SuperLucky & Lucky Learners: exciting changes ahead!

I have some important and exciting news to share with you about the future of SuperLucky, and Lucky Learners. These last few months have been difficult for me and I need to prioritise what is important in my life: my health and my family.

After ten years of running my Lucky Learners Facebook group I’ve decided it’s time for a change. I can’t afford to dedicate so much time and effort to running a free Facebook group, and I need to focus my attention on work that I enjoy, and that makes me an income.

Many engaged and enthusiastic group members are frustrated with those that take the information in Lucky Learners without giving anything in return, plus the constant grumbling and negativity has driven many away. Information posted in the group is copied and shared on freebie groups and on other competition sites, with no respect for those that made the effort to research and post this information in a private group.

Facebook groups don’t work for sharing comps

I pride myself on being organised, and unfortunately Facebook groups are the complete opposite to being organised! With more members and content, Lucky Learners is hard to navigate and chaotic. Facebook isn’t somewhere we can successfully share detailed competition information. The group search function doesn’t work properly (and brings up irrelevant and old posts) so there is lots of duplicate content, the links in posts are not clickable, it’s difficult to see relevant comments, comments are randomly removed by Facebook and people don’t get notifications. Facebook has the ability to shut down a group or deactivate a profile on a whim, and every day there’s a risk Lucky Learners could completely disappear.

An update on me

On a more personal note, my 80 year old mum has recently been diagnosed with cancer. My dad is 93 and I need to be able to spend time looking after them. They live in Wales which is far from me in Brighton. This year my stress levels have been through the roof dealing with all the issues with the Facebook group. Some of the selfish, ungrateful and rude comments have reduced me to tears, and I shouldn’t have to deal with this. I need to focus on what matters – my family and my health. I also help run one of Brighton’s biggest youth football clubs, and this voluntary work takes up a lot of my time. To be honest with you – I feel stressed, tired and miserable. And that’s not the SuperLucky Di vibe at all!

Lucky Learners will be chat and no competitions

I’m going to take Lucky Learners back to what it was originally designed to be – a positive chat group for new compers, with resources and advice to help them get started. In future, competitions will be no longer be accepted in Lucky Learners, and they will instead be shared on a new closed paid membership forum hosted on my website at The Lucky Learners group will still be set to post approval, and I intend to pay one or two admins a small fee to look after the day-to-day running of the group. Weekly and monthly wins posts will still be scheduled to post in LL and I hope SuperLucky forum members will still be happy to participate in the Lucky Learners Facebook chat!   

The changeover will take time to get used to, and any new comps that are shared in LL, I will add to the SuperLucky forum and make the poster aware of the new LL rules.  

Don’t panic – NOTHING IS CHANGING IMMEDIATELY – it will be at least a few weeks while I work behind the scenes on the changeover. There will be progress updates in Lucky Learners and via email.

BootCompers will remain the same

The private BootCompers Facebook group will remain as it is, with chat, tutorials and support focused on the 12 comping challenges in my BootComp book. The group is accessible via password to anyone who has a copy of the BootComp Workbook (the BootComp Planner does not give access), so it will essentially cost you £11.99 for lifetime membership of BootCompers. You can get the BootComp workbook via Amazon – find out more here.  For now, I will continue to broadcast my monthly Facebook Live Q&A session in BootCompers but this may be alternated with an ‘AMA (Ask Me Anything) type broadcast for paid forum members. Competitions are not generally posted in BootCompers, but members can start chat discussions about current promotions if they have questions or need advice.

The Compers Shopping List will be member-only

The Compers Shopping List will soon only be accessible to paid SuperLucky members. The list is a unique and valuable resource, and I know that most of those who visit it daily are experienced compers who are happy to pay for the qualifying products that feature on it, so I hope they will be happy to pay to continue accessing the convenient list. The shopping list will be updated so it appears at the very top of the page when members visit (so no scrolling through text and adverts to get to it). In addition, in future I plan to create two new lists of recommended daily and weekly entry comps which will only be accessible to paid SuperLucky members. 

All other content at will always be accessible to everyone for free, including the Instant Wins, Text Comps list and Top 5 Comps to enter posts. 

New SuperLucky competition forum

A new forum at will feature all the types of comp we currently share in Lucky Learners. This won’t be like a competition listings website which is mainly simple single-entry web and social media prize draws (we have never allowed this type of comp in Lucky Learners). The forum will focus on more unusual comps, and comps where we have a better chance of winning. Members will be able to share new competitions, discuss the formats and how to improve our chances of winning in a private environment. It will feature:

  • Purchase Necessary Competitions
  • On air Radio Competitions 
  • Creative & effort based competitions
  • Free entry comps and instant wins on products, at venues etc (currently on the NPN post in LL)
  • Mobile app comps
  • Kids comps
  • Themed comps – eg. Football, Charity, Childrens, Student, London etc. 

