Prizes I won in October!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I was inspired to try the Pringles camera comp in the last couple of days of it running….somehow I won! Thanks

  2. Jeanette says:

    Hi Di,
    nice wins for October. My October was quite successful. I won samples, dog food for my aunts’ dog Joshi, I could again due to a producttest try wine for free (Spain Ritmo de la Vida), a PS4 game and now I need to win a PS4 to play it. I could choose out of three books I chose Heidelberg and Mannheim. Heidelberg is known in Germany as the University city. I won a huge box filled with Ferrero goodies. This is not a real prize: I entered a survey for Marccain and had to answer questiones and for doing this I received a bracelet. I won tickets to go to an concert of the german singer Heino, but due to time problems I coundn’t attend. I won a voucher worth 10 € from the mms promotion. And last but not least I won The French Dispatch Movie Bundle with a tote bag a notebook and a poster. 3 winners were chosen there, but due to a mistake I received everything.
    Good Luck for November.

  3. Satvinder Billa says:

    Congrats Di

    • KelleyP says:

      Some lovely wins Di, especially the Sports Aid event. I had a quieter October for wins, although it did include 10 x £1.50 M & Ms vouchers and a multi pack of Quavers voucher. I haven’t had any more Cadbury’s Match and Win matches, but have still got my Man City game to look forward to in February next year. I hope you have success and get your Brighton tickets. There are a lot of chocolate & biscuit comps about and I’m finding it hard to stay on my Slimming World target but I’m just about doing it, as I’ve taken up golf and am starting nordic walking soon ( as part of post cancer treatment, i.e. to do exercise to stop it returning). Thank you for the video, it really is inspiring and fun to watch!

      • Di says:

        I know what you mean about the chocolate and biscuit comps Kelley! I’m definitely having to do a bit more exercise these days. Have a lucky November!!

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