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  1. Sarah James says:

    Hi Di!!!
    I just won a break through Jet2, and I’ve sent off my dates I am available to take the trip – how long after submitting your dates did the Prize Winner team come back to you? Wondering how long it’ll be til I have a confirmed trip!
    Sarah xxx

  2. luckydutch says:

    Awesome! I am a oversea collegae of you and pretty Lucky in the game as well. Tho I am playing the winning game for 3 a 4 years, I have a pretty impressive prize portfolio. I won 90% with being creative and not with a Lucky draw.
    I guess my biggest prices are a roadtrip worth 7000 dollar ( free to fill in anywhere i would like to go) , followed by a brand new kitchen, I also won a complete holiday to the Carribean twice ( one time to Curacao and the other time to Bonaire ) and a red carpet premiere and afterparty from the movie Bad Moms in Hollywood LA, 7 tv’s, holidaycheque’s worth 3K total, and a all inclusive trip to a rooftopparty from a wine brand in Sao Paulo Brasil.

    • Di says:

      Amazing wins! I’m guessing you’re based in the US? I’d love to win a road trip to a place of my choice!

      • luckydutch says:

        Thanks, and no I am based in Holland a.k.a the other side of the Northsea haha 😉 I found my new spirit animal in you girl! I’m sure you will win the roadtrip one day!!

        • Di says:

          Hi again! I was just wondering, are there any competition websites or magazines in Holland, or any other European countries that you know of? It would be good to know the resources people have abroad for comping!

  3. Debbie Skudra says:

    Wow this has BLOWN me away! I started comping 9 months ago…..had 3 big wins already and quite a few small wins……your list of wins is just UNREAL! i love it! I enter like 50/100 comps per day and my motivation is 100% but after seeing your list my motivation has quadroupled x 10

  4. Ellie gee says:

    Wow amazing not feeling jealous feeling inspired. Due to commiments comps have taken a back seat. And as a previous big winner with over 20 holidays to my name and many biggies, its now time to resume comping big time. Thank you Di x

    • Di says:

      Wow – sounds like you’re all set to go for it in 2018 Ellie! A holiday is top of my wishlist for next year as I didn’t win one in 2017!

  5. MaddiesOwners says:

    Amazing prizes you’ve won. Can I ask I can presume you keep many of the prizes or give them away as gifts. But do you sell any of the prizes? Just curious to know if selling a prize is a taboo subject?
    I personally only enter competitions for prizes I want and to give away but I do debate whether to enter comps for a prize that I maybe could sell.

    • Di says:

      I wrote a blog post about selling prizes Andrew – it’s interesting reading!
      Personally, I’ve not sold many in the last few years but I don’t see any problem with it at all. I don’t enter for prizes I don’t want though – the things I’ve sold have been runners up or duplicate prizes.

  6. Preci0us says:

    OMG you truly are my new hero! I am an avid comper and thought that I was doing incredibly well, but I absolutely pale in comparison to yourself. I have been comping for about 4 years now, since I was pregnant with my son. As a result of my pregnancy I was disabled and I am currently researching for my blog about comping to support a restricted lifestyle, foccussing on the restricted income of most disabled people. I strangely came across your name for the first time yesterday on another blog, and then today stumbled upon one of your own competitions so just had to have a read. Your list of wins is just so incredible! I have probably won about £15k in prizes in total over the 4 years since I started but I’m just flabbergasted by your success. You have certainly found yourself a new follower, I’m sure I will be hanging on your every word to learn from you for a long time to come. And here’s me thinking that I had tips to teach people lol…..

  7. helena says:

    wow what a wonderful list.My best prize £10.000 installed bathroom , i only win a hand ful of prizes each year so i am upping my game and putting more effort into it . one of the prizes I love my Jamie Oliver serving dishes comes out every Christmas love it .

  8. Lynn Dixon says:

    My best prize was a £10,000 Magnet kitchen, quickly followed a couple of weeks later by a £3,000 TKMaxx shopping spree.

  9. Rachel fraser says:

    Wow!! That’s amazing bthis makes me want to look more now I always pick up the tesco/asda mag but forget about them..well dome di! You are truly the Queen of comping ☺ xx

  10. Brian Whitworth says:

    FANTASTIC – you have just inspired me to make a prize portfolio spreadsheet!!

