Prizes we won in October

How was October for you? We spent half term visiting my best friend JoJoEbi over in Japan, and what fun we had. I made sure I took lots of photos which may well feature in my competition entries! Of course, being abroad for a fortnight meant there wasn’t much comping going on, so here’s a short unboxing from this month…

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If you’d like to know more about the prizes featured, here’s the list…

Spoiler alert!

Prizes featured in the October unboxing:

  • Cities book – Toppsta
  • Kickers Back to School set – Kickers photo prize draw
  • Box of Roses chocolates – Cadbury Twitter comp
  • Captain Birdseye toy – Birdseye instant win
  • Football – McDonalds Better Play
  • Drone – Weetabix instant win
  • Hama Beads – Facebook prize draw

I also forgot to mention a £17.01 win from Oasis (paid straight into my bank account) and lots of Cadbury chocolate bars in their Stadium promotion!

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube playlist of prize unboxing videos by other compers at! And if you need more prize winspiration, check out Cara & Nikki‘s October wins posts!

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  1. Jayne Townson says:

    Some nice wins there, well done.

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