September prizes: 2 more ticked off my wishlist!

Welcome to September’s prize unboxing!

This month I was pleased to tick two more prizes off my prize wishlist – perfume and a SUP (paddleboard)!

Ten down… fourteen to go!

I was disappointed not to win a Kitchenaid in the Bake for Love promotion after I made so many bleary-eyed 3am entries though! But I was delighted to see we did have 72 Kitchenaid winners in my Lucky Learners group – what a fab haul and a generous competition. Hopefully there will be more chances to win a Kitchenaid again soon!

Read on to find out what prizes we won this month… (spoiler alert!)

September Prize list

  • Paddleboard – Stanley purchase necessary prize draw (enter their new comp here)
  • £250 Decathlon voucher – SuperSavvyMe Instagram photo prize draw
  • BrightonSEO conference ticket – BrightonSEO prize draw
  • £25 Amazon voucher – Absolute Digital Media photo prize draw at Brighton SEO
  • £100 Asda voucher – Purina Go Cat purchase-necessary prize draw
  • Hugo Boss Alive perfumes & bracelets – @theperfumeshop Instagram prize draw
  • Peroni bottle opener – Peroni purchase-necessary instant win
  • Coca Cola bat and ball set – Coke convenience store purchase-necessary instant win
  • Red Instax cameraPringles Stack n Share photo prize draw
  • Inflatabagel – Warburtons Facebook prize draw
  • Chewits goodies – @Chewits Instagram prize draw
  • Diet Coke can coolerSmeg purchase-necessary promotion

If you enjoy reading about people’s comping success, then please join us in the Lucky Learners Facebook group where group members share their wonderful weekly and monthly wins – you can also watch a playlist of prize unboxing videos on YouTube!

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Wishing SuperLucky readers a successful October – have fun with the Halloween comps!

9 Responses

  1. KelleyP says:

    Thanks Di, I’m thrilled, mind you it was in the first week and there were blips in the system, so maybe there wasn’t so many winning entries in the draw? Since then, I’ve won vouchers, so I feel doubly lucky to have won the tickets. Am still trying for the VIP trip though!

  2. Sarah says:

    I was very lucky to win a Kitchenaid. Couldn’t believe it when the screen said I was a winner. Winning entry time was before midday.

  3. KelleyP says:

    Hi Di
    Some lovely wins for you for in September, the Paddle board is amazing. I’ve had one of my better months in September and have won some great prizes, some also from my Bingo wish list e.g. match tickets for Man City in the Cadbury’s Match and Win comp, £100 Asda voucher in the Go-cat Comp, Coca-Cola Beach Towel, £15 Team GB voucher (chose a lovely tote bag) and a Peroni Libera Aston Martin T-Shirt, which I’m going to wear to the James Bond Film and a Fitbit Ace3 in the Burtons (Maryland Cookies) comp. I’m still receiving my year’s supply of Coke Zero per month and I’m waiting for my Welsh Otter Throw Blanket, which I won in the Velvet magazine contest in August. Some of my wins I share with others, donate to charity and of course I’m able to treat myself too. What a fantastic hobby! Thank you for the ongoing tips and information, which provides inspiration!

    • Di says:

      Oh well done on the Man City tickets – I’m dying to win Brighton tickets for me and Ryland this season!

  4. Jeanette says:

    Hi Di,
    nice wins you received. I was pretty lucky myself. I won a cap and 28 black cans, for the first time ever a nice bouquet of flowers, a few samples and a producttest I could try a bottle of wine for free the brand is 1112. But my biggest win were 8 glasses of vegetarian and vegan products like e.g. thai curry potatoe style, parsnips style, sauerkraut style etc.
    All the best for October.
    Regards Jeanette

    • Di says:

      That sounds like a great selection of goodies Jeanette – I’ve won quite a lot of vegan treats this year and love trying all the new products. Good luck for October!

      • Jeanette says:

        Thank you. By the way here’s their website: They made an appearance with their vegan and vegetarian products on the TV program called Höhle der Löwen („Dragon’s Den“).
        Take care.

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