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The popular Macfarlane Packaging unboxing survey and prize draw is back again for 2020! Macfarlane Packaging is the largest supplier of protective packaging in the UK and Ireland – and they are dedicated to ensuring that people have a positive unboxing experience, which is a mission statement I can definitely relate to!

As you know, I do a lot of unboxing – and some of the packaging is quite frankly obscene in terms of the amount of non-recyclable packaging. From huge cardboard boxes filled with bubble wrap to protect a single bottle of gin, to the branded merchandise that arrives in layer after layer of plastic. Much as I love to open a surprise parcel, I really don’t like to see vast amounts of plastic tape and packaging used.

The Macfarlane ‘Open Up About Unboxing’ survey is designed to get an idea of the type of packaging people receive in the post when they make online purchases, and how efficient and environmentally friendly it is. In previous years the survey has revealed that people want to receive their purchases in packaging that’s easy to open, easy to return and kind to the environment – so ideally it should be fully recyclable. Personally, I’ve received some unusual eco-friendly alternatives in the post this year – including popcorn and sheep’s wool! 

Win £500 of prizes!

One lucky winner, selected at random from all the unboxing survey participants, will win a £100 Love2Shop gift card – but also a £400 donation to a charity of their choice!

How to enter the prize draw

In order to enter the Macfarlane prize draw, you will need to answer the survey questions and upload a photo of an item you have purchased online (note that items from auction sites or Amazon are not valid – and competition prizes are only valid if they’ve been sent directly from a retailer, rather than a fulfilment or marketing agency).

  • Complete the Unboxing survey here – you will need details of what you bought, where you bought it from, and details of how it was packaged
  • At the end of the survey, you’ll need to upload a photo of the packaging
  • Add your name and email address, and submit!

Make sure you get your entry in by 9 August 2020 – you can enter multiple times, completing a new survey for each package you receive (as long as it’s from a different retailer). The prize draw is open to all UK residents aged 18 and above.

This morning I received an order from – a set of bamboo camping bowls and plates. They had been sent in a big box with lots of unnecessary bubble wrap so I took this photo to upload for the survey. Luckily I do re-use bubble wrap for my eBay sales so it never gets thrown out!

Do let me know in the comments if you’ve had any unusual packaging arrive with your competition prizes – I’m always fascinated to hear people’s stories!

For full details about the 2020 Macfarlane Packaging Unboxing Survey, visit their website at You can also check out the 2019 survey results. Good luck!

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