Plenty Incredibles 2 promotion – win a trip to New Zealand!

Promotions on kitchen towel and toilet roll are always good ones to enter because for most of us, the products are household essentials! In Plenty’s new instant win promotion, which continues until 30th November 2018, there are ten thousand toys to be won – PLUS an amazing family holiday to New Zealand!

Instant win prizes

  • There are 10,000 Incredibles 2 plush toys available to be won instantly

Grand prize

All entries will also go into a prize draw for a family holiday for five to New Zealand:

  • Round trip economy class flights from the UK to Queenstown, £2,500 spending money, airport transfers in New Zealand, nine night stay in a 5-star Queenstown hotel in two adjoining rooms and travel insurance. Prize includes; Shotover Jet ride, Nevis Swing and Kawarau Bridge Zip line experience, Milford Sound day trip with lunch and boat trip, Hydro-shark boat experience and a Queenstown hill hike.

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional pack of Plenty Incredibles kitchen towel (available as 1, 2, 3 & 4 roll packs)
  • Find the unique code printed on the reverse of the packaging (look behind the black strip – see photo below)
  • Enter the code – and your details – at
  • If you’re a winner you’ll find out which plush toy you’ve won immediately and will be asked to complete your address details. You’ll receive your prize within 45 days!

You can enter as many times as you like with a new code each time. The promotion is open to UK and ROI residents aged 18 and over, there’s a set of FAQs on the website and T&Cs are here. If you live in Northern Ireland, you can email once a day for a free code to use!

Winning moments?

The T&Cs rather confusingly state that the toys ‘will be instantly won online using an assigned open winning moments algorithm created proportionally in line with expected sales during the promotional period. All prizes are guaranteed to be available to be won.’

I asked Plenty to explain this and they told me that the algorithm ‘has been created specifically to give consumers the optimal chance of winning at any point throughout the promotion. If no one enters during an open winning moment, the prize will be rolled over until the next persons enters the promotion.”

This is good news, as hopefully every prize will be given away! The algorithm distributes winning moments across the six month promotional period – it might be that there are more winning moments during the daytime, and more during the first few months of the promotion than at the end? I’d be interested to know if you’re a winner, at what time you entered your code – please leave a comment to let me know (I won a prize at 6.45am, but no luck at 11.30pm!)

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20 Responses

  1. Ann Gray says:

    Thank you Di for your suggestions, I will certainly try what you suggest. You are right about the Ts and Cs too. The dates are there but such tiny writing that I was only able to read with the aid of a magnifying glass, and my optician tells me I have excellent vision!! I do feel quite strongly about this as most busy shoppers will not be standing in the aisle searching for closing dates. They morally should be clearly indicated with all the other details of the promotion AND in the same sized text. Anyway I thank you for your help and will let you know how I get on.

  2. Ann Gray says:

    I tried to enter the code on the link you gave but it was not recognised. Not super lucky me. Do you know how I can make an official complaint asi see you are not responsible.?

    • Di says:

      Codes are only valid for one promotion. I’m suggesting you email them to Plenty and ask them to be swapped for codes you can use in the current one. You could try – that’s the address for the new promotion, but they may be able to help.

  3. Ann Gray says:

    I am very annoyed,I recently bought six double packs to have a go at winning hopefully a few toys for my grandchildren. Tried to find the site in order to enter, but couldn’t. Eventually found this site only to discover that the promo has ended, several weeks ago. There is nothing on the pack saying the end date. If I had known I would only have bought one pack. Surely it can’t be right for retailers to sell out of date promotion goods without making it clear that it no longer applies?

  4. Susan Forman says:

    Hi Plenty,
    Oh no, I purchased an Incredibles 2 pack yesterday and see the competition ended on 3/12/18!
    I’m going to be cheeky and enter my code just in case there are any soft toys remaining!
    Code no; CYFECR6G
    Many Thanks,

    • Di says:

      Ah that’s a shame! Plenty have a brand new competition starting later this month Susan, so look out for that. By the way – I don’t run the competitions here at SuperLucky, I just share the details so my readers can enter. You need to enter your codes at

  5. Ishaq says:

    I wish I could get one for me but were is the enter botton

  6. Mrs monk says:

    Hi I just wonted to share with you all, that I won the competition, and thanks to our little girl who made me buy them as they had the incredibles on

  7. caroline halliday says:

    Does anyone know who won the holiday

  8. Helen says:

    The draw for the holiday was today. Did any of Di’s readers win?? Such a fab prize!

  9. Tom Morrison says:

    I’ve just won at 14 minutes past midnight entering the code from a two pack

  10. Tina Hall says:

    Have won 15 toys all between noon and 2pm

  11. Francesca Jones says:

    I’ve had a winner from my fourth try! whoop! at least all codes are put into a draw so as a consumer you get that continued excitement that you could still win something. I’ve struggled to find these packs, I really wish my supermarkets would get more in!

  12. Deborah Ireland says:

    I’ve won 3 prizes out of 4 entries. I didn’t win at 10.45pm but 3 wins have been between 2am – 3.15am.

    It states in T&C; ‘Promotion is open from 0:00hrs on 04.06.2018 with 13 week promotional stock volumes, closing on 23:59hrs on 30.11.2018 inclusive.’ I don’t know what ’13 week promotional stock volumes’ means as the comp is open for longer than 13 weeks? Can anyone else make sense of this?

  13. Lynthia Doran says:

    I won a prize at 1.45 am.

  14. Di says:

    I do wonder if they’re distributing the winning moments so that there are more chances to win during the daytime? My first 2 entries weren’t winners and one of those was overnight!

  15. Barbara Champion says:

    Entered at 2.20 am. Not a winner, couldn’t believe it! I doubt if many people were entering at that time of the morning.

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