SuperLucky LIVE raises £4,895 for Chestnut Tree House!

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  1. Vicky Mill says:

    WOW this was so much fun. Yes I flew all the way from Bonnie Edinburgh to attend this and it was worth every mile travelled. The games,prizes,quizzes and comps were fab. What I enjoyed most though was being in a room full of happy giddy compers eager to share tips and prizes,solve tricky anagrams and enjoy our brilliant hobby together. You are a bit of a “guru” to us Di and your first event was spectacular. I reckon in future we will look back to this as the first of many successful events. We ALL loved it
    Congratulations on 10 SuperLucky years x

  2. Kelly Turner-Chapman says:

    I had such an amazing day out! It was a day that my mom and I would never forget and to raise such a huge amount for charity too was the icing on the cake! My mom gifted the gorillapod to me which I will be using on my holiday to Mexico in a couple of weeks time! 🙂
    Di – you were amazing at public speaking and kept the crowd motivated throughout the day. I cannot believe how much thought had gone into the event from ensuring that everyone went home with a little something just by the colour of their envelope, to creating different games throughout the day.
    I made a lot of friends and will be joining the Staffordshire comping group as a result of the day. Thanks again to all of the team and can’t wait for the next event!

  3. Jane Berrow says:

    Such a lovely day out, thank you. Everyone was having great fun.

  4. helena denton says:

    Di you truly held a day which everyone loved and felt really involved . There was so much it all fitted perfectly ,,it was getting to know compers and of course doing something I had never done before unboxing ( i didnt realise that i had put my name down for it goes to show read things ) thankyou it was so funny loved it and when |I won over the moon . Perfect judges !!!!!

    I had travel down by myself from Gateshead and met some wonderful compers on the train from that moment I knew I was going to enjoy the whole weekend and I did . Thanks Di

  5. Dee Brook says:

    I was honoured to be asked to help and I truly enjoyed every moment… can’t wait for the next one! ( maybe we could have stripes, spots, and other patterns as well as all the colours and make even MORE money for this amazing charity?

  6. Julie Dillamore says:

    What a superb event this was! From start to finish there was always something to get our “comping juices” flowing. Little details such as the cup-cakes and selfie-postcards were really appreciated by all. The loveliest thing was to put names to faces of lots of Lucky-Learners – and it was by no coincidence that they were all smiling or laughing! Such a lot of sheer hard work, care and attention had been put into the day – truly a Super-Event! Massive thanks to Di and her helpers – here’s hoping that this was the first of what becomes an amazing tradition!

  7. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    Won’t bother you till April. Still talking about it now to anyone who will listen told my nan all about it over a coffee this morning. My husband used to be a conference and events manager he said it was the most organised and best laid out event he had seen. Everything had been thought of all the little details.

  8. Marie says:

    After reading your fabulous write up I felt like I’d been transported back to last weekend. Di you did an amazing job of bringing everything together to work like clockwork, What a shame we didn’t remember to mention your 10 year anniversary. It was lovely to see old friends And gain new friends. I haven’t comped for many years but after the weekend my fire has been relit and I will get to the bottom of entering Twitter and instagram comps after all the wonderful tips from the day.

  9. What a brilliant round up Di. You and your team are true superstars! So great to meet like-minded people in real life.

  10. Andrea Goodheart says:

    Such a fab weekend which I’d been looking forward to since you asked me to help & it didn’t disappoint! Six months brings us to April so I’ll start asking about #SuperLuckyLive2 then! Now enjoy your holiday!

  11. Sue Stoddart says:

    Aw you all did a fantastic job! It looks like you all had an amazing time. Gutted I couldn’t make it.. but I do hope you ‘talk’ about doing another one in the near future! x x

  12. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    It was a brilliant day, we really enjoyed it!

  13. Emma Gough says:

    What a fantastic round up of the event! I was so proud to be part of this special day, that I’m sure will go down in COMPING HISTORY! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was great to meet up with other Comper’s, I was amazed at the amount we all managed to raise for such a fantastic cause! Hoping you do run another…but for now enjoy a well deserved break x

  14. Honestly one of the best days out I’ve had! Alsoeant so much to be a part of the day and what an amazing amount of money raised for such a worthwhile charity.

    Now, go and enjoy a much deserved break and I’ll start asking about SuperLucky Live 2 in 6 months time

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