Pringles Summer of Music competition

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  1. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    Thanks for this di I won on Twitter. Do you know what the 10grand prize Is?

  2. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    Yes thank you I’m going to do that will set up a Twitter account just for the comps won’t have any friends on there Lol! Am sure its easy enough to set up a Twitter account.

  3. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    2 silly questions but can It be any tub of Pringles or does it need to be one of the promotional packs. Also I only have Facebook will everyone see me post everyday or will it only be shown on Pringles Facebook. Thanks.

    • Di says:

      Any tub of Pringles is fine! And the problem with Facebook is that even though you’re posting on the Pringles page ‘Charlotte commented on Pringles’ post’ may appear in your friends’ newsfeed, so if you enter every day they might see it daily! Why don’t you set up a Twitter account and give it a go for this comp?

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