Do promoters have to publish winners’ names?

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  1. Sammi says:

    On the ASA website it says the consultation on this closed at 5pm on 19 June 2018 but there is still no update by them? It was really handy to be able to ‘remind’ promoters they had an obligation to publish or make available on request winners names. Now that’s something that can’t be done (?) & dishonest promoters can more easily get away with running promotions with fake/no winners.

    • Di says:

      When I spoke to the ASA earlier this year they said the update should be around the end of March, so hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer!

  2. ann dowdell says:

    Entered Gentlemens journal advent calendar although they named winners on their websiteone very similar to they said no town or address given just name of winner
    persons surely a town or county should be posted

  3. Erica Baker says:

    Kevin Larson presents offered two VIP tickets in a share contest and never announced a winner. I sent a private message, posted on the event twice. I saw more than one Inquiry. They are sponsored by BuddyBoy Jim Beam and Exotico Tequila. The event is tonight. I finally posted to the event page to get a reply and it was deleted. #weakaf

  4. MDells says:

    UP performance offered free online personal training and won’say who won despite a few people asking….very suspicious

  5. Lydia Frew says:

    I entered an effort comp with a major shopping channel on Twitter in May. By the beginning of July they still hadn’t announced a winner. Someone had already asked them who the winner was but they had not replied. I tracked down their Facebook page and sent them a message asking for the name of the winner. After a few days of not receiving a reply I sent them another, longer message, quoting their obligations under the CAP code. They replied back apologising and saying that they were passing it over to their marketing team. 24hrs later I was announced as the winner on Twitter! The prize was a £600 sewing machine but they had taken so long to announce a winner that they no longer had them in stock. I’m currently waiting for a more expensive model to be delivered!

  6. PrizeDeck says:

    It’s great that you explain what the promoter’s obligations are in announcing winners. At PrizeDeck we list every winner on our Terms & Privacy webpage. We also announce the winners across our social media profiles so it’s clear who the winners are. Also, we notify winners as quickly as possible and get their prizes out to them as soon as we can!

  7. rebecca beesley says:

    the silliest one i came across was where i was the winner but when i asked, they tweeted me back saying sorry i hadn’t won but the winner was rebecca beesley. They hadn’t figured out that I was the same rebecca beesley! I know potentially there could be two entrants with the same name but i did find it all a bit crazy.

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