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This week I won a BRILLIANT prize – one that I’m sure would feature on a lot of compers’ wishlists. Thanks to Surf and Wilkinson, I’ve won a cleaner for a year! Yes instead of scrubbing the sink and dusting the doorknobs, I’ll have bonus comping time instead – yippee!

To enter, I had to buy a special box of Surf Cleaning Essentials at a Wilkinson store, then share a photo of me using it on Twitter. This was one of those competitions where you know not many people will manage to do all that’s required. For a start – we don’t even have a Wilko here in Brighton (shocking I know!) – but I spent half term in South Wales with my parents so I went to the big Wilko in Cardiff and enlisted the help of one of the shop assistants to find one of the last few promotional boxes in the shop (reduced to half price!).

Winning this prize has reminded me of the other ‘year’s supplies’ I’ve won in the past. In my early days of comping in the 1990s I won a year’s supply of lager – twice. 365 cans of Carlsberg then 365 bottles of Kronenbourg! My friends were delighted.

Other foodie prizes were a year’s supply of Bahlsen biscuits (sent out every 3 months) and 365 Magnum ice creams (I only had a tiny freezer section in my Smeg fridge at the time – thankfully they offered me £150 instead!). And I loved my supply of Yorkshire Tea, a runners up prize won with my Homeland parody video.

Practical prizes include a year’s supply of cleaning products in an Asda photo competition, a year’s supply of Ecozone dishwasher tablets, a year’s supply of Plum baby food, and a year’s supply of tampons from Lil-lets.

One of my favourites was a year’s supply of Dermalogica skincare with this video entry – and a year’s free haircuts I won from Toni & Guy was worth a fortune!

But my favourite years supply of… has to be KG Shoes. This was an entry form in Elle magazine and I got to choose a pair every month from the Nottingham Kurt Geiger shop. Elle ran this competition every year, and I won it a second time two years later, using a home-made postcard! The shop manager couldn’t believe it when I was back in the shop again with my vouchers… A couple of years ago I also won a year’s supply of Cloggs kids shoes on Pinterest, Ryland has only just worn out the final pair!

And of course – a magazine subscription is a good one too. I’ve won Grazia, Heat, Elle, Good Food and many more. And as for the year’s David Lloyd gym membership – I spent more time in the swimming pool and sauna than in the gym!

Have you ever won a year’s supply of something? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Romana Richards says:

    I won a year’s suply of ground coffee a few years ago – 11 packets – couldn’t work that one out really other than that they fitted perfectly into the box they came in!

  2. Lynda North says:

    Years ago, when I first started comping, I won a year’s supply of toothpaste! I expected a huge lorry delivery of my prize so was a bit disappointed to receive a mere 6 tubes in the post!! My daughter as a teenager won a year’s supply of Scottish Mckays ice cream fortunately delivered as Vouchers. Unfortunately, after eating a few tubs we decided we didn’t really like it and ended up passing on the rest of the vouchers! Also a long time ago, I won a year’s supply of tea, which proved to be very useful!

  3. Mel Daniels says:

    I won a year’s supply of “healthy” crisps from Kettle Bites – delicious and very useful to keep in the cupboard! Delivered every three months, I’m expecting my last box any time 🙂

  4. Sammy says:

    A years supply of mustard, and a years supply of salt…! LOL.

  5. Jamie Millard says:

    I won a year’s supply of bacon. We get a pack a month delivered through the post. Lovely treat when it arrives.

  6. emmasfabulous says:

    I spotted a text comp on the hoarding of the new JD Sports store in Norwich to win a year’s worth of trainers. I remember the kids laughing at me photographing it on the escalator. They didn’t mind when £800 of vouchers turned up! I also won a year’s worth of lil-lets – just after I found out I was pregnant 🙂

  7. Sarah-Dawn Pope says:

    I won a years worth of Haagen Daaz ice cream. But it only worked out a tub per month 🙁

  8. Danielle Gregory says:

    I found out yesterday I was runner up in the Sun Pat Fuel Your Dreams competition. A years supply of peanut butter and £1000 to my sons football team! I saw the comp on one of your pages so thanks Di!

  9. rebecca beesley says:

    I always love those practical prizes! on my wish list is a year’s supply of soap but have never won that. I did win a years supply of cleaning products once which was great with Ecover, and a years supply of persil, and a years supply of ribena, a years supply of baby wipes, a years supply of spaghetti hoops, I do end up giving loads of it away though if it all arrives in one go and sometimes end up regretting it when i’m having to go out and buy more when my supplies run out!

  10. Andrew Page says:

    Some time ago I won a years supply of Heinz Tomato Sauce which came as 2 1Kg Bottles. However they did not last a year!
    I also won a years supply of Cadbury Chocolate bars. 260 Vouchers that could be exchange for the smaller bars, 5 per week….everone I know had some

  11. colette sheeran says:

    I won a years supply of Triumph lingerie. That was my best win to date. I shared with my daughter so we were both very happy!!

  12. Mary says:

    I won a years supply of Veetee microwave rice via the Vegetarian Society website in August. It’s a very generous monthly parcel of a 6 pack of rice in different flavours. More than we can eat but they have a long shelf life so we’re well stocked.

  13. Ah! I love peanut butter too!

  14. I’d love to win a huge delivery of wine – I did win £1000 of champagne years ago, but a big wine prize eludes me! What a great win.

  15. Sheila Docherty says:

    I’ve been comping since June and only won half a dozen small prizes but I’m not complaining! My latest win is 12 bottles of red wine…I’m made up!

  16. Nikki Hayes says:

    I won a year’s supply of L’Oreal Elvive colour shampoo, conditioner, colour treatment and mythic oil earlier this year. 12 bottles each of shampoo and conditioner plus 4 each of the other items – I gave most of it away to friends and family, which made me popular 😀

  17. toadfinder says:

    I LOVE your ‘Omeland video, a well deserved win!

  18. Neill Johnstone says:

    In October I won a year’s worth of Cheddar from a competition I entered in May!

  19. Chris Fliss says:

    I’ve won a year of bouquets. 2 x Years supply of teabags. A years magazine subscription. A year of Gregg’s lunches (Effort comp, loved doing it) And have just won a years supply of Aunt Bessie’s desserts 🙂

  20. Jamie Edwards says:

    I won a year’s supply of shower gel and got plenty of different varieties which I’ve loved! 😀

  21. Congratulations on your win Di ! a cleaner for a year is a dream prize. I won a year of Rocket Dog shoes (12 pairs) and I could have them all at once I had fun choosing. I really want a few magazine subscriptions so I’m going to concentrate on winning in 2017.

    • I love Rocketdog shoes – those and Irregular Choice! I chose a lot of KG stilettoes which I don’t get to wear – the streets in Brighton are dark with really bad paving slabs, ha ha!

  22. Ellie potter says:

    Yes I won a years supply of pizza then hagen daaz ice cream then toothpaste lol. Oh and penguin biscuits, and best of all £2500 asda vouchers a years worth of shopping.

  23. Iowkati says:

    I won a year’s supply of Yorkshire tea but they were really generous and even in my tea-loving household it’s sure to last over one year!

  24. Emma Ellams says:

    A year of weed killer. What a prize! Thanks for the links.

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