  11. Tom c says:

    Incredible list Di! My best prize was a 40″ telly, haven’t been comping for a while but you inspired me to restart!

  12. Hilary Brady says:

    Wow! What an impressive win list. I don’ know where or even how to start entering comps. You make it sound easy in your book. I don’t have twitter account, Facebook I can cope with and don’t like it when you get to the final enter button and then you are diverted to a section that wants to know about you and lifestyle ect.
    Please help.

    • You have my book Hilary – now just take it a step/tip at a time. I can see you’re already active on Facebook, and you know how to comment on blogs which is a great start! You mention the ‘survey’ type prize draws – you need to steer clear of those! Before long you’ll learn which sites they are hosted on. Choose one comping website (I recommend Money Saving Expert or Loquax if you want to avoid the surveys) and work through the new comps on there – or search for the type of prizes you want. Find local companies, radio stations, newspapers, shopping centres and mags on the web and Facebook and enter their competitions – there won’t be many entries.

  13. Chrissie says:

    That’s is some list Di, and most impressive. I started entering competitions about 12 years ago and did so for a few years before giving up completely and starting again this year 2015. About ten years ago I saw an internet competition to win a trek to Everest Base Camp all expenses paid and I just had to say why I wanted to win. I was away on a girl’s golfing break when the call came through and my friends thought I had gone a bit crazy when I told them what I had won as I only had three weeks to get super fit. It was a chance of a lifetime, something I would never have done had it not been for comping and it was just amazing. Just after I started again this year I won three days skiing in Chamonix, although I hadn’t skied for over 20 years I took my daughter, who is a good skier, we had a wonderful mum and daughter time, I fell over a lot, we laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So now I am trying to get back into doing competitions and have found your videos and tips very helpful as things have changed a lot over the years but the buzz of winning never changes whether it is big or small. Thankyou.

  14. Azeri Zenovka says:

    Hi Di! I started entering instant wins and sweeps in mid-May of this year and have already won 11 little prizes! I spend about 15-20 minutes a night after work going through a list on some trusted websites (I’m in the US) and only stick with the ones with prizes I want or need. I haven’t ventured too far into the creative contests yet, although I did try my hand at a product slogan the other night. Most of the instant wins/sweeps I’ve entered still haven’t even done their grand prize drawings yet, but I’m just so jazzed about the wee prizes so far! I’ve won a hat, a beverage koozie, a soccer ball, 3 gift cards (total $20), several candy and snack vouchers, an insulated cooler tote, and a tube of mascara! Not to mention all the digital music downloads (5 or so) that I haven’t even fiddled around with yet. This is so much fun! And I’m so glad to have found this site (and I’ve been watching your videos). Thanks for all the amazing tips!

    • Karen Carvajal says:

      hello! just wondering what are some trusted us sites you recommend im in florida

      • Azeri Zenovka says:

        My favorites so far are FreebieShark (check the Sweeps page), and SnazzyWin. Good luck!

  15. brisbane_billy says:

    This is an amazing life changing list of prizes and I must congratulate you on years of determination to accumulate that MASSIVE list.

    Looking at this list always gives me motivation to enter more competitions

    I only enter about 20 competitions per week and my biggest win is 12 bottles of champagne which will be used for my parents anniversary.

    • I’m glad it’s inspired you to enter more comps Billy! I won £1000 of Laurent Perrier champagne ten years ago – and we still have 2 of the 35 bottles left! It’s such a special prize to win – hope your folks have a great party!

  16. Chantele Cross-Jones says:

    That is an impressive list. Ive never seriously comped before, just did the dd one through blogs and twitter, but occasionally got lucky. But last month decided to put a bit of my free (tv watching) time into it each night and have won a string of fairy lights, 2 lip smackers, a face duo set from tesco and a book in just 4 weeks. So hope that is a good start! Your list is inspiring!

  17. Andrea Goodheart says:

    Absolutely brilliant Di! Finally had time to look through your list and it’s simply amazing! Wish I’d got all my earliest wins in a list! It would take up valuable comping time to go through my Comp Wins folders! It’s only in the last few years I’ve recorded our group wins in a Word doc and only the last 3 years on Google Drive (thanks to your instructions!). Up to just over £3000 worth so far this year, so looking good although never as good as yours! 😉

    • Ah – you win some amazing prizes Andrea! I started logging prizes back in the early 2000s, but back then there were only about 25 prizes on my annual list. I get about 3 a week now, but that does include lots of small ones!

