – Won in the Ready Brek prize draw (running til 31.3)
  • 5 x personalised KitKats – Won in their instant win promotion (running til 29.3)
  • Year’s supply of Hampstead Tea – Won on the Reader’s Digest website with a review of their podcast
  • Secret Life of Pets watch – Won with Iams on their on-pack instant win promotion

And a pair of other wins in February, which arrived by email so didn’t feature in the unboxing!

  • Afternoon tea for two at Hotel Du Vin – won on Twitter in a Valentine’s Day competition.
  • £100 Tesco voucher in the Plenty Prizes weekly draw (running til 7.3)

How was your February? Is there much in your prize spreadsheet yet? Let me know in the comments!

9 Responses

  1. Jo Williams says:

    A slow month so I got myself a Instagram account. Thank you for the how to blog. It helped a lot. Best win this months is a Hamilton F1 limited edition print

  2. JaynesDen says:

    A slow start to the year for me ! A book turned up yesterday though. I have no idea where I won it from though ! The joys of comping.

  3. Julie Davies says:

    I love watching your prize unboxing videos Di and Ry, great inspiration to keep on going even when the wins are few and far between 🙂

  4. Shelley says:

    My cats have been doing quite well winning prizes recently. So far they have won an IPad and a luxury radiator cat bed for themselves. I’ve just got them a personalised KitKat wrapper of them both to celebrate!

  5. Guy Nash says:

    Any tips on the Shell comp? I’m a Shell and Mastercard user anyway and have started to fill up more often (eg; not waiting for the petrol tank to be almost empty). Been doing this for a couple of months now but no joy at all? Have you had more luck at particular times of the day or have you just been lucky?

    • I was entering early morning each day, but then I had two evening wins on consecutive days with the previous Disney promotion so moved to evenings! I always buy snacks (two KitKats!) for £1 and petrol for £10, get 6 or so receipts then enter daily, alternating £1 an £10. Then I have a few receipts for each amount if they’re required when I win (I’ve not been asked for a receipt, but only won small prizes – not sure if you have to provide the receipt if you win a biggie?)

      • Guy Nash says:

        Are you getting 6 new receipts a week as this T&C (Any Qualifying Transaction may only be used to submit one Valid Entry.) has me only entering with new transactions each time? I may be interpreting it incorrectly.

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