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If you love magazines, a Readly subscription is a great way to save money. Membership costs just £7.99 a month, so if you would usually buy three or more magazines a month you should absolutely give it a go – and currently you can try Readly for a month for FREE*! (my referral link)

I love browsing the magazines at my local big supermarket or WHSmith for new competitions, and I’ve really been missing that since we’ve gone on lockdown. So I decided to take up the offer of a free trial with Readly, which offers thousands of magazines to read and download – the latest issues, plus older back issues too. Titles include Grazia, Elle, PlayStation Magazine, Chat, Heat, Conde Nast Traveller and lots of puzzle mags too. If you’re tempted by a new hobby, or looking for recipe or garden ideas Readly offers tons of inspiration. And of course, for compers, Readly is also a fun way to find current prize draws and comps across all magazine genres.

I decided to continue with the £7.99 monthly Readly subscription after my trial ended because I was getting good value – I’d been buying my son at least 3 copies of the Beano each month, at a cost of £8.25! For the cheaper cost of a Readly sub, he can access the Beano on his iPad – plus my husband and I get to read hundreds of other magazines too. I’ve been looking at home and garden inspiration, fitness magazines and puzzle magazines – and I’ve got Ry reading First News and National Geographic Kids as part of his home schooling. As you can imagine, we’re also finding plenty of great competitions to enter in all these mags too!

The best thing is that you can sign up for a free month-long trial of Readly to see if it’s worth the cost – if you don’t feel you’ll get your money’s worth, simply cancel before the month is up (instructions are below!)

How to sign up for Readly

  • Head to (*this is my affiliate link, and we both get a free month of Readly if you use it to join!)
  • Pop in your email address and create a password – you’ll receive a welcome email
  • Add either your debit card details, or connect to your PayPal account (don’t worry, you will not be charged until your free trial ends, and can cancel any time before that!)
  • You’re now a member – check in My Account to see the expiry date of your free trial.

How to use Readly

  • Reading magazines is easy on the Readly website, but if you have a mobile device, download the app from the iOS store or Google Play store and log in to your account
  • Tap or swipe on the left or right of your screen to turn pages (if you’re viewing the website on a computer, use the arrows on your keyboard or click them on screen)
  • Move your fingers apart and together to zoom in and out on a magazine page
  • To use double page mode, rotate your mobile device and tap the double page icon at the top of the screen
  • When reading a magazine, tap the top of the screen to view the menu icons – tap a star to Favourite the publication, or the Bookmark to save a page in your bookmarks.
  • Readly offers family sharing – so up to 5 family members can register on one account, using up to 5 devices and add different favourites and bookmarks to their own reading profiles – add a profile from your menu page
  • To complete a puzzle, press and hold on the square you want to fill in, and your keyboard should appear – if you only get part way through a puzzle, it will save in the My Content tab so you can access it later

Searching Readly

Tap the magnifier icon to search the magazines in your Readly app – depending on which screen you use it, you can choose to search:

  • all magazine titles
  • a specific magazine title (including all previous issues of that title)
  • a specific issue of a magazine title

When you use the main magazine search, tick the Filter box on screen to filter your search to certain categories, countries and languages. Try searching for a specific travel destination, a recipe ingredient – or competitions of course!

The Readly website only allows a generic search for text across ALL magazine content – the app offers much more flexibility so download it if you can!

How to cancel a Readly subscription

If you’d like to try Readly but don’t want to risk your account being debited at the end of your free trial offer, you can cancel the agreement immediately after joining. You’ll still be able to use Readly until the end of the free trial period, but no automatic £7.99 debit will be taken at the end of this period. Cancellation instructions depend on how you signed up. If you purchased via Amazon or a partner website, please see full details on cancelling on the Readly support pages.

Cancelling a Readly subscription if you joined at

  • Go to My Account, then Subscriptions and Payments
  • Click on Cancel to the right of your subscription details – you’ll be shown a reduced price offer, but can click to Continue Cancellation
  • Give a reason for the cancellation, then Confirm Cancellation
  • Click Confirm cancellation one final time – check your account page and it should say Cancelled, with the option to Reactivate in future.

Cancel Readly if you downloaded from your iOS device

  • Go to your iPhone/iPad Settings, then Subscriptions
  • Select Readly, and Cancel

Cancel Readly if you downloaded from your Android device

  • Open Google Play and go to My subscriptions
  • Select Readly, then Manage and Cancel

Readly tips

  • Magazine downloads can take up a lot of space on your device, so delete after reading by going to your Profile then My Content and Downloads. Remove all downloaded magazines by tapping the trashcan at the top of the Downloads screen.
  • To remove individual magazines from your downloads, tap then Remove downloaded content.
  • Tap the star to add a publication to your Favourites – and access them quickly via your Profile
  • Bookmark a magazine page by tapping the bookmark icon, and giving your bookmark a name – then visit your Bookmarks tab in your profile to find them again.

Readly tips for compers

  • Search a magazine for competitions by typing competition, prize or win into the search box to search a category, magazine or single issue (this only works on the app). Tap on the latest results and hopefully you’ll find some prize promotions that are still open to entries – most will be email or online entry.
  • Bookmark the letters and tips pages of magazines for inspiration and contact details – you can often win prizes for submitting your stories.

So if you like the sound of a Readly subscription, sign up with my link for the free month long trial – and let me know what you think!

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  1. Zoe says:

    How do you enter comps that have to be sent by post, as it would be a print out I.e Beano mag

  2. Gillian McDonald says:

    Ive just registered for this , thank you for the recommendation.

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