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It seems the trend for selfies hasn’t died out just yet! There are still plenty of challenges to take a selfie in a location, with a product or of your latest fabulous hairstyle…. but what are the tricks to taking a successful – and hopefully prizewinning – selfie?

Here are a few suggestions to help you get that perfect shot… And if you’re looking for selfie comps, try searching on Google and Twitter for ‘selfie competition’ or ‘win selfie’.

Selfie basics

Most new mobile devices have a front-facing camera – though the resolution isn’t as good as the main rear camera, it makes selfies much easier. Tap the icon with two arrows in a camera to switch the view to front-facing. On an iPhone, it’s easier to take a snap with your thumb using the volume buttons on the side rather than fiddling with the on-screen button!

Be square

Your device may have a setting to restrict the camera to a square format – I always use this for competition photos. Otherwise, you may end up taking an amazing selfie and then realise you have to crop off the top of your head before uploading to Instagram!

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Use a self-timer app

I use the Timercam app on my iPhone for a 5 second countdown, which means I can get myself in position without worrying about pressing the button too. 


Good lighting will make your skin look great and your hair shiny – natural light is best, so try taking your selfie outside. Using the flash will usually give harsh results – especially if you’re as old as me!

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There might not be much room for background in your snap, but it’s important. Keep the background plain if the focus is on you, so it’s not distracting. But if you need to be in a certain place, try to include the shop name or landmark (this is where a selfie stick comes in handy!)

Have fun

Being serious in a selfie only really works if you’re a celebrity – and even then, it can often be more hilarious than sultry! Smile and have a bit of fun – a wink or a fun facial expression shows your character. And of course – face paint and fancy dress work a treat!

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Use props

If you need to take a selfie with a product, think of how you can make your photo different to the other entries. Use props like glasses and hats to add a bit of fun.

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Try the camera in different positions

Holding the camera above your head is flattering and helps you get your outfit – or Christmas jumper – into the shot. For fashion comps, you might want to try the classic selfie shot in a mirror!

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Fake it

If taking a ‘proper’ selfie with your arm or selfie stick stretched out isn’t feasible, use a mini tripod with self timer or remote control to get the perfect shot. In most cases, a promoter will be happy with a self-portrait – so as long as you took it yourself, that’s fine (although let’s be honest, can they really tell that your husband took the photo…?)


After taking your selfie, you can edit and crop it in your camera app, or add filters in Twitter or Instagram. Try a few different types to see what works – golden glows look nice!

Use a selfie stick!

Yes, you might feel a bit embarrassed to begin with, and it takes a bit of practise to keep your arm out of shot, but with a selfie stick you can fit in more people, more scenery and get more creative! 

Do you love or hate selfie competitions? What are YOUR top tips? Leave a comment to let me know!

21 Responses

  1. Laura Corrall says:

    I have shaky hands and since I only use one eye the other goes wondering. It makes for very interesting selfies! I’m still trying to use this to my advantage haha,

  2. Heather Haigh says:

    Great tips thank you. My phone doesn’t have a front camera, but the ipad mini I won does, yay – all good to go….

  3. sonseyface says:

    Hate selfies, but some really good advice – things I never thought of. It depends on how much I want to enter the competition.

  4. Rachel Sewell says:

    love this!

  5. Debbie Santowski Mac says:

    this is an awesome article – my friends daughter takes millions of selfies! she is such fun!

  6. Jackie Foster says:

    I’m very self conscious as an oldie but have a go anyway !

  7. Suzanne Westerhoff says:

    I’m a Selfie Competition Virgin but would love to give it a go x

  8. June Carey says:

    never doen anything like a selfie they always make me look cock- eyed I never know where to look, maybe a stick would help x

  9. Christine Taylor says:

    I love selfie competitions..they are fun and creative !!

  10. Anne says:

    I can just take a photo of my identical twin!

  11. Janie Lake says:

    I was very lucky winning £1000 with my first ever selfie last year thanks to Jacobs #snackhappy comp!

  12. Lesleyvilla says:

    I’m still learning the art of selfies although my children have it down to a fine art!

  13. Rosalind Blight says:

    my selfies are always rubbish but hopefully with your tips they will be better

  14. Louise Fairweather says:

    It could be dangerous if I win – I am obsessed with selfies at the moment as it is!

  15. Denise Slater says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m just getting into the selfie lark. I loved the Ski one, and asked our local ski centre if I could go in and take my swirlie at the bottom. I felt a bit of a lemon, but hey ho, its something I’ve got to get used too lol 🙂 Thanks for the comp.

  16. rosierowe says:

    I’m excellent at half-faces, daft expressions and generally produce rubbish selfies!! Thanks for the tips though – hopefully the Timerapp will work on my phone!! 🙂

  17. Stacy Sorrell says:

    That ‘Square’ tip is a brill idea. i took a pic of my little one for #worldbookday this morning , she was doc mcstuffins, but both her hands were full with a stethoscope & doctor bag, so i put the book leaning at her feet, taking a portrait pic, it was fine, but coming to upload on some comp apps it cuts the book off grr. ive been remembering to take loads of pics when i visit certain places now, so i have them stored for when companies do run comps. Especially frankie and bennys. they are always asking for selfie pics.

    • I’ve just got a new Macbook so am trying to be organised with my photos and tag them with keywords so I can easily find the right shot for various comps – the same selfie themes keep cropping up!

  18. Diane Wareing says:

    I definitely need one of these as I can never do it without getting my arm in the way or only having half a face !

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