Sport Relief competitions

This year Sport Relief is from 17th – 23rd March, raising funds to support more than 2,000 projects in the UK and around the world. Sport Relief works with a range of partners, and of course many of them will be running competitions to raise awareness and money. Here’s a few promotions that are already out there… and scroll down for your chance to win ten Sport Relief scratchcards in my giveaway!

Sport Relief scratchcards

As usual, Sainsbury’s have their Sport Relief scratchcards on sale for £1 each with all money raised going directly to Sport Relief. You can pick them up at Sainsury’s Lottery/Customer Service tills – and also at Argos!

Prizes to be won:

  • A 6-night holiday for 2 to the Maldives
  • 6 x £500 Virgin Experience Day gift cards
  • 10 x Samsung Smart 4K LED TV
  • 30 x Beats EP On-Ear Headphones
  • 200 x £20 Sainsbury’s Voucher.

With almost 2 million scratchcards printed, the chance of winning a prize by scratching off the panel is small – BUT if you have losing scratchcards, you can post them off for a chance in a prize draw. All unclaimed prizes will be given away – in previous years several SuperLucky readers have picked up vouchers and even TVs in this ‘losing’ prize draw, because so many scratchcards remain unsold in the stores, and not many people bother to post off the losing ones! Check the T&Cs here

Albert Bartlett Sport Relief prize draw

Win a family break every week

Albert Bartlett are donating 5p to Sport Relief for every bag of Rooster potatoes they sell. You can also enter a free prize draw at their website – each week until 1st April 2018 they’re giving away a family break. Each prize includes 2 nights luxury hotel accommodation, £200 travel allowance, daily breakfast, one night’s dinner at a top local restaurant plus a choice of activity ranging from surfing to rock climbing! You can enter once a week.

Win a Go Jetters disco at your child’s nursery

If your child goes to a nursery, they could win a special visit from Go Jetters’ Ubercorn! To enter, email the nursery’s Sport Relief fundraising plans (200 words max) to before Friday 9th March 2018. The event must have a creative disco theme. The winning establishment will get a visit from Ubercorn on Friday 23rd March 2018 between 10am – 4pm, which will last approximately 1 hour. Find out more on the Sport Relief website.

Win ten Sport Relief scratchcards

Win! Ten Sport Relief scratchcards

For your chance to win ten Sport Relief scratchcards, simply leave me a comment and let me know if you’ll be taking part in any Sport Relief fundraising this year!

Competition closed: Georgia McAllister was the winner!

T&Cs: Prize draw open to UK residents aged 18+; closes 10 March 2018 at 11pm; one winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email; prize is ten £1 Sport Relief scratchcards and will be posted to the winner within 7 days of receiving their address; the promoter is SuperLucky, Brighton.

232 Responses

  1. Rebecca James says:

    I would love to I’m starting a new job soon so will see if they are doing anything if not I’ll donate! I’ve already donated £5 for Greg James!

  2. Jules says:

    Great tips and will definitely be heading to Sainsbury’s!

  3. Anna Flegg says:

    I have been buying the scratchcards and sponsored my colleague to do a bike ride.

  4. Heidi Stuart says:

    I’ll be buying the sport relief scratchcards plus the tshirt, pin badge and wrist band for my daughter

  5. Anne Janet Smith says:

    I shall buy scratchcards and send off any losing ones

  6. Robert Harper says:

    Yeah I usually do something for comic relief.

  7. Kim Dillon says:

    I have bought one scratchcard so far- a loser, but already posted off for the draw.

  8. Diane Searle says:

    I will buy some scratch cards again. Same as last year. Think I won money off vouchers for ketchup last year on them

  9. Gabriela says:

    We are sponsoring my son who is doing with his peers at school a mile in wheelchairs. 🙂

  10. April Alder says:

    I’ll be sponsoring my niece to climb Mount Snowdon and buying a few cheeky scratchies too!

  11. Amy Davis says:

    I’ll be donating money to Sports Relief as well as popping in to Sainsbury’s to buy some merchandise and scratchcards.

