Tesco competitions: how to enter the text prize draws

Update May ’24: Tesco competition listings have now been moved from this blog post to my full List of Current UK Text competitions to keep everything in one place!

Tesco always have a selection of great text (SMS) competitions, most of them with lots of prizes! They’re quick and easy to enter, and for most of them you don’t need to make a purchase in store.

One of the main problems is finding details of them all, as Tesco are not very efficient at putting their displays out in store, or at keeping their Competitions page updated. You can find all current Tesco TTW (text-to-win) comps on the SuperLucky Text-to-Wins list as well as recently closed Tesco competitions – it can be helpful to have this information easily accessible if you receive a winning text message, so you can check to see what prize you have won.

Tesco text competitions are all sent to the shortcode 60110. They are not included in your mobile provider’s free texts allowance, and will cost you SNR (Standard Network Rate) to enter. This is usually 15p but some providers might be a little cheaper. See my guide to the cheapest way to enter text competitions for options.

Tesco competitions are advertised in store, in the Tesco magazine (which you can read on the Issuu website) and on the Tesco groceries website. I actually spotted the below Tesco Hellmann’s competition advertised on a giant mayo bottle at Victoria Station!

How to enter Tesco text competitions

Tesco always use the same shortcode of 60110, but the promotions have different formats.

To enter, simply text the keyword, then leave a space, add your full name, another space and your postcode and then send it to 60110. For example NESTLE DI COKE BN16FR.

Each promotion will have a separate keyword, and depending on where it’s advertised there will be a number at the end of it – eg. BELVITA5 is the code on the display units by the entrance in my Tesco. Using a number makes no difference to your entry – all texts all go into the same prize draw. The numbers are just to help Tesco see how effective each form of advertising is. I use the word without any numbers when I share competition details, so entries via SuperLucky don’t skew their statistics!

You will receive a ‘bounceback’ message after entering – depending on the format of the promotion, you will receive either a reply confirming your entry into the draw, a reply with a link to upload a receipt photo, or an instant win/lose message. If you accidentally enter too many times, you’ll receive a ‘Sorry, you have exceeded the entry limit for this service’ message.

Unless otherwise stated, all Tesco prize promotions are open to UK residents aged 18 years and older. For the prize draws that require a purchase, you can buy online or in any Tesco store, including Tesco Metro and Tesco Express.

Tesco text competition formats

  • Prize draw with a single closing date – you can only enter once and all winners are drawn at the end of the promotion
  • Weekly prize draw – winner(s) chosen every week – you can send a text entry once every week (check T&Cs to see which day the draws close each week)
  • Daily prize draw – winner(s) chosen every day – you can send a text entry once every calendar day
  • Instant win – if you’re the first person to text in after a random ‘winning moment’ you will receive an immediate reply to let you know you’ve won a prize
  • Product purchase and receipt upload – after sending your text to 60110, Tesco will reply with a unique link to upload a photograph of your Tesco receipt, showing a purchase of the relevant product (this must be a purchase made within the promotional period). The purchase can be made in store or online – for a Tesco.com purchase, upload a screenshot of your order, or you could ‘print’ your email receipt to a PDF file then convert it to a JPEG using the website www.workintool.com. You may be able to enter multiple times if it’s a daily or weekly draw – but you will need to upload a photo of a new receipt each time.

Tesco text comps which require a product purchase are also featured on the Compers Shopping List

What happens if you win a Tesco text competition?

If you win a Tesco text entry competition, you will usually get a text message congratulating you on your win, although it could be a phone call. Winners will need to email a specific address @tescoprizes.com within a set period (usually 14 days) and may be asked to provide a photo of ID to validate the win. A passport or driving licence is fine (if you like, block out any numbers so just your name, face and date of birth are showing). If you have neither of these, a bus pass or library/gym card showing your date of birth should be OK!

If the message doesn’t specifically state what you need to include in your email, say something along the lines of:

Thank you for choosing me as a winner! My phone number is 07710 123456, and I would like to accept the prize.

The email address in the text message is specific to the promotion, so you don’t need to worry about mentioning which promotion it was. You should receive an email from Prizeology within a week to confirm receipt, usually containing the text: “Thank you for your email. Congratulations on being a winner in this promotion.” If Prizeology don’t receive an email from a winner, they will send a second text message as a reminder. If Prizeology still receive no email by the claim deadline, there will be a redraw and a new winner will be chosen and contacted by text. This happens more often than you think because

Some SuperLucky readers with BT email addresses have reported that their initial emails aren’t being received by Prizeology. I would suggest next time if it’s been a week since you sent your initial email and you haven’t heard back, send a follow up email, and copy in hello@prizeology.com, and ask them to confirm receipt.

See example winning texts below!

For tips on entering text competitions, see my blog post How to win text competitions – good luck!

Looking for Tesco competition listings? All Tesco TTW comps are now incorporated into my list of current text competitions.

74 Responses

  1. Simon A says:

    Hello Di. Just won the Tesco Christmas Shop £500 e gift! Thanks so much for the info on your site. Guess I won’t be shopping at Aldi for a few weeks lol! X

  2. Jacquie Simpson says:

    Hi Di, have you already received my photos via messenger of TTW Tesco Guinness competition. I hope so!

