Our Start-rite Pinterest Prize

After spending weeks staring at his filthy pair of Adidas trainers, today I decided it was about time Ryland got a new pair of shoes, so we popped to Russell & Bromley at Westfield London. And look who we found measuring up the little feet – the one and only Myleene Klass!

But hang on, you know me too well – of course this wasn’t a happy coincidence! No, it was a competition prize offered up by Start-rite shoes, to promote their smart new range designed by Myleene. A few weeks ago whilst researching for my Kids competitions round up, I stumbled across a tweet from Start-rite advertising the last couple of days of their Pinterest competition. The brief was to start a board called ‘My Start-Rite inspiration’, pinning images that inspire you as a parent, and to follow Start-rite on Pinterest. I checked through all Start-Rite’s followers and there were only a handful of entries. And that’s when I did something I never do – I kept the competition to myself (gasp!). Because the prize was five pairs of children’s shoes and a meet and greet in London with Myleene – AND I REALLY WANTED TO WIN IT! So I carefully created my board at the very last minute:

…and I won! Start-rite paid for our train travel down to London, gave Ryland a special fitting session (and cuddle) with Myleene and vouchers for five free pairs of shoes.

Ryland tried on the cutest pair of these Billy Budd boots for the photo shoot and didn’t want to take them off, so there I was on a hot day in London wandering round with a boy in shorts and winter boots. But still, he was happy… and the boots are gorgeous.

The staff at Russell & Bromley, the Start-Rite reps and Myleene were all super charming and Ry really enjoyed himself kicking the balloons about. I did ask the PR lady to give me a nod when they launch the next competition though, so I can spread the word and get them a few more entries. For now though, you should give Start-rite a LIKE on Facebook so you’ll know if there’s an imminent comp!

…and I promise I won’t keep a secret from you lot again – I feel too darned guilty about it!

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