  12. Charlotte Easton says:

    Definitely intend to buy scratch cards, and will donate via the school I work in. PS. Enjoyed listening to you on Radio 4. Good points, well made!

  13. Hazel Lemar says:

    We will be paying to come to work with wacky hair!

  14. Rosemary Rowe says:

    I’ll probably buy our DGS a sport relief t-shirt and we’ll get a few scratchcards. Watched Zoe Ball cycle off this morning – hope she succeeds!

  15. Theresa Cooke says:

    School are very sporty and do something every year. no doubt that when i visit the supermarket, il pick something up. like the idea of a scratch card rather than tat.

  16. Eleanor Vamplew says:

    Always do something but not been organised yet! Snow seems to have disrupted everything!

  17. Rebecca atkins says:

    I will be sponsoring my daughters school

  18. Marysia says:

    I am buying the Sports Relief & sponsoring 2 friends kids in a local race

  19. Paul Brown says:

    I’ll be running a full week of activities at work ranging from a good old fashioned tombola and raffle, to a physical challenge – we’ve not fully arranged the details but it will be something along the lines of an all night Zumba-thon!

  20. Martine says:

    Sponsoring two friends to be sporty

  21. Hazel Turfitt says:

    Wasnt planning on actually doing anything for Sport Relief, I’m not a sporty person, but will donate to a few people I know who have plans to raise money

  22. Ronnie Knight says:

    would like to do something for sport relief this year just waiting for permission to absail down the councils 12 floor office buildig

  23. Ronnie Knight says:

    would like to do something for sport relief this year just waiting for permission to absail down the councils 12 floor office buildig

  24. Laura says:

    We have a non-uniform day at school and ask the children to bring in £1for the privilege then instead of running a mile we are collecting a metres of change.

  25. sarah Huddlestone says:

    There’s usually some activity at school – so we’ll be heading to Sainsbury’s to but some Sport Relief Merchandise!

  26. Sarah Robinson says:

    Not sure if my boys are taking part at school yet, if they are I will be sponsoring them and I will be buying scratch cards from Sainsbury’s!

  27. Geoff Dagger says:

    We always do some sport relief fundraising at work – I’m sure this year will be no different

  28. Georgia McAllister says:

    I always support my children in their fundraising efforts for Sports Relief, they usually have events at school.

  29. Jean Cass says:

    I will be taking part in the steps event- think I’ve seen this advertised on TV.
    I also hope to buy some scratchcards from Sainsburys and will support any other events I see

  30. irene gilmour says:

    No events for me but sure kids schools will get involved so we will donate that way

  31. gozocat says:

    I will be supporting my son with whatever fundraising he does with school, and I’ll most likely make a telephone donation at some point.

  32. Dawn Midleton says:

    I donate to my grandchildrens school who always take part in such events.

  33. Dawn F says:

    I don’t usually take part in any events but I am always open to donating to charity.

  34. Jacqui says:

    The adults in our street are putting together little races etc for all the kids to do and after the fun, we’ll be doing a collection for donations.

  35. Sylvia Robbins says:

    If there are any local events I’ll buy cakes, will also buy Sainsbury’s scratch cards, and watch Sports Relief programmes to donate.

  36. Judith Allen says:

    I won’t, don’t know what is happening locally. My partner will probably get the odd scratch card though.

  37. Tess D says:

    not taking part in any event myself but sponsoring others in some events x

  38. Martina Pichova says:

    Not taking part in events but will buy a few scratch cards in local Sainsbury’s.

  39. Nikki Hayes says:

    Not taking part in any events but will definitely buy a few scratchcards :o)

  40. Natalie Ellis says:

    Not taking part in any events but will be popping down to Sainsbury’s for the scratchcards.

  41. Carol Atkinson says:

    It’s a great thing to help others I’m disabled but it does not stop me helping others

  42. Karen Scammell says:

    No, I will maybe buy some scratchcards but my favoured charities are environmental, wildlife and animal charities

  43. Frances Heaton says:

    I’ve just donated to another charity that’s close to my heart, however, will certainly look out for promotional information and buy scratchcards.