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the reminder Jacquie! Although I added to the shopping list and Lucky learners I forgot to add to this post too!

  3. Emma Hastings says:

    Do you have general email for Tesco comps? I have tried several times to reply to my winning text but the emails come back as undeliverable? I’ve checked on the main thread and the same email has worked for others. Very odd! Thank you

  4. Jacquie Simpson says:

    In September Tescos Magazine, new I think, Tescos Doritos comp for pair of cinema tickets as prize. Text DIPPERS2, followed by full name and postcode to 60110. Think it’s one entry per person, one prize per household. Not sure of other t and c. Free entry? @Di Coke

    • Di says:

      Thanks Jacquie – I think this one started today (30 August), I’ll keep an eye out for T&Cs being published so we know how many prizes there are!

      • Jacquie Simpson says:

        Opens 10/10/23. Closes 6/11/23. 500 winners randomly drawn. Buy Guinness Daught0.0percent alcohol 10x440ml. Text JUMPER full name and postcode to 60110. Will send photo soon when tech friend arrives! X

  5. Claire Simmonds says:

    Hello Di, just noticed a typo in your posting of the Tesco / Kenco text to win comp. The 2nd and 3rd prize amounts you have listed are incorrect (according to the T&C’s). x

  6. Vicky Mill says:

    *** THANKS DI *** I am 1 of only 5 winners in the Pringles-Logitech PC Gaming Accessory ttw. The prize is worth a huge £730 and my 3 nephews are going to think I am the best Auntie ever (obviously I am!). I spotted the comp here as its my favourite site to find shop and text comps. Thanks a million and be lucky Vicky xx

  7. Tesco vouchers competition

  8. Kate says:

    Hi Di,
    I just love your blog and it has helped me to start winning! I have just won a Tesco TTW and replied to the text at the email address. What happens now and how long does it take- I’d live the gift card for Christmas!

  9. Helen Power says:

    sorry about the large print version- enlarged it for me and forgot to change it back to normal.

  10. HELEN POWER says:


  11. Karen Stirling says:

    I received a message from the cocktail competition telling me it didn’t recognise all or some of my message.

  12. Frances Heaton says:

    Just wondering whether you can advise.
    Some of the comps, such as the Tesco Heinz – win £250 every day, require you to upload photo of receipt. However, the receipt I have is very long. How are you supposed to photograph the full receipt?
    Thanks for any help, Frankie

    • Di says:

      If you take a photo on your phone in good daylight then you should be ok to fit the whole receipt into one photo – you can always crop it afterwards to lose the large blank areas either side. I’ve heard from other compers that you can fold it up in a zig-zag for the photo, as long as it shows top, bottom and the correct product is visible in the middle. Or take multiple photos and combine them into one at https://www.filesmerge.com/merge-images . There’s more tips in Lucky Learners at https://bit.ly/40nETeI

      • Frances Heaton says:

        HI Di
        Thanks very much for your helpful advice. I will try a couple of the methods mentioned, and see what I come up with. Will update when sorted.
        Very grateful for your help.

      • Frances Heaton says:

        Hi again
        I tried the method of folding the receipt 3 times, and it easily uploaded.
        Thanks for all the helpful hints and tips, they’re much appreciated.
        Best wishes Frankie

    • Sylvia Robbins says:

      I ask for separate receipts at the basket checkout.

  13. Satvinder Billa says:

    Won £20 Gift card on the Tesco Doritos TTW. Thanks Di

  14. Lynette Lawson says:

    Can your qualifiers be bought at a Tesco Express store or does it have to be a proper Tesco? Thanks.

    • Di says:

      Yes, you can purchase in ANY Tesco store. My local Express store advertises most of the text comps on the shelves!

  15. Nicky Shanyama says:

    Good day

    I received the same scam message from “Ms Anna Macrunn” as some of the people mentioned here. Is there anyway in which these scams can be stopped? Tesco does not even exist in South Africa.

    I would imagine it is in your best interest to also stop these scammers. If you have any advice kindly let me know. My current plan is to send them a photo of my anus to teach them a lesson.

    Kind Regards
    Nicky Shanyama

  16. Loretta Emery says:

    Just to say your website is brilliant. I never really thought about entering Tesco text competitions but I started doing it the last few weeks getting the details of your wesbite. To my delight I won at 42 inch TV on the Lindt/Tesco competitions. It wasn’t the main prize but one of the second tier runner up prizes of 15 x 42 inch TV. It arrived yesterday and is a really good one. I was thrilled to hear I won because I have been doing thousands of competitions and not won anything for a good 18 months or more. I was beginning to lose hope so you have to persevere and hopefully a prize could be just around the corner. It gives you the incentive to carry on.

    • Di says:

      Brilliant news Loretta! I know a lot of people stick to free comps but I do think the minimal cost of Tesco or Co-op TTW (text to wins) is worth the outlay as they often have hundreds of winners!

