PayPal Christmas prize draw – win up to £10,000

PayPal have launched an amazingly generous promotion, and are giving away over £4 million of PayPal credit to members in their Christmas prize draw!

Every PayPal purchase or donation you make of £10 or more gets you an entry into the weekly draw – but you can also enter for free without making a purchase!

Read on for full details of this fabulous promotion, which ends on 19 December 2021

What are the prizes?

Each week three £10,000 winners will be chosen – so 21 winners in total.

The number of smaller £250, £50, and £25 prize winners varies each week, but there are thousands each week. See the table below for a prize breakdown – you can see that week 3 has the most prizes up for grabs, with almost 43,000 winners, so that’s a good time to do your Christmas shopping online with PayPal!

Week 1
1 – 7 Nov
Week 2
8 – 14 Nov
Week 3
15 – 21 Nov
Week 4
22 – 28 Nov
Week 5
29 Nov – 5 Dec
Week 6
5 – 12 Dec
Week 7
13 – 19 Dec
TOTAL 21,45036,47142,89521,4507,1527,1527,152

The total value of all prizes over the 7 weekly draws is £4,553,475!

Prizes will be credited to the winner’s account. The £10,000 will be a cash prize added to your account, but the smaller value prizes must be used to make purchases or donations via PayPal.

You can only win one prize per week. Prizes up to £250 must be redeemed by 31 December 2021, but the £10,000 prizes do not have an expiry date.

How to enter the PayPal Christmas draw

  • Go to and click I want to participate
  • Log in to your PayPal account (you must have been a PayPal member before 1 November, new sign ups don’t qualify)
  • Opt in to the weekly draws – do this by scrolling right down to the end of T&Cs and ticking the ‘I agree to the above terms and conditions’ box then click Opt in

This will register you for all seven weekly draws, but here’s how to get your entries:

  • Spend £10 or more with PayPal for one entry
  • Donate £10 or more to a charity using PayPal for one entry
  • Enter for free by going to this link, scrolling to the end of T&Cs and ticking the box to SUBMIT ENTRY. You will see a response to say you have your free entries into the weekly draw. You can do this once a week. If you have problems seeing these boxes at the end of the terms, scroll slowly or try on desktop rather than mobile!

Tracking entries

When you make an eligible purchase or donation, you will receive a confirmation email to say you have an entry in the weekly draw. This may take a while as sometimes the payment only goes through when your order is dispatched.

Not every PayPal payment is valid – pre-approved payments are not eligible. Payments to friends and family are not valid. Buying crypto is not valid.

Download the free PayPal app to track your entries – on the home screen you’ll be able to tap on the icon to monitor your entries, or go to the Rewards tab and tap Track my entries. Entries will reset to zero after the draw closes each Sunday at midnight.

Paid entries will register on the app, but free entries won’t.

Getting your maximum 50 entries

A single tick of the box on the free entry page gives you the full 50 free entries into the weekly draw – tick this box every week to ensure you get your maximum entries.

How are winners informed?

Winners will be drawn at random around 4 days after each weekly draw closes.

Although T&Cs state that winners will be contacted by email or phone, week 1 winners had the credit added to their account with no notification – so make sure you check your PayPal app to see if you have a surprise there (tap the wallet icon on the bottom right of the app screen, then REWARDS at the top).

Or to check on the PayPal website, go to and scroll down on the left hand menu to see if you have an OFFERS heading with any credit (see below example – I won £25 but £1.83 has been used, so I have £23.17 credit). You will only see the ‘Offers’ heading if you’ve had a win.

Your credit will be added to the payment options when you next checkout using PayPal.

PayPal aim to transfer the prize within 5 days of winner confirmation, although the £10k prizes will take up to 4 weeks.

There will also be a winners list with surnames published here after the promotional period.

You can view the terms and conditions here (you’ll need to be logged in to your PayPal account). You must be a UK resident aged 18+ to take part.

Good luck – and please let me know in the comments if you’re a lucky winner!