    It’s such a worthwhile cause!

  44. Susan Ocock says:

    No activities this year, but usually donate/ purchase promotional things

  45. John Jones says:

    I’ll be fundraising in the pubs again. We get quite a few quid at weekends after 9pm…

  46. Lynne OConnor says:

    I always buy a mug and bag from Sainsbury’s and bought a scratch card in Argos, but threw it away not realising about the prize draw

  47. Maureen Williams says:

    No events for me, but I will be buying scratchcards

  48. Liz Martinez says:

    We’ll definitely be doing the scratchcards and I’m sure my son’s very sporty school will have various events organised to fund raise collectively for such a good cause

  49. Christine Caple says:

    I will contribute by buying some scratchcards from Sainsbury’s, I didn’t know about them before.

  50. Melissa Day says:

    I work in a nursery so we will be doing something for it, not to sure what yet though.

  51. Christine Steele says:

    I’ll be donating what I can it’s such a worthy cause.

  52. Leanne perrett says:

    great post as always i had not heard of the scratchcards before so will make the effort to go sainsburys to get a few im not sure what im doing for sports relief yet but i am part of our schools pta so will probably helping out with theirs

  53. Sandra Oliver says:

    Im not taking part in Sports relief as such, I do buy the sainsburys scratch cards and each year I post them off if I get a money off coupon.
    I usually spend £10 and feel im contributing and donating this way.

  54. Lorna Cox says:

    We have no plans to do anything to raise money for sports relief, but I will certainly be buying some of the merchandise from Saintsbury’s

  55. Dani says:

    Im not at all sporty myself but bought the class tshirt from sainsburys and will be donating on the night!

  56. Valerie Seal says:

    Thank you for making me aware of this. I’ll definitely donate somewhere.

  57. debbi shears says:

    My son’s school will be sure to do something to support it & I will mainly give via them since we don’t have a local Sainsbury’s

  58. Gaynor Sephton says:

    I will be buying some scratch cards and both my children will be donating at their schools

  59. Llinos says:

    Not this year we have been a bit snowed under so have too many things to catch up on at work.

  60. Siobhan J says:

    I’ll be happily donating some money and watching the action from my sofa :p

  61. Gaynor Spanswick says:

    We always donate what we can afford and buy scratch cards not many but they all mount up.

  62. Tracy Jenner says:

    Will buy the scratchcards as always this year. Never won yet but at least the cash is going to a good cause!

  63. Lindsey Loughtman says:

    I won’t be fundraising by doing anything active, but I’ll be supporting by donating some money.

  64. Mrs Christina Turner says:

    I am buying scratch cards from Sainsbury’s this year . Always saw it too late in previous years to enter

  65. Daphne Monk says:

    I buy some of the scratch cards every year,

  66. Victoria Bazley says:

    We’ll be taking part in some events at work. A steps challenge for the week. I’m sure also they’ll be a bake sale involved as well – always goes down well!

  67. sandra henderson says:

    Yes we always do fundraising with my sons school-dressing up and doing sponsored walk/run/sports day!

  68. Evette Williams says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed. I’m doing a sponsored spinning in my gym

  69. Jane Leigh says:

    I always buy Red Nose merchandise and take part – I still make the Red Nose flapjack from a Jamie Oliver cookbook that came out for Comic Relief more than a few year’s ago

  70. Lauren says:

    Yes! I have a few family members who always take part in Sports Relief and i sponsor them every year. I do love to take part in something different every year myself, so ill be keeping an eye out for something interesting to partake in!

  71. Melanie stanbridge says:

    Normally buy some scratch cards and at work/ school we dress up and donate

  72. helena says:

    always buy a red nose and a tshirt from TK Maxx

  73. Jenny B says:

    I’m hoping they’ll be a cake sale at work. That’s my kind of fundraising

  74. Anna Lord says:

    I will be buying scratch cards from Sainsburys! Thanks for the advice!

  75. Mariyah says:

    I’ll be taking part in the one billion steps a day challenge and downloading the app to get involved!

