Savings accounts that give you the chance to win prizes

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  1. Alex McKay says:

    Has anyone won anything with the Halifax in the past? My mum has had a Halifax for years but hasn’t won anything.

    • Julie Rayner says:

      my parents won £5000 when it first started.

      • Alex McKay says:

        Hi Julie, thank for that. When about did it start? My mum thinks she’s had a Halifax savings account since the 90s. Now that I’ve told her about the draw she’s not happy. I think she’s going to have to double check she’s in it!

    • MALCOLM POYSEE says:

      sorry nothing from the halifax,,,have been entered for some time now

    • mehboob Sidat says:

      Nothing for 4 years i think its a scam

    • Sean Tuaima says:

      I’ve was in the Halifax savers prize draw for 10 years and I was eligible all that time and I never won anything from them.

  2. Alyson Smith says:

    Hi Di,
    Love your blog – I’m a new comper so your advice is brilliant. Just wanted to let you know that I rang my local credit union re the PrizeSaver account and the Treasury have stopped it and you cant open those accounts anymore. Apparently that’s effective from the end of last month 🙁

    • Di says:

      I might get in touch with the Treasury about this as I would have expected them to update the PrizeSaver website with this information! Thanks for letting me know!

      • Di says:

        I’ve contacted my local Credit Union (East Sussex), who say the PrizeSaver account is still running and the next prize draw is 16 April 2021.

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