Pukka up your day with a prize worth £1000!

Pukka Pies are giving away a prize worth up to £1000  every week until 9th December – and to enter, all you have to do is tell them how you would pukka up your day. This is a lovely creative competition and although it’s not entirely judged (finalists are chosen at random, then judged) it’s still a good excuse to get daydreaming about what prize would really brighten up your day!

How to enter

All you need to do is head over to www.everythingspukka.co.uk and complete the entry form, finishing the sentence ‘It’d make my day if you could:..’ . You can enter three times a week – and losing entries do NOT roll over, so you can put another three entries in the following week.

Entries for each week close at midnight (final closing date 9 December) – and the winner will be contacted the following Tuesday. The promotion is only open to residents of Great Britain, excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

How winners are selected

Each week ten entries are chosen at random and then judged on the following criteria:

  • Is the request/submission feasible?
  • Can it be achieved within £1,000?
  • If the prize/experience was fulfilled, is this suitable from a moral and ethical perspective?
  • Is there a strong synergy with the core Pukka values and personality?
  • Is the submission making the individual’s/group’s day better (“Pukka Up Your Day”)?
  • Will awarding the prize make the individual/group “feel good inside” (an emotional fit with the brand)?

So even though you’ll have to be lucky to be one of the ten random finalists – it’s definitely worth taking these factors into account when you write your entry. And if you write an entry which you’re particularly proud of, and it doesn’t win, why not tweak it very slightly and enter again the following week? Then cross your fingers it’s chosen as one of the ten finalists! Below are the winners announced so far so you can get some inspiration.

You can find full T&Cs on the competition website at www.everythingspukka.co.uk/#terms – good luck!

3 Responses

  1. Carol Wilkinson says:

    I would pukka up my husband’s year by getting painters in and saving him a massive job. Our house has taken years and we are almost there but a little help would definitely go a long way and would allow us much needed family time.

  2. Sandra Almond says:

    I would pukka up my mum’s day by taking her on a shopping spree

  3. Stella Holvey says:

    Donate it to the Yemen Crisis Appeal and try and help save some of the 2.2 million children starving to death.

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