  76. Mia T says:

    I’ll be supporting through my children’s school. They usually get to wear sports gear or own clothes for a voluntary donation and take part in sporting activities throughout the day x

  77. Zainab Govalia says:

    I usually donate through school.

  78. Lynda North says:

    It’s unlikely I will be doing anything personally (I don’t really do sport!) but my GD will probably be taking part in some activity at school or at Air Training Cadets so I’m sure I will be asked to either sponsor her or buy merchandise – or both maybe!

  79. Sophie says:

    My children’s school always do something to raise money for Sport Relief as its such a good cause. Last year they all wore red which was a nice easy one for the parents!

  80. Amy Butler says:

    I won’t be doing anything myself but I always donate through my daughters school.

  81. Ani Murphy says:

    Not doing anything myself, but I fully support those that do.

  82. Karen Nagle says:

    I won’t be doing anything myself but I’ll definitely donate

  83. Debbie Preston says:

    I’ve nothing planned but no doubt my nephew & niece will want sponsoring for school events

  84. Elizabeth Cooke says:

    I don’t do anything personally but I always donate 🙂

  85. George Williams says:

    Will be popping into Sainsburys to buy a T-shirt for my granddaughter 🙂

  86. Alison Latham says:

    I always sponsor my children’s in school Sports relief activities. I don’t know if any local events are taking place.

  87. Samantha says:

    I’ll be sponsoring my little sister and no doubt her friends too, also may have to nip to Sainsburys for a few of them scratchcards

  88. Audrey says:

    Hoping to do the nation’s step challenge and make a few purchases, everyone loves a scratch card

  89. Anila Hussain says:

    I will be sponsoring my children for their Sch sports relief day/activities and non uniform for the other child

  90. Suzie wilder says:

    I’ll be sponsoring my sons class as they do a dedicated PE lesson to raise money. Circuits, that sort of thing!

  91. christine shelley says:

    Usually a member of staff at our Sainsburys does a fitness stint to raise money, and I support them , as Im not keen on sport but this year more than ever they need our funds

  92. Felicity Kelly says:

    I will be giving my children money for their school non uniform days and am happy to sponsor the Fit people at work who do an event!

  93. Yvonne Graham says:

    We always have a charity cake bake at work and dress down day for Sports Relief.

  94. Yvonne Graham says:

    We always have a charity cake bake at work and dress down day for Sports Relief.

  95. renae says:

    My daughters school fund raises each year with activities for the kids so we take part in that, we usually buy some of the merchandise in Sainsburys as well. I haven’t seen the scratch cards before so this year will buy a couple of those after reading this!

  96. Kate Rushton says:

    I am not planning to take part in any Sport Relief events. Although, I am always open to suggestions and plan to donate. 🙂

  97. Diane Carey says:

    I won’t be taking part in anything personally. But I will be buying scratchcards and also probably some merchandise

  98. Gillian Mills says:

    I will be doing nation’s billion step challenge and buying scratch cards

  99. Claire M says:

    I will be buying some of these scratch cards and also undertaking the challenges on the Sport Relief App. Such a great cause!

  100. Janet Sigley says:

    My son’s doing a cake sale, he’s done one every year since 2011. We love giving to charities such as Sport Relief so it’d be amazing to win 🙂

  101. Janet Sigley says:

    My son’s doing a cake sale, he’s done one every year since 2011. We love giving to charities such as Sport Relief so it’d be amazing to win 🙂

  102. DAWN WINSKILL says:

    I have bought some Sport Relief socks and wristband and I`ll look out for the scratchcards too.

  103. Lindsey Martin says:

    I’m not taking part physically but will be buying merchandise from Sainsbury’s and donating to my daughters nursery activities.

  104. Katy Stevens says:

    I am going to fundraise by picking up some of these scratchcards myself. Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. Tiffeny Brown says:

    I am taking part in the nation’s billion step challenge 🙂

  106. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I won’t personally be participating but expect my daughter to do sonething through school. Also, don’t usually shop at Sainsbury’s but will go in to purchase a Sports Relief product. Now I know about them, I shall probably buy some scratch cards.

