Win your £5,000 perfect weekend with Cadbury

How do you fancy winning a VIP festival weekend, a theme park adventure or a VIP party at home?

Cadbury are giving away your choice of six perfect £5,000 weekends in their new ‘Make it Yours’ promotion which starts today, 14 January at 10am, and ends on 14 April 2022. It’s a similar format to the 2021 promotion, but with new prize options!

As well as the chance to win your £5k perfect weekend, there’s also a chance to instantly win a hot chocolate kit too! All you need to do is buy a promotional tub of Cadbury Hot Chocolate at the supermarket, then enter the batch and barcode details online.

What prizes can you win?

Instant win prizes

There are 2,000 hot chocolate kits available to be won instantly, with a Cadbury Hot Chocolate mug, Instant Hot Chocolate 400g or Drinking Chocolate 500g, mini marshmallows and a choice of 4 Cadbury products from a selected range.

Main prize draw

In the main prize draw, one winner will be chosen to receive their £5,000 perfect prize from these options. The prize will be bespoke to the winner, with a total value not exceeding £5,000.

  • A VIP Festival Weekend (includes glamping accommodation, travel and spending money – Glastonbury excluded!)
  • A luxury family adventure weekend (includes travel and self-catering accommodation for up to 6 people in a premium lodge in a choice of UK locations.)
  • An at home VIP party (includes food, catering entertainment and decorations to host up to 6 people at a UK address, in your home or garden)
  • A VIP UK theme park adventure (includes accommodation and travel for up to 4 adults and 2 children)
  • An exclusive UK football weekend (includes Manchester United match tickets and accommodation for winner and 3 guests)
  • A luxurious golf & spa weekend (includes accommodation, green fees and spa treatments)

There’s also one prize of £500 for the late entry prize draw

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional 500g tub of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate with the Win £5k flash – keep hold of the packaging and your receipt (till receipt or online order confirmation)
  • Go to
  • Enter your contact details, plus the barcode and batch code from the pack (the batch code is a ten digit code starting with O and should be on the base or lid of the product)
  • Choose your perfect £5,000 prize from a choice of six; and choose the retailer in which you bought the product
  • You will find out instantly if you’ve won a hot chocolate kit prize – and you’ll also be entered into the grand prize draw
  • You can enter once a day, and only ten times in total – each entry requires a separate purchase of a participating promotional product.

Warning! The 2021 top prize winners were asked to provide evidence of a receipt for every single entry they made, and at least one winner had to forfeit the prize because they didn’t have enough receipts – so you must buy a new product every time you enter! This year, entries are restricted to a maximum of ten per person.

Bonus prize draws at Tesco & Asda

  • Buy your drinking chocolate at Tesco, and you’ll also go into a bonus prize draw to win one of the six main prizes listed above – or a £5,000 road trip in a camper van!
  • Buy your drinking chocolate at ASDA, and you’ll also go into a bonus prize draw to win a £5,000 UK luxury self catering stay.

Hot chocolate kit winners will find out instantly if they’ve won, and receive a confirmation email with a link to claim the prize. The £5k grand prize winners will be drawn at random after the main promotion closing date, and contacted by email before 27 April 2022.

Entry is open only to UK residents aged 18 and over, and there’s a no purchase necessary route for Northern Ireland in the T&Cs. Closing date for the main instant win and grand prize draw is 14 April 2022, but there’s a late entry prize draw for all entries that closes on 14 October 2022, with one prize of £500 cash.

What’s the chance of winning an instant prize?

Unfortunately the 2,000 hot chocolate kits are not guaranteed to be won in this promotion. Winners are determined by a computer-generated algorithm based on winning odds, but we don’t know what the odds are! Usually when an algorithm is used, around 3% of the prizes are awarded so we can predict that around 60 hot chocolate kits will be won instantly.

However, the £5,000 perfect prize is guaranteed to be won in the grand prize draw, and the two prizes for Asda and Tesco customers are also guaranteed.

Check out full details at

17 Responses

  1. Lorna says:

    It will not let me enter

  2. Claire Madder says:

    I have bought a jar today and can find no batch code anywhere. Bought mine in Asda. Anyone else had this problem and got round it?

  3. Sue Mitchell says:

    I’ve got the Instant ‘flashed’ tub and it says the Batch code is on the lid – but it’s nowhere on the lid (and nowhere on the packaging) – I even prised up the white cardboard disc inside the lid – but nothing, lol. I’ve had to email them to ask about it. Maybe there are a batch from Tescos that forgot to print on the lid.

    • Di says:

      I’ve not picked up a promo pack yet for this Sue, but that doesn’t sound promising! You could pop back to Tesco and take a photo of a tub with a batch code, then use that code?

      • Sue Mitchell says:

        Thanks Di – I emailed the company – I had to send photos of the product – but theyve emailed me a batch code. It worked just now.

        Thank you

  4. Elle says:

    My partner was told they won the late entry prize draw in October, and that the cheque was being posted at the start of November. Still no sign of it and they are no longer replying to emails. First time we’ve ever had a problem with a Cadbury promotion and it’s looking like this will also be the first time we’ve had to go down the route of mentioning submitting a complaint to the ASA. Here’s hoping it arrives soon!

    • Di says:

      Sorry Elle – only just see your comment about last year’s promotion. Did you receive the cheque/money in the end?

      • Elle says:

        I actually meant to post an update – it arrived this week! We’re in Ireland and they had posted it in an unregistered letter from the UK in November that got lost in the post somewhere along the way (this seems to be happening more and more lately with post from the UK), so they finally reissued another cheque from an Irish bank. So glad it finally arrived!

        • Elle says:

          Looks like this time Republic of Ireland residents are excluded: Ts&Cs read: “UK, 18+ 10.00 14/01/2022 – 23.59 14/04/2022.”

          • Di says:

            Thanks for spotting that Elle. I’ve updated my blog post content from 2021 and hadn’t noticed that difference. Interestingly, the same thing has happened with the repeat of the Nescafé comp – ROI no longer included in that one this year either!

  5. Ted says:

    Still cannot find any batch number where stated “ on my competition container .

  6. Karen says:

    I was reading the t’s and c’s of this and it states :

    “Whilst we want you to enjoy this promotion, we discourage over consumption. Please do not purchase more product than you can reasonably consume to increase your chances of winning.”

    I thought it was a bit odd. Do they do not want us to buy lots of items? Do you think there’s a certain limit we should stick to?

    • Di says:

      I think that’s just the text that the government recommend should be included for HFSS (high in fat, sugar, salt) product advertising, so buy as much as you like. However it’s not cheap, so don’t go too mad!

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