Our March wins!

Sorry I’m a bit late with my monthly wins post – my MacBook conked out and I’ve been struggling to edit and write on my iPhone – not the easiest task, I can assure you!

Anyway, how was March for you – did you have any luck with the World Book Day or Pancake Day comps?

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If you’d like to know more about the prizes featured, here’s the list…

Spoiler alert!

Prizes featured in the March unboxing:

  • £10 Playstation Store voucher – Pringles & Tesco text entry prize draw
  • Treescapes book – Premier Paper World Book Day prize draw
  • Faber Children’s books – World Book Day Twitter comp

Ry dressed up as Matt Millz – I was supposed to edit this pic into the unboxing but my iPhone wouldn’t let me!

  • Sylk lubricant – Instagram prize draw
  • Wok Along Cookbook – Waitrose runner up
  • 4 x BHAFC tickets –  Cadbury prize draw
  • Football – Cadbury Legends instant win
  • 3 month Kindle subscription – McDonalds Monopoly
  • 6 month Spotify subscription – Glade/Tesco text prize draw

You might also enjoy my YouTube playlist of prize unboxing videos by other compers at http://bit.ly/MorePrizeUnboxing and do check out Dani, Nikki & Gary Wasabi’s blogs to keep up to date with their prizes too.

GOOD LUCK for April and the Easter comps!

2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Amazing selection of prizes, the tickets i was confused about when i received them, but they may have been from the chocolate bar entry thing at the start of the season where you input two chocolate codes in and you win bags tickets etc. The reason why the send it so close to the match is to stop you losing them and cause they dont want you to sell it on. Hope this clears it up

  2. Marie says:

    Awesome Di and congratulations guys! My March wins were a little dry but I’m hoping for loads of amazing prizes for April!

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