In addition there will be forums for:

  • Prize swap & sell
  • Favours (getting receipts & collecting prizes on behalf of others)
  • ASA & Complaint advice 
  • FAQ and tips for social media comping

There will be regular creative comps, giveaways and prizes for contributing forum members. Please do share your own suggestions for what you would like to see in the forum!

Membership costs

SuperLucky Membership will be £25 for the first 12 months (cut off date for the half-price founding member sign ups is likely to be a month after the launch), and will renew at £50 a year.
Due to admin and card processing fees, if you want to pay monthly it will be a higher cost of £2.50 a month for the first year, renewing at £5 a month after your first year. You’ll be able to cancel your subs before the renewal date (but won’t get any refunds). 

If you sign up for the discounted initial £25 12-month membership you’ll automatically go into a prize draw to win a £50 supermarket voucher, and will also be able to enter a special judged tiebreaker competition on the forum to win another £50 voucher!

A few comping couples have asked if there will be a cheaper membership – I’m looking into how this could work.

YOU CANT SIGN UP YET – I STILL HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO BEHIND THE SCENES! Please ensure you’re signed up to receive my free SuperLucky newsletter, I’ll email updates on progress and you’ll know as soon as the membership services are ready.

There are a number of Lucky Learners who regularly post new competitions in the group, I am in the process of sending Facebook DMs to these members to offer a free membership if they are happy to continue regularly posting new comps on the SuperLucky forum (although I know a few have told me that you’re happy to pay a membership fee – thank you!)  

Update for Compers News members

A lot of Lucky Learners are also Compers News subscribers and I can understand if you don’t want to pay a subscription to both – unfortunately there are no plans for Steve and I to join forces and create a mega comping hub just yet though! 

The team at Compers News don’t see the new SuperLucky forum as a problem, and there are no plans to end production of the printed magazine in the near future. CN are happy for me to carry on writing my monthly column, and I’ll continue to promote the magazine to SuperLucky readers as I always have done, because if you love comping there’s nothing else quite like it! We hope that many compers will enjoy being a member of both SuperLucky & Compers News, but please remember that no content should be copied from one forum to the other – you should only share details of comps that YOU personally have found – so please keep this in mind if you’re a member of both.

Free SuperLucky memberships

I know many of you will not be able to afford membership. If you have been an active member of Lucky Learners for 12 months or more, have regularly posted details of new effort-based or purchase necessary competitions and are willing to meet a minimum posting requirement on the new SuperLucky forum, I can offer a limited number of free memberships. Please email for more details.

The majority of content in Lucky Learners is contributed by the members, not me, and I hope that most of the regular contributors will want to join as a SuperLucky member and get involved with the forums too. I know it won’t be as easy as quickly copying a screenshot or link into a Facebook group, so I understand many of you won’t want to post. I will still welcome new comps being sent to me via DM or email, and these will be added to the forum by myself or a moderator. 

I understand these changes might be frustrating, but my well-being is important too, and I believe these adjustments will ultimately benefit everyone in the long run.

Thanks to all those who have already made suggestions and supported these changes, to all the contributors and to all the amazing admin who help out. I hope we can make the SuperLucky forum a rich resource for compers! 

Please do leave your questions and suggestions in the comments.

Disclaimer: these are draft plans and subject to change – I’ll keep you updated!

48 Responses

  1. My daughter had a massive stroke in 2014 so I know how hard a life of caring can be – it’s relentless. Your main priority is taking care of YOU first and foremost Di, and take everyday as it comes. We are all with you. I’m new to comping and loving it, though at 70 I’m finding technology a challenge! At least I can laugh at myself. If you need help of any kind, don’t be afraid to shout. Very best wishes, Deborah

    • Di says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words Deborah – and welcome to the wonderful world of comping! Wishing you lots of luck! x

  2. Geraldine Mcilwaine says:

    Dear Di, It made me sad to hear that you have suffered abuse from our own comping community. That’s completely unacceptable and I can understand the hurt you must have felt.

    I have an elderly mum who lives 120 miles from me and know the pressures managing that relationship long distance brings. haven’t touched a competition for 3 months but would rather spend that time with my mum for now. Put your family and wellbeing first. I have no problem with you monetising your skills and expertise – isn’t that what we all do when we go to work everyday. Take care and best wishes for your future.

  3. Janet Leng says:

    You absolutely MUST put your mum and dad first , Di, They always look so smiley in your photos I am sad to think of either of them ailing ,
    Yes I’ll be glad to subscribe to your new set up BUT I won’t be waiting impatiently . Just do it on your own time . After all you also have a lovely husband and a lovely son to consider too. x

  4. Carol I J Thomas says:

    I completely understand. The world of comping has changed so much. I also know what it’s like to look after/nurse an aging parent. In your case it is 2.