  107. Chris Hunt says:

    I will not be participating myself but am happy to donate to anyone who is.

  108. emma franklin says:

    I won’t be doing anything personally, but I am likely to sponsor any family/friends participating.

  109. Sandra Clarke says:

    I’m not taking part in anything but I shall definitely be buying some Scratchcards.
    Thanks for all the tips.

  110. Derek Wilson says:

    Just downloaded the Sport Relief app and there are some really good ideas on there, so I’m going to give one of the challenges a try. The app is great for monitoring daily steps too, so even if you don’t do any challenges, I still recommend downloading it.

  111. Holly Brazier says:

    No plans for my self but my son no.1 school and son no.2 preschool will be doing something like a cake sale or dress up day so we will be doing something fun for that to raise some pennies xx

  112. Andrea Horner says:

    Will definitely be supporting this through Sainsbury’s and will keep any eye out for the scratchcards

  113. Frances H says:

    Not taking part in anything this year, but I’ll be buying another mug to add to my collection.

  114. Rebecca H says:

    One of my family works for Sainsbury’s so we always end up doing something! Last year fancy dress jog this year we are thinking cycling

  115. Eve Richardson says:

    Will be buying them again this year it’s a great cause .

  116. philip underwood says:

    Will be donating to a good cause! May also buy some of the scratchcards!

  117. Zoey says:

    I’ll donate but gove tokens to woman that all ways collects at work

  118. Daniel Harrison says:

    I give my children £5 each to spend how they wish at their school fundraiser – it adds up & every little helps!

  119. Sarah Blakebrough says:

    I didn’t see the scratch cards last year! My sons’ school will undoubtedly be doing something fun.

  120. Elaine Packer says:

    No plans to participate myself (although still time for my son’s school to rope me in I guess!), but I will be supporting it through donations.

  121. I always donate and buy a few scratch cards . This year my granddaughter is doing a sponsored silence at school so I’ll sponsor her too.

  122. Ursula McDermott says:

    Will definitely buy some scratchcards tomorrow, so thank you for reminding us. They have always been sold out when I remember about them. Thank you again and good luck

  123. Pretty certain my little boys nursery will have something epic planned! I’ll be buying the scratch cards again this year too:)

  124. Karin says:

    Jogging ‍♀️ round our buildings at work dressed as 118 guys

  125. Sabrina Baldock says:

    I will be sponsoring my little brother and sister


    We bring in various bakes to work and charge per slice.

  127. Monica Gilbert says:

    I can’t remember if we did something before at work/ my daughter’s school. If not, I’ll surely be donating some money by buying a few scratch cards.

  128. Naomi Blackmore says:

    Giving some money leaves me a lot less breathless than doing sport so I’m hoping that’ll be my contribution!

  129. Jane wilson says:

    Will do something probably buy a sports relief rugby ball for the minis to use to use at one of their sessions.

  130. Vicky Ashley says:

    What a good idea

  131. Kate Green says:

    I always intend to do the sport relief mile as a family but it always seems to fall on a busy weekend for us. I will have to get super organised for next year and support through the Sainsbury’s purchases this year instead

  132. Karen hutchinson says:

    My son often does something through school

  133. Kirsty Connor says:

    I don’t normally take part in sports relief but now my little boy goes to nursery, I’m sure they will be doing something! I didn’t know about the scratchcards. I will definitely buy some!

  134. Richard says:

    I feel the Oxfam situation, has and will put many people off from donating. As a consequence my money will and always does go to other charities I trust, such as –

  135. Sarah Elbrow says:

    I nearly joined in with a fun run today by accident!! I was walking out of the school kitchen where I work when the whole of years 5/6 came running past me, the parents were cheering and for a split second I thought I must join in, luckily that moment passed and I made it home for a cuppa and a biscuit. I won’t be actively participating in any sport relief events but will definitely buy some merchandise from Sainsbury’s.

  136. Melissa says:

    I haven’t seen these before in Sainsbury’s I’ll definitely be going to get some.

