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Having blogged about the worst type of instant win promotions last week, where prizes are not guaranteed to be won, I wanted to bring your attention to the current Ribena on-pack promotion which has over a thousand guaranteed prizes!

This promotion is a winning moments promotion, so the first person to enter after a random winning moment will get a prize. If nobody enters between two winning moments, the prize will roll over into the next time slot and be won by the next entrant. This is the best way to run a winning moments promotion and with so many prizes up for grabs it means there’ll be a winner on average every 2.5 hours.

How to enter the Ribena Instant Win

Now, in my opinion the entry process is a little long winded – but remember this will put a lot of people off, so a better chance of a prize for those of us that can be bothered! Here’s how to get involved…

  • Buy a promotional Ribena bottle or carton multipack and keep your receipt safe
  • Scan the QR code from the bottle, which will take you to ribena.co.uk/competitions/ribena-exp-2024/
  • Enter your details plus the retailer you made your purchase at (make sure you input your phone number using your country code, in the format +447… )
  • Check your email for a code to verify your email address
  • Enter 4 digits from your Ribena barcode (these will be different digits each time) – ROI residents will also need to answer two skill-based questions correctly within 60 seconds.
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a prize.

Winners will receive a prize claim email (this should be within a day but winners have reported it takes longer), and will need to claim the prize by following the instructions within ten working days.

1,119 total prizes will be won!

  • 30 x UK/ROI breaks up to the value of £1,650 / €1,650 – choose from 3 nights glamping, 3 nights at Center Parcs, 3 night wildlife break or a 7 night cottage stay. All prizes include £300 spending money, but no transport
  • 89 x Virgin Experience Days Voucher to the value of £650 / €650
  • 1,000 x £50 cash (€50 for ROI winners)

You can enter once a day. Like with most winning moments promotions, I suggest you try to choose a time when less people will be entering – usually between 11pm and 6am!

Terms do state you’ll need a new receipt for each purchase, but with so many prizes up for grabs I can’t imagine the promoter will waste admin time asking winners for multiple receipts (see my post Just one receipt or one receipt per entry for more on this). I would suggest you make sure you have at least one valid receipt before you enter!

The Ribena instant win is open to residents of the UK and the Republic of Ireland aged 18 or over and ends on 31 August 2024 win a maximum of one main prize (a short break or Experience Day voucher) and one £50 cash prize per household. T&Cs are at ribena.co.uk/terms/family-experiences-2024/

Find this promotion and loads more purchase-necessary instant wins featured on the Compers Shopping List!

4 Responses

  1. Hazel Lemar says:

    When entering for the first time, I’m getting this error message after I complete my details and submit:
    ‘EntryNotFound – the request requires that an entry has been setup’
    I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, because I’m trying to submit my details to get the Email giving me a code to verify my email address, to then be able to continue with entering details to enter. Anybody else having this problem? Thanks.

    • Hazel Lemar says:

      Update, it doesn’t seem to like us as a retailer. I realise that the co-op is in the list so I clicked that instead and it went through fine.

  2. Longbranch Pennywhistle says:

    I had seen this on the back of a bottle of Ribena I purchased, and while the limited terms there state one entry per person per day, I could see no mention of any limitation of one entry per purchase. The full terms actually still make no clear mention of this either. I figured maybe I’d just have to enter for a few days at odd hours and hope to snag £50, and I had my valid purchase receipt after all.

    My first and only entry, and I won a £650 Virgin Experience Days Voucher! Only afterwards did I see anything alluding to one entry per purchase (at the foot of the entry page: “Proof of purchase per entry reqrd”), but given I’ve only entered once and won, I don’t see the need to complicate things by entering again. I’m happy with my one purchase, one entry and one main prize.

    Contrary to the terms, there was no ‘prize claim email within one day’. (It’s possible this is for winners of the £50, perhaps to request bank details?) Upon winning I was instantly prompted to upload a photo of my purchase receipt (suffice it to say I had to scramble to grab it and take a picture in the wondrous low light of the wee hours. Top tip: have it to hand or take a photo in advance). I then received an email titled “Congrats, you’ve won a Virgin Experience Voucher”, confirming my receipt was received along with a winning reference number. “Once your prize claim details have been verified, we’ll contact you via email and/or by phone to arrange your prize.”

    Looking at Virgin Experience Days, the true value of the ‘£650’ very much depends on how you choose to spend it. Some activities look to cost more through VED than if you purchased them through normal channels, where there might also be additional promotions and discounts available. Some activities, though, are genuinely cheaper (e.g. Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason) to book through VED. I expect I’ll be taking my partner on one or two extravagant days out, doing things we would enjoy but would probably never bother paying for.

    Best of luck to everyone out there!

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