Our January Prizes

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  1. Tina Kirk says:

    Thrilled to bits. Just watched your January unboxing – well done on your wins! – which reminded me I hadn’t entered the Crosse & Blackwell soup mug comp recently. I entered with Tesco then Asda and was lucky enough to win one from each! So thank you both for jogging my memory! Tina x

  2. Rebecca MacBain says:

    I love Ry! He’s so cute in those yellow glasses !! I’m really inspired now I’m going to do a prize unboxing in Feb with my little boy for my Facebook page ! I think my friends think I’m Nuts! 🙂

  3. roblawton says:

    What a start you’ve had Di!
    I’ve started keeping a spreadsheet this year and managed 9 prizes in January. Quite a few low-value ones but a couple of larger prizes, my favourite was a Hot Dog Party Pack from Rollover Hot Dogs!

    • I didn’t win a thing this month until I realised I’d forgotten to set up a 2017 spreadsheet… then the prizes started coming in!! Good luck for February Rob!

  4. rebecca beesley says:

    a lovely start to the year – well done. That’s so funny about the Shell letter! I’m back into my comping this year and for the first time actually spending a bit of time on prizefinder doing random draws and things like twitter RT’s which i’ve never focussed massively on before so time will tell if it is worth the time doing that. Had a few little wins so far for January. We’ve stopped attempting the Heart one at the moment as don’t really want to go to States with current political situation. Have a fabulous february!

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