  137. Laura Harrison says:

    I will be buying some scratchcards from Sainsburys and I will also make a donation x

  138. Alex Reeve says:

    I’ll be donating and buying some scratchcards this year. Have done the sport relief mile a few times.

  139. Sarah prescott says:

    I will be taking part by buying scratchcards this year.

  140. Angela Macdonald says:

    I’ve not seen these scratch cards before, but will make a point of popping to my local Sainsbury’s and pick a few up. Sometimes we do something at work, bring home baking etc., to raise funds but not heard anything yet

  141. ailsa sheldon says:

    Im taking part in the purchasing of scratchcards as I missed this last year nad its been in my diary for 11 months to buy them!

  142. Hazel Newlands says:

    I haven’t seen anything yet, but I love a raffle, sale, etc. No Sainsbury nearby. I would love to win – fingers crossed x

  143. Jodie Pether says:

    I’ll take part in buying some tickets and other bits as and when I see them. Already seen a raffle at Sainsbury’s so know that it will have lots of interesting ways to contribute.

  144. abida says:

    I will donate and am looking forward to doing a bake sale at the local school

  145. Polly Klidaras says:

    I will be donating, don’t know much about it as haven’t seen it before so will be watching, sounds like a win, win to me!

  146. Laura K says:

    My little one usually gets involved through nursery activities. I’m afraid I’m not much good at fundraising due to time restraints but always donate when I can!

  147. Caroline says:

    Not this year because of problems with my back but school will be raising money and ill definitely be donating

  148. Angela Booth says:

    Not his year but I have previous years, raising nearly £10000 in the past few yrs I’m giving family and friends a break for a bit, they are fed up of me begging all the time 😉 just my son fundraising for 2 charities this year xxx

  149. Carol Cliffe says:

    My kids will be doing something with their school, and we’ll be sponsoring them and cheering them on!

  150. Linda Spevick says:

    Our grand daughter is having her long hair cut and debating it to a charity for children who have lost their hair through illness..we are donating to this worthy cause.

  151. Sadia iqbal says:

    Hoping to go to the gym!!
    Make a donation if not.

  152. Dawn Fotheringham says:

    I am starting my own business soon so most of my time is spent researching or looking after my 2 year old. I won’t ne taking part sadly. Maybe next year.

  153. Hayley says:

    We’ll be doing the sport relief Mile as a family. It’s so important to me that my
    Children appreciate eveything they have and raising money for others in need is paramount.

  154. Jackie Foster says:

    Will be buying some scratch cards and making a donation

  155. Natalie says:

    I work at a school and can’t wait to see what all the classes do for sport relief.
    Will have to get myself to sainsburys in the mean time and pick up a scratch card or two.

  156. Claire lacey says:

    I won’t be taking part myself but know a few people who are and will definitely be sponsoring them.

  157. Janice Papworth says:

    I am hoping to take part at the gym I go to just by supporting them and I will be buying some scratchcards at my local Sainsburys

  158. Aisha says:

    I will be baking with my son for this comic relief. Looks like I will be going to pick up some scratchcards too.

  159. helena hewett says:

    I’ll definitely donate and think I’ll be buying some scratch cards too.

  160. Linda C says:

    No plans as yet, but will be popping into local Sainsburys to donate. Have really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics.

  161. katherine Graham says:

    I will probably be making cakes for my daughter to sell to raise money.

  162. Caroline Gooding says:

    Thanks for the competition Di and for letting us know about the scratch cards, I wasn’t aware of them.

    My children’s school will definitely be getting involved in some way just not too sure yet, but we will make sure we walk/scoot to school everyday that week! (I’ll just be late for work..but all in a good cause ;))

  163. Lisa B says:

    The school doesn’t fundraise for Sport Relief or Red Nose Day so we buy from the merchandise range at Sainsbury’s and donate on the night of TV. I had no idea they had started to include scratchcards!

  164. Bridget Daley says:

    Health prevents from participating but will contribute to any fundraising

  165. Dawn McBride says:

    The school tends to do something which we will join in on. I didn’t realise sainsburys did this though, I shop a lot there so will definitely take part in this too.

