Special moments

This set of winners stories are all rather unique – special moments that mean a lot!

Sammy won a Butlins break!

“My favourite prize win from last year was a holiday to Butlins, won in a Twitter photo competition. The kids got to dance with Diversity and meet them too! We got to stay in the newly refurbished hotel with a sea view, and breakfast and dinner were included. I think it was worth over £800, and it really was amazing. And we’ve booked again for this year, which really shows that sometimes a competition brings potential customers back!”

Zoey got intimate with Olly!

“My best win was attending an intimate Olly Murs gig at Stamford Bridge, with overnight accommodation just round the corner – I won in the Party with Pringles competition. I entered daily at different times and eventually won at 5.45 on Friday evening! There were about a hundred people there and it was an amazing night – Olly was great!”

Greig got to hang out with the X-Factor stars.

“One of my fave wins of last year was in December – a Text entry with purchase comp with Dettol – a VIP X Factor final trip with £500 spending money, hotel stay and travel allowance too. We had a fab time!”

Jamie won a prize which is on my wishlist too – the chance to present a radio show!

“My best win was with Heart radio – I won an iPad, a Now TV box and the opportunity to co-present a radio show – which was a huge bucket list item for me. That was the main creative comp win for me, when my poetry skills won the prize!”

Sally‘s lovely story – and photo – brought a tear to my eye!

“My favourite win last year wasn’t an expensive prize – more an inspiration! It was a blog Rafflecopter which I normally avoid. But my best friend was having fertility treatment – she had been trying for 10 years and was running out of time and money to fund it. I’d been in her shoes and I now have 2 year old Bertie. She wasn’t optimistic she could conceive. Despite this I still entered the baby competitions and was so pleased to have won a “Dex the Dog” baby sleep soother. I didn’t tell her I’d won it but that same month she fell pregnant, on her final round of IVF. Baby arrived 3 weeks ago and Dex the Dog was waiting for him at home! It’s times like this I love comping!”

Have you enjoyed a special moment because of comping?

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  1. rebecca beesley says:

    what brilliant moments! I love that they’ve booked to go back to Butlins – I totally agree that comps can create loyal customers and product advocates for life.

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