Quidco Squid Game: how to win prizes

My favourite cashback site Quidco are once again giving out prizes worth more than £30,000 in their latest game – called Sweet 16, because Quidco are celebrating their 16th birthday!

Catch a squad of Quidco Squids and you could win either £1, £5, £10, £50 or £100 Amazon vouchers – or you might be one of five winners who bag £1000 cashback in the grand prize draw!

I’ll be honest – first time round, I saw posts about the squid game on Facebook and I just couldn’t get to grips with it at all, so I didn’t bother! However, since then I’ve done some research, and I reckon with a bit of persistence you’ll probably have a reasonable chance of bagging yourself at least a small voucher prize.

The ‘Quidco’s Sweet 16’ Squid Game competition ends at 5.59pm on Monday 17 May and here’s how to get involved…

How to play

You’ll need to be a Quidco member and logged into your account, either on the website or on the Quidco app (note that the app can be glitchy and crash out when you try to catch your squid!). If you’re new to Quidco, use my Refer-a-Friend link to join, and we’ll both get credited £10 when you’ve earnt your first £5 cashback!

There are fifteen squids in the squad. Collect a squad of three squids by ‘catching’ them on the pages of the Quidco website or app, to win these prizes:

  • £1 Amazon voucher – collect Squidco, Dr Octo & Jentacle  (4000 winners)
  • £5 Amazon voucher – collect Squid Rock, Wally & Scooter  (2000 winners)
  • £10 Amazon voucher – collect iSquid, Ziggy & Mollux (500 winners)
  • £50 Amazon voucher – collect Uncle Kraken, Squillion & Winnie (100 winners)
  • £100 Amazon voucher – collect Sir Inksalot, Compy & Squidmo (10 winners)

This time round there’s no big prize for being the first to collect all 15 squids! Instead, for every successful squid capture you’ll get 10 entries into the main prize draw, and for every unsuccessful squid capture you’ll get 1 entry into the prize draw. In the main prize draw, five winners will get a £1,000 cashback grand prize!

The main Squid Game page at www.quidco.com/squid-game has a list of all the squids to collect – click on their names to see clues and hints about catching them. These clues change regularly, and some squids will be ‘mingling at the party’ (currently unreleased) while others are hiding on the Quidco website waiting to be found.

How to catch a squid

Squids are hiding on retailer pages, and some of the main Quidco pages too, and a pop up will appear at the bottom of the page when you visit – click it and you may catch the squid, but it can easily escape – the screens below show a failed capture (left and a successful capture (right)!

The speed at which you click makes no difference to your success – it’s completely random whether you catch it or not. Each squid will be hiding in up to 5 locations – but if you fail to catch it at any of these, you’ll have to wait until there are new clues up and the squid changes location. 

You can guarantee to catch a squid by making a purchase at a specific retailer within a certain time frame (allow 48 hours for tracking and for the squid to appear on your game home page). 

Catch a squid, and it will update to show Captured! on your collection page. 

Catch all three in a mini squad and you’ll be able to click prize details to get your Amazon voucher code!

Beware that the Quidco website/app seem to be loading slowly today so be patient after tapping the pop up banner – it may be a while before you find out if you’ve caught a squid or not!

How to use the clues and hints

  • The clues on the main Squid Game change regularly, so keep checking to see which squids have moved location. 
  • Quidco will also let you know the squids are on the move on the Quidco Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • To make it really easy this time round, Quidco have also been posting a full list of locations in the Quidco Rocks! Facebook group – although I don’t know if this will continue all week! 
  • The clue will be for a specific type of retailer, or for a type of product. eg. ‘Squidmo’s car insurance is up for renewal so they’re on the lookout for the best deal.’ – for this clue, look through the retailers listed on the car insurance category page. This time, Squidmo popped up on the Confused.com, Go Compare, AA, Swinton and Admiral pages. 
  • You can catch a squid by making a purchase before a certain deadline – but the retailer is also a clue to where the squid is hiding. eg. ‘Squillion is looking for some post-workout supplements. You might spot them shopping at different retailers, but purchase at MyProtein before 11:59:59 on 20/11/21 and you’re guaranteed to catch Squillion’. As well as at MyProtein, Squillion was also hiding at Muscle Food, Protein Dynamix and The Protein Works.

Are you playing the Squid Game? Do you have any tips for me? Share them in the comments!

5 Responses

  1. Aly says:

    I have got £5 and £1 so it’s not a con but frustrating!

  2. Stacey says:

    Last year won 2 x £10 vouchers and a £5 this year – absolutely nothing. Despite clicking daily on squids (I have 5 in total) they all slip the net

  3. Paula Munford says:

    I’ll have a go but I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. Hopefully I’ll still be able to view the clues via Twitter. FB is usually more of apain.

  4. Andy Carr says:

    It’s a crazy competition. You click on the picture of the squid but it says “OOPS” and you miss it.

    I think its a con tbh.

    • Di says:

      You do have to be patient Andy – I found it quicker to use the app rather than my laptop, and quickly visit all 5 locations! I only managed to win £1 though – if you get involved right from the launch of the promotion you have a better chance of collecting more, I’ll try that next time!

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