  166. Davina Mellon says:

    No sport based fundraising for me this year due to bump – but will be contributing my popular chorizo sausage rolls to my work cake sale!

  167. Rachel S says:

    Nothing planned but will certainly buy a few scratchcards in Sainsburys

  168. Claire Simmonds says:

    No sitting in baths of cold baked beans for me, but I will bake chocolate muffins for the School Comic Relief Big cake sale.

  169. MICHELLE NEWMAN says:

    I have no activites planned but will be donating through my kids school and nursery

  170. Lynn Seymour says:

    The school want pupils staff and parents to bake cakes and they will judge a winner, Donation to enter then the cakes will be sold. We will enter a cake but no chance of winning

  171. Dion petrie says:

    I don’t have any activities planned

  172. Zofia Esland says:

    No fundraising activities planned but I will be donating through my daughters school

  173. Kathy waterson says:

    I will be getting scratch cards whenever I call into sainsburys.

  174. Lydia says:

    No plans for fundraising but I’ll make a donation.

  175. Donna Niman says:

    I will be buying scratchcards and the kids will be doing sponsored events at school! Love sport relief!

  176. Debbie Debraak says:

    My mum will be doing Sports Relief fundraising at her pub in Wales , She raises lots of money for other charities too…..for over 30 years.

  177. Helen Rodwell says:

    Nothing planned yet. I’ll probably donate.

  178. Alison Thackray says:

    Have already bought the Albert Bartlett potatoes & will look out for lots of other ways of donating to Sports Relief – especially if it means the Promoters are donating too.

  179. Lexi says:

    No plans as yes but I’m sure I’ll be doing something for my boyfriends little boys school. Will do my best to get to sainsburys but it’s just so far away from us

  180. Lauren Price says:

    The office I work in will be supporting sports relief and I’m definitely buying some of those scratchcards

  181. Lorna Beattie says:

    I’ll buy a few scratch cards when doing my shopping. There will probably be loads of fundraising going on around the university campus so I’ll get involved wherever I can!

  182. Angela Pagan says:

    I volunteer at my kids school and we’re dressing up and having a silly talent show to raise money for this amazing cause 🙂

  183. Morag Allan says:

    My son will want more than one red nose so I’ll be rummaging though the bags to see if I can tell different ones lol

  184. Tiff Jordan says:

    I’ll buy some scratch cards and some merchandise such as Tshirts for Sport Relief. Will also make a donation on the night x

  185. Charlotte Reeve says:

    I’ll be buying a few scratch cards and imagine there will be sonething organised at work.

  186. Donation only for me – I fundraise for BeatSCAD

  187. Janine Learner says:

    I’ll buy scratchcards if I see them but that’s about it.

  188. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    I won’t be fundraising but I’m in training for the Moonwalk again this year so I’m not being lazy ☺️ Happy to donate as usual though.

  189. Linda Ford says:

    We are having a non uniform day at school where I work, you can leave a donation and wear whatever you want! Think I will buy some scratch cards, don’t think I’ve seen them even though I go to sainsburys xx

  190. Rachel says:

    I’ll have no plans but always donate x

  191. Jason says:

    Thanks for the info! Maldives is in my top three countries to visit! I know the odds are small but I will try anyway, the idea of the losers draw makes it more appealing

  192. Lidiya Joseph says:

    I will be contributing to the cause.

  193. Kelly Cleeton says:

    No plans yet but thinking we should perhaps do something at work

  194. Robert Timm says:

    My old employer used to be heavily involved but my new employer not so much. I’ll donate on the evening

  195. Jenny Catton says:

    Looking forward to finding out what my daughter’s school will be doing!

  196. Amanda w says:

    ill be donating but we don’t have any activities planned at work this year for me to join in!
    im sure my daughters school and my sons nursery will be planning something though so hopefully ill be able to join in with them!

  197. Buying scratch cards. Nothing else seems to be going on around here.

  198. Judith says:

    I don’t have any fundraising efforts planned, too busy 🙁 But I will be giving to some collection buckets!!