    We nursed my mom with mixed dementia until the end.

    Then I had to look after my husband. Unfortunately my late husband ill health ended in his unexpected passing.

    You need to take time for you. I’m happy to sign up and look forward to the email of how and when.

    It will be a much simpler process and easier to deal with as the forum has got too chaotic.

    I wish you well. Your doing the right thing. Your wellbeing must come first. It is very hard time as you are at a season in life where there are no happy outcomes. Just the acceptance of what is.

    I was told “live your life with them so there are no regrets” Much love xoxox

    • Di says:

      Thank you so much for this Carol, I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve gone through. The advice is perfect x

  5. Jackie Dawson says:

    I completely support your decision to do this, Facebook has become a very negative space and it’s really not what you need in your life right now, sending positive thoughts to your mum and your family, I look forward to joining your new space when it is up and active x

  6. Angela says:

    So sorry to hear about your family’s health troubles and wishing you all the best.
    Myself and my sister have been comping for many years and wholeheartedly welcome your new plans.
    We avoid Facebook like the plague as we find it too toxic and spiteful and we’ve often felt that we’ve kind of missed out on your Lucky Learners Group. At one point we had a discussion about rejoining Facebook just for your group
    So from our perspective we are thrilled and more than happy to pay for your expertise whilst avoiding the negativity and sometimes bullying behaviour of some Facebook users.
    You provide a service and you are entitled to monetise that service.
    Looking forward to joining your new group and wishing you success.

  7. Avril Saunders says:

    Di I fully support your decision, this is a FUN hobby and we all should remember that and not send any negative vibes to others. I’m not a big social media user but love your purchase necessary/NPN listings and unboxings and will definitely be on your subscriber list if this is allowed because I don’t post often?
    I wish you and your family all the love and privacy you need right now and a BIG thank you for still keeping us all motivated during the stressful times.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Avril! There’s no requirement to contribute at all if you become a paid SuperLucky member – I know we are all so busy! – but there will be incentives for the most active contributors.

  8. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your mum and I really hope she gets better soon. I empathise with you. I lost my mum a few weeks ago having cared for her for a few years and now care for my dad who’s almost 91. I totally appreciate how much stress you’re feeling and it’s paramount that you put yourself and your family first.
    For the reasons above I don’t get time to comp much these days but will certainly become a paid member – I find your shopping list invaluable and your unboxing videos hugely motivating. I also came to SuperLucky Live in 2019 and would certainly come to another event if you run one (when time allows!) as it was a splendid day.
    Wishing you and your family well x

  9. Ella Langford says:

    You have my support Di…. Have been fairly inactive with comping of late…. Like you 2 elderly parents and my own MS to deal with!! I hope your mum receives top care and of course family and your own health are the post important.
    I’m looking forward to your new way of working in the comp world you deserve a sensible income. Best wishes Ells

  10. Lisette says:

    Of course prioritising is important, and I hope that you can put the infrastructure in place to enable a simpler comping future for all.

    I am glad to hear that this will aim to reduce negativity, which is important.

    I am not on Facebook, but Lucky Learners is almost legendary (what a great slogan that would make!).

    I think £25 p.a. membership is very fair, as your expertise is well worth paying for, so never sell yourself short.

    I lost my father in law to Cancer last year, and my mother in law has a rare blood disorder, just turned 85 last week, so I understand your situation.

    Remember to be kind to yourself, as when others depend on you, you must be there.

    Happy comping – it really is the greatest escape!

  11. Caroline Kelly says:

    Sorry to hear of all your struggles lately. Defo prioritise the important things in life. Sending positive thoughts to your family

  12. Finn says:

    I’m sorry to hear all of that.

    It’s good to concentrate to the important things of life.

    I’m not on your FB group (I’m not british), but it has always seemed really fascinating. But it’s not good, if it takes too much your energy.

    I haven’t been comping that much lately, because IG keeps constanstly blocking me. I really don’t know how to fix it. It does that even after 1 or 2 comments / day.

    I really wish you and your family much strength!

    It’s, always lovely to watch your unboxing videos!

    • Di says:

      Thanks Finn – Instagram is a huge pain lately with all the bans. I just try to take things slowly, use two accounts and add plenty of non-comping related content and comments!

  13. Gill says:

    Hi Di,
    I always watch your monthly unboxing and enjoy doing so because you are so inspirational, with your incredible wins. The one that always sticks in my mind, is the Toblerone video, that you made, when Ryland was very young. It was just so clever.
    I don’t really go on your Facebook page and I can’t believe anyone would be nasty or negative about something you do, for free. I can understand how upsetting that must be for you. It’s so sad that some people think it’s okay to be rude and nasty, on social media to anybody they like.
    I’m so sorry to hear of your Mum’s diagnosis and it’s perfectly understandable that you want to give more of your time, to helping her and your Dad.
    My own 92-year-old Mum has been very unwell and in hospital for a month and like you, I can’t seem to put my mind much, to comping, at the moment.
    Wishing your Mum better soon and look after yourself, too, Di.

