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Welcome to another selection of winners stories – this time, it’s a collection of musical prizes from SuperLucky readers. Festival and gig tickets are often up for grabs in competitions, particularly during the summer months!

Emma was determined to get back to her favourite festival…

“By June 2016, I’d already won nearly £2500 worth of prizes, (a mere quarter of my annual total!) and I decided that I’d go after a prize I really wanted, Download Festival tickets. My husband and I love rock music and hadn’t been to our favourite festival together in 7 years, I just couldn’t justify spending the £430 it would have cost us for tickets.

I started searching on Twitter for Download competitions and there were loads. Most were Follow and Retweet comps, I entered them all but knew my chances were low so I carried on searching. I noticed that Liftshare were responding to tweets from people about Download saying ‘Have you entered our competition?’, this seemed a bit of a giveaway that this was low entry! The competition was a compers dream – the entry criteria was quite complicated; you had to register on their site, find a fictitious Liftshare user called ‘Metalhead’ and request a lift to Download, saying just why you wanted to go. They were giving away 2 pairs of tickets so I knew I had two shots at it! I decided to go all out and write a poem. I did a bit of research on the company first, looking at their mission and values so I could incorporate these into my entry. Here it is:

Hey there Liftshare, nice to meet you, I’ve got a small proposal,
I need to get to Download, but with no car at my disposal,
I’m trying to win a ticket, and feeling quite a lucky girl,
But getting there’s a problem, so take me for a whirl!
A car share saves us money… that we can spend on beer,
And reduces all those gases, that hurt our atmosphere.
So how about it Liftshare, does that sound like a plan?
Let’s reduce our carbon footprint, ‘cuz the world ain’t our trash can!

I got a call two days later and off we went to Download the following weekend! It rained ALL weekend, but we got to see some of our favourite ever bands. I made sure we took plenty of photos! We won a ‘Festival travel’ selfie on the way and a camping bundle from this muddy picture which I’m determined to use on prize festival tickets next year!”

When one winner didn’t get back to the promoter in time, Tracy got lucky!

“I entered a comp to win VIP tickets to see the band Daughtry, but wasn’t one of the winners – I posted on Facebook “well done to the winners!” and they said that if people didn’t get back to them after a certain time they would redraw – I was one of the lucky people to get tickets!

I got to meet the band, we got in first so had the best view – and we had a 3-song set with just the VIP people. Even better was the fact that for a photo, I asked if Josh (my favourite member of the band) would change places so I could stand between him and Chris  – which resulted in a hug from Josh! To round a perfect night off, I was trying to take a photo of Josh during the gig when a steward walked between him and my camera. Josh decided to shake his head and then wave at me! It was a fantastic night!”

Debbie had a magical moment at a Coldplay gig…

“I got a phone call from Magic FM to tell me that I had won two tickets to the Coldplay concert at London Palladium. By some stroke of luck, my friend Juliette (a fellow avid comper) had also won tickets! For me the best prizes are the money can’t buy ones and this certainly turned out to be one of those.

I got to London Friday afternoon, quickly hoofed it to the Magic FM office and got my hands on these hallowed tickets along with two wristbands. London Palladium only has a seating capacity of just over 2,000, so to see Coldplay in such a small venue was pretty special to begin with – but we had fabulous seats, so close to the front we felt that we could practically touch them. The concert was phenomenal, absolutely brilliant and then during one song – Hymn for the Weekend – Chris Martin jumped down into the audience and ran up our row and literally stopped in between me and my friend! I COULD NOT ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT! I practically froze in shock and in the photo attached I am the one in the orangey-pink jumper with my eyes down as I was frantically trying to open the lock of my phone and my fingers wouldn’t work properly! I was absolutely buzzing after that- the whole concert was amazing but that was just the icing on the cake. Comping is one of the best hobbies ever, but experiences like this just put it on a whole different level. An absolutely amazing win and what a night!”

Caroline won an amazing prize to see Bon Jovi with her daughter…

“My best win in 2016 was 2 tickets to see Bon Jovi at London Palladium. It was a Live Listening Partyfor their new CD which was not released at the time of the concert.

It was actually my daughter Jade who won. – she does not normally enter competitions but I begged her to enter, it was actually the only comp she entered last year! It was a simple question to answer on  the website. Most of the tickets were given to competition winners, apart from about 100 which were sold as part of a Meet & Greet Jovi trip which cost £1,400!

I have been a massive fan of Bon Jovi since my teens and I first saw them live in 1987 (when I was just 16). I have been to around 25 of their concerts since then. I was also lucky back in 2007 and won a ticket to their CD Launch Party in Amsterdam, via the Jon Bon Jovi Fan Club website. A few years ago I went to New Jersey to see where they came from and had a fab time there meeting people who knew them, including Jon’s brother Matt.

Anyway, I think you get the idea I love Bon Jovi so this win was just the BEST prize I could have wished for!”

Have you won a special musical experience? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Elizabeth Cooke says:

    Wow how special are these!? Wonderful reading about people having such bucket list experiences with bands they love.
    Well done to Emma on that liftshare poem, it’s brilliant!

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