  17. Katie C says:

    Hi Di! Hope you’re keeping lucky. Thanks for all your helpful tips. I’m wondering about a text comp. Can 2 people living in one house both enter via their own personal numbers, even though it says prizes are only 1 per household or should I send just the entry to be safe? K x

    • Di says:

      Yes, that’s fine! Multiple household members can enter – but if both of you happen to be drawn as winners, only the first one drawn will win a prize. So if you both enter you double your chances!

  18. jason says:


  19. Jane wells says:

    Thanks Foy your list if Instant wins. This month I’ve won a football, cricket bat and ball, £50 Brewdog bar tab and glass .

  20. Helen Nineham says:

    Di… the keyword for the McGuigan electric car is ELECTRIC, not RESERVE

  21. Alison Macdonald says:

    Hi! Just stumbled across this great site and wondered if you could help/advise please? I was lucky enough to win £100 in the Oreo competition and received a text to notify of win and asked to email to accept prize which I did immediately (hadn’t asked for any address details etc) I’ve heard nothing further despite sending a further email. Not sure what to do as don’t want to miss out on my prize.

    • Di says:

      If you contact Prizeology hopefully they should be able to help! There’s a contact form at http://www.prizeology.com

      • Alison Macdonald says:

        Thank you! But I managed to contact and sort

        • Justine Hughes says:

          Hi, can I ask how you managed to contact them?

          I’m waiting to hear from them too.

          • Alison Macdonald says:

            Hi! I’d initially emailed as requested, no reply. Emailed again, no reply and third time I tried I received a reply saying they had emailed me back twice? Not sure if I changed settings or something on my phone but all sorted now. Hope you get sorted or maybe contact prizeology as suggested on here

  22. Chris Bean says:

    Hi Di, bought some PERONI but states campaign is closed. Any ideas?

  23. Andy says:

    Anyone else struggling to send to 60110 with 1p mobile? Other shortcodes are fine for me but I’m getting undeliverable for the recent Frank’s and Cadbury football shirt promotions.

  24. Marie-Louise Seegers says:

    I have just received a WhatsApp message from Mrs Anna Macrun re Tesco Mega Yearly Promotion stating that my number has been selected in Tesco’s random Ballot held in Sedgefield South Africa. R950,000 with a reference number and a contact e-mail address requesting my personal details…Is this a scam?

    • Sevelinus says:

      Sevelinus,I have just received A WhatsApp message today from Mrs Anna Marcun re Tesco mega Yearly Promotion starting that my number has been selected in Tesco’s random Ballot held in sedgefied South Africa.R50,000 with a reference number of her and a contact E-mail address requesting my personal details,is this scam?

    • Di says:

      It’s a scam Maria! Winners aren’t informed via Whatsapp, you can’t win a prize draw you didn’t enter – and do Tesco stores even exist in South Africa?

      • m says:

        Thank you. I though so myself after receiving the same message again but with a different e-mail address. It is scary that they get our tel numbers from somewhere!

  25. Chris says:

    Just two days ago I got a text saying I’d won a football experience at old Trafford. It includes £250 Travel Award, a football kit and a chance to have a 20-45 kick about on old Trafford pitch. It was one of 25 prizes, so feeling very lucky to have won.

  26. Kate says:

    Whoop! Very excited to win the Ferrero text to win- not just because it’s a great prize, but it also crosses off several boxes on my 2022 bingo sheet (Netflix, meal voucher and chocolate)! Very pleased I can’t remember if I saw that in store or on here, but thank you for this handy page- it’s really useful x

  27. Lesley says:

    How are people uploading Tesco receipts now they’ve changed to paperless receipts for online orders? The receipt they send you is not a VAT receipt. Are you printing out the e-mail, taking a photograph and sending that as proof of purchase?

  28. John says:

    Tesco do check if you have entered twice using a different mobile number but same name/postcode. I’m owning up to doing this & had to forfeit a prize. No complaints from me as it was against the rules.

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the info John. Other household members are allowed to enter using a different mobile number and name but the same postcode – I always ask my husband to enter too!

  29. Sarah says:

    That’s all very well but 60110 doesn’t actually work – I keep getting a Message Send Failure.

    • Gemma R says:

      I know some people have issues on certain networks entering text comps. I think they are on contracts, so might be worth contacting your provider. That might be the reason for your problem texting in. I have a pay as you go phone with Vodafone and don’t have issues texting the 60110 number or others. I’ve fortunately won the main prize in the nicorette competition as well.

    • Di says:

      What network are you on Sarah? Asda & Plusnet don’t allow texts to shortcodes, and a few of the smaller networks don’t, either.

  30. Krystyna Cameron says:

    Hi I’ve just received a text telling me I have won an iPhone with the code TESC21334. This is supposedly from Tesco and it’s asking me to pay £2 for postage Is this a scam ?

  31. Aggie says:

    hi, I couldn’t print off my winning coupons either, my computer was connected to printer too and I install and run their programme too, i’m Not entering this m&m competition any more

  32. Aggie says:

    Just won £65 tesco gift card with Pepsi Max text. Thank you for your website.

  33. Louise Price Thornton says:


    I couldn’t find the t&Cs for the tesco nestle confectionery competition. I know it ends November and wanted to do it. It’s so vague on their site! X

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