    • Hilary Brady says:

      Hi Andrea! It’s great to see the amount you have won this year alone. But, if you don’t mind me asking, as I am new to comping, ‘how do you do it?’ What sites or comps do you recommend?

      • Andrea Goodheart says:

        Hi Hilary, I’m addicted to entering competitions I think although I do work full-time & also enjoy gardening, walking and taking photos. I find competitions in emails I get sent and also by searching google for prizes I would particularly like to win (following Di Coke’s advice in her brilliant book Superlucky Secrets!) I also subscribe to Compers News & Compers Update & try to enter all the comps for which I’d like to win the prizes. If I don’t want to win the prize, I don’t bother to enter the comp. I love meeting with like-minded comping friends to exchange entry-forms & get inspired by hearing about their latest wins! I also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest to enter comps. You’re welcome to follow me if you’d like and good luck with your comping! 😉

        • Hilary Brady says:

          Hi Andrea. Thanks for email. I am still waiting for compers news to arrive, but is the compers update worth it? I would like to follow you and get some pointers if you don’t mind. Let me know please.

          • Andrea Goodheart says:

            It’s funny that you’re asking me that question as Compers Update are currently using a photo of me for promotion! I was lucky enough to win £5000 last December using info I got from Compers Update so I would thoroughly recommend it! It makes me sit down and get some really worthwhile comps done although, it has to be said, I probably could get the info elsewhere without paying for it but I always run out of time! See you on FB, Twitter etc 😉

  18. christineshelley says:

    Amazing , I’ve had some fabulous prizes too but the one that sticks in my mind was a few Christmases ago when I had a call to say the lorry would be there in ten minutes (????) and several men staggered up the drive with crates , then hall was full up, I shimmied around to get to the door and had to ring the school to tell the kids to be careful opening the front door. It was first prize from Next £1000 goods , including furniture, crockery , cutlery bedding, Christmas tree and ornaments – and I didn’t know I’d won!

    • WOW! I love those big Christmas competitions – a dream prize! My friend Lisa won Christmas on October once, and The National Lottery decorated her house and everything – even made snow fall outside!

  19. Oli Marshall says:

    No, it doesn’t make me feel jealous but rather happy for you because I know how hard you need to work to win a good prize so I’ll say, well done Di 🙂 !!! The best prize I ever won was £600 worth of wall murals (this year) but my favourite thing was winning everybody’s Christmas presents last year.

  20. Anna Warner says:

    trip to Australia!

  21. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson says:

    In my first six months of comping, a two-night stay at a 4 star hotel and spa in North Yorkshire with the Best Loved hotels competition – Best Loved have one of the shortest forms to fill in too!

    • You know – sometimes I feel guilty if I win a prize draw that was easy to enter – I don’t feel like I’ve worked for the prize ha ha! I won a great spa break in Yorkshire to ‘Titanic’ a few years back – amazing place!

  22. Karen says:

    This is so depressing!!!! My biggest win was 4 fitness activity trackers! Hardly compares!

  23. Maureen F Millward says:

    My best prize was a 5 star holiday to Mallorca to a beautiful hotel in the mountains. I also won £1400 with Magnum, holidays to Shetland and Ireland, two trips to London & most types of gadgets. In the last 6 months I won a parrot drone and ipad 2 Air.

    • How was the Shetland holiday? I’d love to win a trip to Scotland actually – must put that on my wishlist!

      • Maureen F Millward says:

        It was fantastic. I visit Scottish islands a lot and Shetland was on my wishlist at the time. We went back ourselves last year for a holiday to the same hotel where we won the prize!

  24. Karen Kitchen says:

    My best prize was £1000 Debenhams gift card, also high street vouchers, supermarket vouchers, Merlin annual passes and car insurance were other good prizes. Would like to win car or holidays but not happened yet.

  25. AdrianPrice says:

    i won 4,000 pounds to spend on sky lights –i live in a council flat so no use for me.But i flogged to my job center advisor for a cheeky £1000!

  26. SueC says:

    The best prize I’ve won is an £8ooo Foodie Trip to Vietnam which I’m going on in July, from Good Food Magazine. Have also had £1000 Boden credit and a fantastic Olivier Awards experience.

