Prime X Treasure Hunt – win $1,000,000!

Have you heard the hype about The Hunt for Hydration – Prime X’s worldwide on-pack promotion? There’s a prize of a million dollars to be won – and it’s open to anyone aged 16 or over in the US, Canada, UK and Australia!

How to enter the Prime X Treasure Hunt

Buy a new promotional bottle of Strawberry Lemonade flavour Prime X (look for the blue or pink bottles, available in Sports Direct, B&M, Aldi and more retailers). Peel off the label and you’ll find one of 12 map pieces. Under the cap you’ll find a unique code.

Register your details on the special website at (or scan the QR code on the bottle to get there) and then enter your unique cap code to unlock the map piece. Collect all 12 map pieces and you can claim the prize of $1,000,000 (or if there’s more than one winner, the prize will be shared equally). That’s £801,444 in UK money! Remember to keep all your labels and cap codes safe.

Alternative no purchase entry in US or CANADA

In the US and Canada there’s an additional NPN (no purchase necessary) postal entry route if you don’t want to buy the bottles. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: “PRIME X Collect & Win Game, c/o Probability LLC, c/o Probability, P.O. Box 1559, Social Circle, GA 30025-9999 and post off by July 12, 2024. You’ll be posted a code on a piece of paper – enter it in your online account, and keep the paper safe!

What is the rare piece?

This promotion is similar to McDonald’s Monopoly – most labels are common, with the same chance of finding each type, and one label in each set is defined as the ‘rare’ type. In the case of Prime X, the rare label is map piece 11 – and your chance of finding that piece is 1-in-3,762,535. It’s not clear how many of the rare labels that Prime have actually printed. Maybe there’s one out there, or maybe there’s one in each of the four participating countries? But like McDonald’s Monopoly, the chance of someone finding a rare label before the claim date is unlikely.

Complete the map with 12 pieces to win

If you collect all 12 map labels, you’ll win $1,000,000 – if multiple people collect all the labels, you’ll win an equal share of $1,000,000 with the other winners.

When does the promotion end?

The game officially runs until 13 July 2024 in the UK, but the prize claim date is 1 August 2024, presumably to allow for US/Canada free entry applications to be processed. The winner(s) will be contacted by email.

What happens if nobody completes the map?

Even if nobody collects all 12 map pieces – or if someone does collect all 12, but can’t provide the physical evidence to back up their win, the million dollar bounty is still GUARANTEED to be won! Everyone who has collected 11 pieces of the map will go into a random prize draw and one winner will win the $1,000,000. So if you – or your kids – like drinking Prime, then I think it’s still worth the effort to try and collect 11 map pieces (ideally, try swapping bottles with friends if you have two of the same map piece).

Collect points to exchange for Prime merchandise

Every code you input gives you points which can be redeemed on limited edition Prime merch at

Who is eligible to take part?

You must be 16 to play and a legal resident of the UK, US, Canada or Australia. You can enter up to 500 codes (that’s a lot of Prime!)

You can find all the terms and conditions online at

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  1. Alexander says:

    The Kevin Durant cherry freeze is really good .

  2. Alexander says:

    The Kevin Durant cherry freeze is really good

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    KSI DE8K6P297F6XNG obviously!

  4. Matthew Clee says:

    DE8K6P297F6XNG is the code?

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  6. Hi ksi I’m a big fan of your prime X and I’m not going anywhere else in the morning but if new prime X come out in stock at the shop I will buy it

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    I’ve got the code

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