30 Responses

  1. George Williams says:

    Sadly no win so far 🙁

    The PayPal app on my Samsung Smartphone S9 doesn’t seem to display any entries, associated with purchases/charity donations that I have made.

  2. katy dixon says:

    i was lucky enough to win £25 4 weeks on the trot!

  3. Renaldo says:

    I won £25 a week ago but it seems I can’t find anywere to be able to pay with that. I tried Uber Eats, MyProtein,Argos…. Anyone knows where you can use that prize?

  4. Terri says:

    I had an email saying I had won £25 but it’s not showing up on my PayPal account. So don’t know how to use it

    • Di says:

      The emails are coming in a few days after the money lands in your account Terri, have you made any PayPal purchases in the last few days as the offer credit is automatically used on a purchase and you may already have spent it without realising!

  5. Sophie Worrall says:

    I won £25 two wees ago and I’ve just won another £25. So exciting!

  6. fiona says:

    well done all winners.. not me yet!! do you have to use your PayPal winning that same day by midnight?
    IMPORTANT INFO FOR £25/£50/£250 VALUE PRIZES: These prizes may be redeemed on any Qualified Payment and may not be redeemed on any Non-Eligible Payment. If you do not use the prize by 23:59:59 GMT, it will expire and Sponsor will have no further responsibility to you. Prizes will be viewable in the “Wallet” section of your Valid Account for personal or premier accounts. For business accounts, the prize will only be visible during checkout and on the purchase transaction receipt(s). Use of the prize will be reflected on your PayPal receipt and/or in the transaction details of your Valid Account.

    • Di says:

      You have until 31 December to use the credit. It’s applied automatically when you check out and it comes up as ‘offer’

  7. Lauren B says:

    I’ve won £100 in total from three prizes so far, yay!

  8. Roisin donaghy says:

    Oh great competition.

  9. Gerri Tennant says:

    I won £25 a couple of days ago.

  10. Melissa Lee says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! Good luck everyone 🙂

  11. George Williams says:

    Thanks for publicising this comp Di

    Whilst I have received emails confirming my entries, the PayPal app on my Android smartphone is not displaying them yet.

    I guess is a timing thing. Would be lovely to win.

    • Di says:

      If you’ve clicked the button for your 50 free entries George, you don’t need to worry about paid entries showing up on your app as you already have your maximum entries in the draw for the week!

  12. Julie says:

    Didn’t know about this, thank you Di for the email. Fingers crossed.

  13. Gemma R says:

    I was fortunate and won £50 I used the free entry route. They did send me an email to let me know. Hoping for another win in the coming weeks

  14. Natalie Watkins says:

    Hi Di I was the lucky winner of £25 the prize was credited to my account before I even got th winning email so I’d spent it without even knowing lol

  15. Hazel Newlands says:

    I have won £25 already. Delighted x

  16. Thanks for the entry link – typical I spend £7 a week through Paypal.

  17. Irena Pribisevic says:

    Trying to enter with no purchase as per the instructions you’ve given. I’ve found the competition page (as per the link above), I’ve logged into my PayPal; scrolled to the end of the terms and conditions but can’t find SUBMIT ENTRY anywhere… I’m going round in circles as every link I click just takes me back to the beginning!

    • Di says:

      Someone asked me about this yesterday and it turned out it was a problem with her phone displaying the page. Can you try in a different browser, or on a different device?

  18. Lauren says:

    I was a £250 winner in week 1, looking forward to see if any LL’s are lucky in the coming weeks!

  19. AMANDA COFFMAN says:

    Thanks Di, I just completed an online shop and used paypal and nothing was taken off my card. I looked at this blog post to see to look at rewards tab on my paypal app and sure enough I still had over £23 left!

  20. elisa bodden says:

    Thanks Di i am also confused by the t&c’s so look forward to hearing any feedback! interestingly I get my checkout smart paid into PayPal just as its quicker and when i transferred this to my bank account it earned me an entry ?? weird…. just wish I would have thought about it as I could of transferred the £20 in 2 transactions!

  21. KelleyP says:

    Thank you so much for posting this competition Di, good luck.

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