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O2 Priority Instant Winners

O2 Instant Winners is back – enter every Friday for the next five weeks and you could win thousands of tickets to Merlin attractions!


Win NERF prizes every hour

Have you got a child obsessed with Nerf toys? If the answer is yes, you might enjoy this promotion from Kellogg’s! Every day until 1 July 2019, there are eight Nerf prizes to be...


Visa Great British High Street promotion

Visa have again joined forces with Great British High Street to encourage people to shop at their local independent stores. The Spend & Win Competition runs until 28 May 2019, and gives both customers...


McDonald’s Monopoly 2019

McDonald’s Monopoly is back! Until 30 April 2019, there are millions of prizes to be won when you collect Monopoly labels with purchases at McDonald’s. Like previous years, there are instant win, collect to...


Coca Cola ‘Be the 12th’ promotion

Coca Cola are the latest brand to launch a big Premier League promotion – and unusually, for Coke, we don’t need to make a purchase to enter! As well as thousands of instant win...


Walkers ‘They Score You Win’

So what do Walkers have in store for this year’s Champions League promotion? It’s an interesting one – predict the minute in a UCL game when a goal will be scored, and if you...


Win Kit Kat Getaway goodies every day

KitKat have launched a big holiday themed promotion for 2019 – they’ve hidden 10 lucky inserts inside winning packs, and if you find one you’ve won an £8,000 holiday! But for those of us...

Play the Oreo People game on Snapchat for the chance to win £1000 instantly! 32

Oreo People Snapchat game

Oreo have set us a challenge with their 2019 prize promotion – not only do we have to use the Snapchat app, but we have to master a zorbing game too! There are thousands...


Hunt the White Creme Egg!

White Creme Eggs are back for 2019! This year, there will be over 700 white eggs being distributed to shops around the UK, and if you find one you’re guaranteed a cash prize of...