Swipe to Win promotions

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  1. Sue Ocock says:

    Never won on Swipe to win, but have on Tesco text comps a couple of times including £500 worth of vouchers at Christmas. Have got a Wyevale Garden Club loyalty card (garden centres) which gives discounts and has comps.

  2. Sarah prescott says:

    Hi Di
    I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Brit awards and the after show party earlier this year. It was with the Shell/Mastercard promotion. It was great to win something from buying something that you need – petrol. My mum has also just won 2 Dartington glasses in a Waitrose promotion where I think they were giving away 1000 pairs of glassed. I think these are worth it if you are buying something that you normally use. I agree the odds are slim but with my Brit awards win my feeling is you gotta be in it to win it

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