Swipe to Win promotions

Swipe-to-win – or scan-to win – promotions are definitely one of the least popular types of prize draw amongst compers, that’s for sure! The automatic entry element means you’re likely to be up against thousands (even millions!) of other entrants – particularly if the promotion is on a popular cheap product like Coca-Cola or Walkers crisps.

With a swipe-to-win promotion, you’re automatically entered into a prize draw when you buy a product and swipe or scan your customer loyalty card (or app) – so even people who know nothing about the promotion or prize will be entered too! Just imagine Grandma innocently popping into Tesco to buy Coke, swiping her Clubcard and next week she gets a phone call, she’s won a rugby training session in New Zealand… uh oh!

A guide to Swipe-to-Win promotions

It seems like a crazy way to run a promotion, and I imagine it can be hard work convincing your winners that they’ve won a prize in a competition they don’t remember entering! But these promotions are really easy for supermarkets and loyalty cards to run, and offer brands a great way to draw attention to their products on the shelves, so it looks like they’re here to stay. And although the chance of winning might seem slim, some of the prizes are huge – so it’s worth the expense of a couple of quid.

For most swipe-to-win promotions, you’re automatically entered into a prize draw when you purchase a specific product at a specific store, and scan or swipe your loyalty card or app. Online shopping also qualifies, as long as your loyalty card is registered to your account.

Important things to check

  • Check you’ve not opted out of marketing communications
  • Check your address and phone number are up to date so you can be contacted if you win


Nectar run ‘Swipe to win’ promotions at Sainsbury’s (and sometimes Sainsbury’s petrol stations) and at Esso garages. Residents of Northern Ireland can usually enter without purchase by calling up a helpline listed in the Terms and Conditions for each individual promotion.

Find details of Sainsbury’s current competitions here.

  • Nectar ‘Swipe and win’ winners are sometimes contacted by phone, so check your contact details are up to date by logging in at www.nectar.com and choosing Account > Personal Details
  • Check your marketing communications preferences by clicking Account > Communication Preferences.

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco have phased out their Swipe to Win promotions, and now they focus on text comps instead, although they do run occasional comps where you have to scan a voucher from their printed magazines or catalogues to scan with your Clubcard. Find details of all current Tesco promotions here. Entries are usually restricted to just one per person, but check the terms for individual competitions.

  • Your Tesco online account and Clubcard accounts are separate, so ensure your correct details are at www.tesco.com AND at www.tesco.com/clubcard!
  • On the Clubcard site, sign in and go to Clubcard Account > Account Management > Contact Preferences > Marketing Communications, click on Make Changes and check that you’ve opted in to marketing communications.

Other shops and restaurants that run swipe-to-win promotions

Promotions with no swiping required!

  • Waitrose do have a loyalty card (sign up for My Waitrose here) but for their purchase-necessary competitions, you just need to register details of your receipt online – no loyalty card required. See the latest comps here.
  • Poundland occasionally print off competition entry details with a receipt, or have posters in store with entry details – you’ll usually need to send your receipt if you win a prize
  • Asda don’t have a loyalty card, but usually require a receipt to be shown to claim the prize after winners have been contacted. See their latest purchase-necessary comps at www.asda.com/win
  • Spar don’t have a loyalty card, occasionally run a Shop & Win promotion for customers
  • Holland and Barratt magazine features competitions where you need a Rewards for Life card to enter  – sign up for one here (or download the free app)
  • John Lewis have a free myJohnLewis rewards card/app where every £1 you spend gets you an entry into their monthly prize draw – join here (or download the free app)

What do you think of Swipe-to-win promotions? Have you ever won a prize in one? Have I missed a loyalty card off the list? Let me know in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. Sue Ocock says:

    Never won on Swipe to win, but have on Tesco text comps a couple of times including £500 worth of vouchers at Christmas. Have got a Wyevale Garden Club loyalty card (garden centres) which gives discounts and has comps.

  2. Sarah prescott says:

    Hi Di
    I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Brit awards and the after show party earlier this year. It was with the Shell/Mastercard promotion. It was great to win something from buying something that you need – petrol. My mum has also just won 2 Dartington glasses in a Waitrose promotion where I think they were giving away 1000 pairs of glassed. I think these are worth it if you are buying something that you normally use. I agree the odds are slim but with my Brit awards win my feeling is you gotta be in it to win it

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