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the message Gill, and I’m sorry to hear about your mum too. Hopefully you can find a little escape in your comping, but I know it’s tricky with so much on your mind, x

  14. Cherryl Thomas says:

    Di, sending you love and healing for all of your family and thank you hugely for all your very hard work and the information you have made available to myself and other Compers. I hope you will soon feel less encumbered by admin and be able to feel some sort of peace while you deal with and focus on your family during these extremely difficult times. Take lots of care and look after yourself too…

  15. KelleyP says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your Mum’s illness and the worry and stress that your Mum and Dad’s health and circumstances must be causing you. I’m glad that you’ve decided to look after yourself and your family too. I’d certainly be more than willing to subscribe to the new format, especially as I couldn’t be part of the Lucky Learners Group, as I’m not on Facebook. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Comping World (I’m also a member of Compers News) and whenever I have a win, I try to share it with others too, so that it’s always a win-win in my mind. Thank you for everything you have done Di and everything to come.

  16. Cindy Gillespie says:

    Furstly – so sorry to hear about your mum and you definitely need more time to care fir both your parents and also to make time for yourself. I am a member of Lucky Learners, do comment now and again although don’t post many competition posts as they’ve usually already been posted. I also subscribe to Compers News. I, for one, will be happy to pay a yearly fee which I think is only fair for everything you do. Will be watching for updates. Take care xx

  17. Rachel Towers says:

    So sorry to hear that your Mum is poorly. I appreciate all your efforts in running your page and website (I often send you links to new daily comps by messenger!). Can’t believe that you have received rude comments – shame on those who’ve upset you. Wishing you all the best with the new changes and kind regards to you and your family x

  18. James says:

    Thanks for everything you have done for us compers, family and well being comes first ❤️

  19. Denise Slater says:

    Di I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. Your family has to come first. I’m also sorry to read that some of the comments you received are not always favourable. I had no idea you’d be subject to those too …… but then saw the third message above mine it appears no one is immune ……

    I’ll happily subscribe. Worth every penny in my opinion. I believe you and Compers News will compliment each other.

  20. Annie Taylor says:

    Hi Di. Same as Jacquie. I too cancelled my LCC membership ans part of my ongoing economy drive. I also am on a tight budget these days. If my winning record was up to that of past years I might think it a great investment. I know how much work must go into keeping LL running. And I agree, it is frustrating for those of us who regularly contribute, when others take and never give. Whether this signals the end of my comping career, I’m not sure. In truth I am disillusioned with the current comping scene, with its cheats and trolls. I can totally understand why you’ve chosen to go down the paid for route. I will have to think whether it’s time to keep plugging on, or whether it’s time to call it a day. I am truly sorry to hear of your family problems. My own lovely Mum and Dad were diagnosed with cancer. Breast cancer and myeloma. It made for a very stressful time as you’ll know. I wish your dear Mum well. And of course family must come first. Always.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Annie, I understand your disillusionment. Social media isn’t generally the most positive place lately!

  21. Jacquie Simpson says:

    I think that you are doing the right thing Di by putting your immediate family’s well being first, especially your Mums. No wonder you are down in the dumps. Cheer up – it will be alright in the end. Quote “ Even a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step”.
    I have cancelled London club membership which runs out at end of year and will probably cancel Compers News at end of year reluctantly because cannot afford both subscriptions. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that could contribute and help your new lucky learners group as much as minimum requirement!
    Having said that, would like a fee of £25 for a year before June to try it out, because my favourite comps are purchase necessary, effort based, instant and NPN. You’re still super lucky. Have some time off, me time eh and a cuppa!

  22. John says:

    Will you be getting rid of all the annoying ads as well or is it all about the money?

  23. Lynne says:

    I’m a member of compers news and pay £60 a year for the monthly magazine and access to chatter box. There’s multiple opportunities each month to win member only prizes in Compers News via sending in letters and completing puzzles etc.
    With super lucky it’ s eventually going to be £50 a year but as a member have to actively search and contribute competitions to add to the forum. Are there any opportunities to win multiple member only competitions each month like in compers news.
    I suppose what I’m wondering is are you offering as much value for money as compers news.

    Sorry you’re having a difficult time of it all, caring for elderly parents as well as your own family unit is extremely difficult as I found out in the past. It’s both physically and mentally draining. Take care x

    • Di says:

      There will be member prize draws and comps, definitely – I’ve not worked out what format yet though!

  24. Jill says:

    I am sure that you will have everyone’s support. Take care and here’s to an exciting adventure for every comper

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