Red Nose Day Comps 2019

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  1. julie evans says:

    I had a voucher stating that I could enter a competition to see ed Sheeran and all I had to do was enter the code printed on my voucher; I have arrived on the page and there is only scratchcards etc nowhere to enter the code

  2. Kerry says:

    Ah I’ve just gone to the website to enter the pin and realised my red nose coupon has printed “pin unavailable”!

    • Di says:

      Could you take the receipt and coupon back to Sainsbury’s and see if they can print another maybe? What a shame!

  3. David More says:

    How do l play the game?

    • Di says:

      Which game David? Did you get a coupon at Sainbsury’s with a code on? You need to enter at

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