  27. Elspeth McMillan says:

    Wow that is some list. I have been comping a few years and my best win was a Rover car in a slogan competition. My ambition is to win a holiday so fingers crossed 😀

  28. Frances Heaton says:

    An amazing array of prizes! Truly inspirational.

    Through the years have won various prizes, my best win being £1920 with ITV Real Deal.

    Have won a mini iPad and iPad Air, and Warners Leisure holiday which we really enjoyed and have booked several times since.

    Earlier this year I won £1000 One4All Gift card and have previously won cash in varying amounts.

    One of my most surprising wins was a large envelope I received and was going to throw in the bin as I thought it was junk mail. On closer inspection discovered it was from Currys and I could choose a cooker up to the value of £1000.

    The best thing about comping is the surprises it can bring. It can be quite an exciting hobby at times.

    • Ah – junk mail! In those early days of comping you have to be extra careful not to recycle a prize notification don’t you! I once had a dirty ripped LWE turn up and inside was a letter that said ‘You have won a ten day trip to Japan!’ – couldn’t believe my eyes!

  29. chumbelina says:

    thanks for your inspirational lists Di, cannot compete no matter how long I live now, can I???? So miss slogan comps although there is still the odd one or two out there! Have won lots of lovely things over the years, but the holidays to Cuba Switzerland New York (twice) and nearer home Spain, never did win that holiday to New Zealand, real shame. The New Kitchen I won which got me into comping really tops the lot when it comes to winning “stuff” and lots of days out and days away in the uk too, so I hope this encourages lots of people to join our comping craziness! Nothing beats it as a hobby, something for nothing, what could be finer, even if it is just a toothbrush, the feeling of excitement when something gets delivered is wonderful, so good luck out there to everyone!x

  30. Sophie Lester says:

    Thanks for posting! Very inspiring! I enjoyed reading though and dreaming about a win to New York City like you! My latest win was a merlin pass which I am quite happy with!!

  31. rebecca beesley says:

    This is brilliant Di. Well done! Can’t seem to get myself motivated to get back into it this year – had 3 amazing years but do miss the ‘buzz’ of the wins. Don’t think Ive ever managed a cash win. Lots of holidays though so can’t complain x

    • I’m sure you’ll be back into it soon Rebecca – sometimes it just takes one perfect comp to kickstart you again, maybe a blogger comp!

      • rebecca beesley says:

        I’m gradually getting back into the swing of things now – I have been doing a few blogger comps as those are my favourite as i feel i’ve ‘acheived’ something just by getting the blogpost up. Actually had two lovely wins from that in recent weeks and one was for a recipe competition which is incredible for me and shows how far i’ve come personally considering a few years ago i could barely cook! your unboxing videos have definitely motivated me x

  32. Rachael Simmons says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list Di, so inspiring! Happy to report I’m off to Rome shortly, my first ever holiday abroad comp win thanks to the Guardian! 😀

  33. Kaye Willan says:

    Pheewee well done Di, wish I could be as lucky as you ! Only been comping since Feb though xx

  34. Vyki Sparkes says:

    Wow! My finger hurts scrolling through that amazing list! Well done!

  35. Kiran Parry says:

    Very impressive list. Here are my best wins, a little bit smaller than your list but I have started doing more photo comps and giving Instagram comps, video comps and comps requiring an app this year.
    Best wins

    £500 whistles voucher – online advent
    £300 virgos lounge voucher – look text comp
    £150 Hobbycraft voucher – woman weekly mag daily
    £100 B&Q voucher – rafflecopter
    £65 Halford voucher – woman weekly mag daily
    £50 home base voucher – rafflecopter
    £25 Amazon voucher – winneroo
    £25 Amazon voucher – Facebook
    £10 love to shop – Winneroo

    £200 cash – sainsburys bank
    £100 cash – Inside soap

    iPod nano – web comp
    IPad – Capital FM
    Headphones – Web
    Bluetooth speakers – rafflecopter
    DAB sports radio – Twitter

    Kettle – Instant win
    Coffee machine – web
    Microwave – Facebook
    Fridge Freezer – Ao

    3 night stay in Scotland – Visit Scotland
    2 night stay in Isle of Wight – best loved hotels

    Rug – Gleam
    Watch – shortlist
    Years supply of wine – shortlist
    Sweet Hamper – Facebook
    Heated throw – sixty plus surfers ( Readers Letters)
    19 boxes of cereal and 4 mugs
    Hoover – chat weekly magazine

    • That’s a great list Kiran, I know you’re fairly new to the hobby too! Great to hear you’re trying a few more effort comps!

