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Shell’s latest promotion is Spin to Win, which runs from 6 January to 2 March 2022 and has thousands of prizes to be won instantly. You get the chance to spin to win each time you make a purchase of £20 or more at a Shell petrol station (this can be on fuel or in the shop). The promotion might sound generous, but not all of the prizes are guaranteed to be won, and the chance of anyone winning one of the bigger prizes is very slim!  

Spin to Win Instant Win Prizes

There are 23,417,100 prizes available to be won instantly:

  • 35 x Glamping Holiday
  • 100 x Shell Energy £500 Gift Card
  • 100 x YouGarden Garden Makeover Voucher
  • 700 x Friendly Turtle On The Go Bundle
  • 1,050 x Halfords £50 Gift Card
  • 2,410 x Waitrose £20 Gift Card
  • 2,360 x Uber Eats £20 Credit
  • 15,670 x YouGarden Grow Your Own Seeds Packet
  • 5,000 x Costa Free Coffee
  • 46,792 x Pick up a treat (non-fuel items):
    • McCoys Salt & Vinegar x 9,100
    • Cadburys Twirl x 9,200
    • Mars Barx x 9,300
    • Snickers x 9,300
    • Maltesers Bunny x 9,900

Consolation Instant Win Prizes

  • Jamie Oliver Cookery Classes
  • Readly Free One Year Subscription
  • Readly 2 Months Free + 6 Months 10% off Subscription
  • Shell Energy Shop 10% Discount
  • Halfords 15% off Motoring Products
  • YouGarden £10 Sitewide Discount
  • Friendly Turtle £5 off £40 sitewide Spend

Note: with over 23 million prizes to be won, the chance of winning one of the 74,217 ‘real’ prizes from the first list is pretty slim!

Collect & Win Prizes

As well as your instant win prize, you’ll also get a collector piece – if you collect the other two matching pieces, you win one of these prizes:

  • 70 x Forest Holidays Family Staycation
  • 10 x Shell Free Fuel for a year
  • 530 x John Lewis £300 gift card
  • 780 x Uber Eats £200 credit
  • 10 x GOPRO HERO 10

This might look like a lot of prizes but the chance of any of these Collect & Win prizes being won instantly is pretty small… However, if there are any categories where the collector prize hasn’t been won instantly, one of the prizes in each category will be awarded in a ‘wash up’ draw and all entrants that collected two out of three tiles will go into the draw to win.

This is a winning moments promotion, but it’s more complicated than most because there’s a combination of precise winning moments (when you have to enter your code during the exact 0.26182 of a second that’s assigned to that prize) and open winning moments (where the first person to enter a code after the winning moment wins the prize).

The table below, from page 27 of the epic T&Cs file, shows the breakdown of available and guaranteed prizes.

For example, all of the the Costa coffee, Shell non-fuel treat items, the GOPRO and Fuel for a year prizes are guaranteed to be won, but none of the 70 family staycations are guaranteed to be given away. This is the most complicated promotion format I’ve seen for a very long time!

How to enter Spin to Win

In order to take part in Spin to Win, you will need to be registered with the Shell Go+ rewards programme.

  • Spend at least £20 at a Shell petrol station (on fuel or in the shop – Pay at Pump is valid)
  • You will receive a gamecard with a unique Spin to Win code (if you pay using Pay at Pump, your unique code will be sent via email)
  • Log in using your registered Shell Go+ email address at shellspintowin.co.uk 
  • Enter the code from your gamecard to reveal if you’ve won an instant prize
  • You’ll also get a collector piece, if you collect the full set of three matching pieces you will also win that extra prize
  • You can only enter the code once!

The promotion is only open to England, Scotland and Wales residents. You can enter Spin to Win once per day, and maximum three times per week (a week runs from Thursday – Wednesday). Check out all the FAQs and the T&Cs on the Shell website.

If you’re looking for competitions with a better chance of winning than this one, check out my Top 5 competitions to enter right now and join us in my Lucky Learners Facebook group!

31 Responses

  1. I have been trying to enter for the past week. My coupon codes are piling up but it keeps asking me to download some strange file!?! I have contacted customer services but heard nothing back!

  2. Yo Whatsapp says:

    Very interesting sharing about it. Thanks for that.

  3. really great. I used this spin to win

  4. Still looking forward to the next promotions coming out so I can get more

  5. Wasplus says:

    Hopefully the next promotion will be held soon next time so that everyone can receive more incentives

  6. DazzDeals says:

    Good info, thanks for sharing, helped me a lot. Hope you will post more articles like this in the future

  7. Nicola Lester says:

    There are only so many discount “prizes” that you can win before you really start losing the will to enter. Really can’t see how a discount is considered a prize. Hardly a prize when you have to spend more money to get something 🙁

  8. Charlotte says:

    I have been trying to enter for the past week. My coupon codes are piling up but it keeps asking me to download some strange file!?! I have contacted customer services but heard nothing back!

  9. Sian Watkinson says:

    I have not been able to play this for 10 days now. I have tried on two different computers and my phone and none of them work. I either get ‘do you want to download spin to win’ or a ‘This page isn’t working at the moment’ message. I went out of my way to buy my petrol at Shell so am very disappointed by this competition.

  10. james merrison says:

    what’s the problem with the spin to win web site keeps on telling me to download the app !!!???

  11. David Thomas says:

    Enter the code and spin, then 405 error page. When are you going to fix this issue?

  12. gaz says:

    I just keep getting an http error 405 after spinning, so frustrating

    • Craig Stamp says:

      And me. Its been like it for days now. Its a stitch up. They encourage you to spend £25 on fuel, receive a card and yet the websites crashes. Don’t bother in my opinion.

  13. Craig says:

    Http error 405 after entering code. The site is really buggy with some codes showing as incorrect on entry.

  14. Jean says:

    Get fuel at same garage all the time, Never had any competition cards with unique number. Didn’t know what I was talking about x

    • Di says:

      The FAQs do say you can contact the Customer Service team on 0800 731 8888 or email GoPlusCSCUK@shell.com if you don’t get a game card – I”m sure if you send a photo of your receipt they will send you a code to use. The competition is well advertised at every Shell near me, but some of the staff forget to give out the cards!.

  15. Judit says:

    I haven’t got my unique code. Pay in store? 🙁

  16. Ranae says:

    The website doesn’t even work

  17. Michael John says:

    I have been issued a spin to win card, it will not be accepted, why?

  18. Janet Williams says:

    Doesnt send a validation email is this a scam ???

  19. Jonathan Sandman says:


  20. Asma says:

    Website not found 🙁

  21. Mr Winner says:

    Barely worth the effort to participate at those odds 🙁

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