  199. Julie Feathers says:

    I will be sending some money into my grandchildren’s school. they always do something small every year

  200. Jennicameron says:

    Fantastic I will be donating as I do every year

  201. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    I’ll donate won’t be watching though, I find it unbearably sad to watch

  202. Fiona Peel says:

    I can’t personally do something sporting for sport relief, but I do support those around my in sponsorship and fundraising. Such a great cause!

  203. Aj says:

    My childs school usually does something, My son really enjoys joining in with sports relief as he is a big sports fan.

  204. Sarah Watton says:

    I will be donating and buying some scratch cards xx

  205. Melanie slater says:

    These are great and for such a good cause, will defo be buying some this year

  206. Ange white says:

    Won’t be taking part physically but will be donating

  207. Lisa Yeomans says:

    I will be joining our school I supporting sport relief.

  208. Annie Lethbridge says:

    Hardly ever get to Sainsbury’s as a far way from where I live. I’m a self employed cake maker so with a workforce of just one it makes team sports a bit difficult. Lol! I will certainly be providing cakes for school fundraising events (always get volunteered by the kids………my mum makes cakes!)

  209. Lindsey Smith says:

    My kids are doing a sponsored cross country so we will be fundraising for that as well as helping out on the day

  210. Emily Hutchinson says:

    No, we’ll be away on holiday. I will be sponsoring my cousin though, she always does something!

  211. Jade Nuttall says:

    I won’t be doing any specific fundraising but I will be buying a few scratch cards and have already bought my 1 year old a sport relief T-shirt

  212. Jane orford says:

    Will be buying the t shirts and donating

  213. Claire Jones says:

    Be doing some dog walking for sports relief this year! Going to try get our local dog walkers out together.

  214. Charlene Merrall says:

    I don’t get to sainsbury’s very often as its too far away but if my daughters school do any fundraising we will get involved in that!

  215. Naina Clayton says:

    I probably won’t. My workplace is too small to do things like this. But I am sure my son will be doing something fun with the school. He is age 10

  216. Vicky Louise Varley says:

    I bought 2 scratchcards last year, both won small prizes something like 20p off a bottle of Heinz ketchup or something like that. I chose not to claim them and sent them off for the mop up draw and I was delighted to receive an email a few months later to say I’d won an ipod 🙂 i will definitely be buying a couple this year.

  217. Linda King says:

    Oh my a trip to the Maldives would be out of this world

  218. Louise Asekokhai says:

    I work for a charity that actually received help from Sport relief and so I will be buying the scratch cards!

  219. Justine says:

    More of a Red Nose Gal but will no doubt slip a paper note into a collection bucket at a Sainsbury’s Store during my Weekly Shop for the Sports Relief Cause.

  220. Emma Ellams says:

    I haven’t got anything planned yet, but I usually do!

  221. HAYLEY PAYTON says:

    my little ones nursery are planning a fancy dress picnic

  222. Michelle Crowe says:

    Ooh I’ve never heard of these scratchcards so i’ll definitely buy a few this year! Thanks for the post x

  223. Sophie L C says:

    No plans to take part as such but always donate ☺️

  224. Angela L Paull says:

    Nothing planned as yet – I prefer to make a donation from the comfort of my sofa. Not sure of munchkin’s school are doing anything though……

  225. Victoria Bazley says:

    Super generous, thank you!

  226. Angela Linge says:

    Great scratch card for a good cause. I will be donating to Sport Relief.


    Sadly not, but I will donate

  228. kaye willan says:

    No plans yet! But I do support and love watching everybody else!

  229. Julie Thomas says:

    I’ve not been included in any Sports Relief Fundraising events this year but that is because of family issues. If these are resolved I will certainly be getting involved as I am retired now and like to try and help in this way.

  230. Kristyn Harris says:

    I will be sponsoring my daughter and nephew who are both doing a fun run to raise money for Sports Relief.

  231. Lee gardner says:

    Il be taking part with my wallet by donating but we havent done any activities this year may look locally for anyone running anything to join

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