      • Kiran Parry says:

        Thanks Di. I have been comping for just over 2 and a half years now. I started comping properly since September 2012. I did win a few colouring comps when I was much younger some that I did when I was 8 and I also won my tenth birthday party in a local brewsters from my joke.

  36. Emma Tustian says:

    When I had the time to enter a lot of competitions I did win a decent amount, but just don’t have the time now. My best prizes were a weekend theatre trip to the Savoy, a weekend break to Barcelona, and a second prize win of an electric bike – the latter I didn’t want because I was hoping for the main prize of a quad bike, so that got sold on. Most of the others have been much smaller prizes.

    • Time…. ah if only we all had more time to comp! This blogging lark eats up a lot of time, that’s for sure! 😀

      • Emma Tustian says:

        Definitely. And it’s made me totally unfit! Late nights blogging instead of dancing like I used to, and then too tired to get up early and exercise. I so need to sort out my priorities!

        See you next week at BML

  37. Louise Fairweather says:

    OMG!!! I am clearly not entering enough competitions! Wow is all I can say!

  38. Clare Duiker says:

    My biggest prize has been £500 Regatta vouchers from a FB/Slogan com with Regatta and the National Trust. I’m in awe of your prize list though, and it’s really inspiring me to have more fun with photo comps. I had to chuckle when I started reading ipod, ipod, ipod, ipad, ipad, ipad……lol. x

    • I love your inspiration in the Lucky Learners group Claire, you’re grabbing comping by the horns this year and I’m looking forward to your report of a biggie!

  39. Allison Cartwright says:

    wow excellent prizes how many do you do in a day lol

    • I think I do 20-30 a day but maybe 10 of those will be photo, Instagram, creative, purchase necessary, radio or local comps (so, lower entry). The other 20 will be easy Twitter/FB prize draws – I don’t win much from those! I should tally the number I do really, I don’t really think about it. At the weekends I only usually do one or two!

  40. lynnpendlebury says:

    that is AMAZING, am not jealous at all, just in awe that you win soooo many comps. well done.

  41. priscillastubbs says:

    Totally inspiring Di, people will say you are lucky but so many of us know how much hard work it is entering comps! Keep on winning and giving us inspiration.

  42. Karen Ridgway says:

    Oh my goodness, very inspiring! I’d love to win a holiday or money, will keep trying xx

  43. Lucy Bishop says:

    Totally amazing & inspiring Di! 🙂 you certainly live life to the full thanks to your amazing hobby! I loved this post xxx

  44. Diane Wareing says:

    Just LOVE the Toblerone video lol Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to us all x

    • That’s one of my favourites! Can you believe there were only about 3 entries in that competiiton? We were the only video entry!

      • Diane Wareing says:

        I Have only just started to enter photo comps as I was embarrassed, but the Vimto one has got me doing all sorts of odd things! Not that it has done me any good. Still can’t win on it. As for videos, I don’t own one apart from the one on my phone and have not sure how to use it haha.

  45. tracey bowden says:

    Wow what an amazing list of prizes, slightly jealous but I do love seeing what people win and spurs me on just a little bit more. My favourite prize so far was a £100 in vouchers from Halifax bank just before my daughters birthday

    • Great timing! Cash prizes are great but I always find they disappear quickly – I like to have a folder full of vouchers so I can make them last all year!

  46. Elysia Benn says:

    Oh my goodness! That is so much more than I had ever imagined you to have won. Think my best prize was £1500 of thomas cook vouchers. Spurring me on now though Di! Note to self: Must work harder!

    • Work harder – but also play harder! Many of my biggest wins have come as a result of me having fun with the hobby! Good luck Elysia!

      • Elysia Benn says:

        Yes I really enjoy the hobby, love looking at what I could win 🙂 if I ever stopped enjoying it I wouldn’t do it anymore 🙂

  47. Michelle Harbinson says:

    You are right, I am a bit jeal but feeling motivated after reading this. The best prize I won was a £6k holiday in a Trebor Mints purchase competition (Breathtaking Experiences campaign)

    • Oh yes! I remember that Trebor one, what a prize! It’s been a while since I won a long haul holiday, I’d love to get to South America in the next couple of years so think I’ll be focused on that. Good luck with your comping Michelle!

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