The ten best prize promotions of 2023

As we come to the end of another comping year, it’s time to look back at the prize draws and competitions we enjoyed in 2023. As usual, I asked SuperLucky readers and the members of my Lucky Learners Facebook group for their opinion on this year’s winners (and losers) before compiling the list.

So, here’s SuperLucky’s top ten prize promotions of 2023. This year’s list includes prize draws, photo comps, TikTok comps, AR games and instant wins. Once again this year, we saw a lot of repeat promotions from brands – some were greeted with delight (Bonne Maman Advents & Coca-Cola Christmas), and some with groans!

Some of the top ten were chosen for the high value prizes, some because they were lots of fun, and others because there was such a good chance of winning a prize! How many of these comps did you win a prize in? I won prizes in three!

1. Skoda Live Tour

The Lucky Learners Facebook group were delighted when member Leanne kindly shared details of the Skoda Live Tour back in September. This was easily the best competition of the year, a unique and fun challenge – the idea was that with the kids back at school, parents could win ‘grown-ups only prizes’ to treat themselves. To enter, you booked a 15 miniute ‘live tour’ via the Skoda website. At your assigned time you connected to a Skoda rep in a showroom via video call (you could see them, but they could only hear you). The Skoda rep showed you around a car in the showroom, while you tried to find 5 hidden green prize envelopes. It was a novel way to explore the new Skoda models without physically going to a showroom. If you successfully found all the envelopes the rep revealed what your prize was: hotel vouchers, restaurant vouchers, theatre tickets from £25 to £100, or even an e-bike! If you didn’t find all five envelopes you were welcome to book another appointment to try again, giving people a pretty much 100% win rate if they were persistent.

Reader feedback: “The Skoda competition was interactive and funny with great prizes.”

2. Tesco Cracking Easter

Let’s face it, Tesco have absolutely smashed it with their prizes in 2023! We’ve just enjoyed the £1 million Christmas giveaway (2,000 x £500 winners), but the standout promotion for Super Lucky readers was #CrackingEaster. Tesco asked shoppers to share photos of their special Easter logo on social media: this could be in store photos or simply screenshots of their online or social media ads, making it possible for everyone to have a go even if they didn’t shop in store. A hundred winners were chosen at random and each winner received £1,000 Tesco vouchers. 

And let’s not forget all the amazing Tesco text competitions throughout the year too – with hundreds of voucher, holiday and experience prizes!

Reader feedback:
“I liked Cracking Easter because we had to make an effort to enter, it had big prizes and lots of winners”

3. Walkers Win £250 every hour

Walkers comps are hit and miss with SuperLucky readers, but many said Win £250 every hour was their favourite 2023 promotion. With 18 chances to win every day, Walkers split a prize fund of £405,000 between 1,620 entrants. Running alongside the hourly comp, they also awarded a huge £100,000 to the finder of the best heart shaped crisp, which was an unusual challenge!

Reader feedback: “I enjoy the competitions that give more opportunities to win, and eighteen £250 winners a day is a generous amount.”

4. McVities Biscuit Break

McVities gave away eight epic holidays in their Win a Biscuit Break promotion. This was the format that compers love – ten daily winning moments for the smaller £50 and biscuit hamper prizes (580 instant winners in total), and all entries also went into the weekly prize draws for the eight holidays. Four members of Lucky Learners won the top prize holidays, choosing Finland, California and New York as their destinations). 

Reader feedback: “I won a tier 1 holiday and went to New York in September. All for the cost of a packet of Jaffa Cakes!”

5. Aldi Mince Pies Golden Christmas

Is this the first time there’s been an on-pack promotion on mince pies? Aldi printed unique codes inside promotional boxes of Holly Lane mince pies this Christmas, then customers entered the codes online to see if they were instant winners. Prizes in the Aldi Golden Christmas promotion ranged from £20 Aldi vouchers up to a massive £5,200 vouchers – there were 1,396 winners in total, and the top prize winner of shopping for a year was a member of Lucky Learners!

Reader feedback: “My favourite promotion of 2023 – just because it’s nice to see Aldi join the game!”

6. We Buy Any Car Dance Challenge

Car prizes are few and far between, and are usually given away in prize draws – but We Buy Any Car had a fun idea for their judged competition. Entrants were asked to copy Mufasa’s special ‘Just Sold My Car’ dance in an entertaining way and share it as a duet on TikTok. Weekly winners won £100 Halfords vouchers or handheld vacuums and the overall winner won a £20,000 car! I’d love to see more judged creative comps along these lines in 2024.

Reader feedback: “It was a good excuse to try out TikTok and my friends and I enjoyed making our funny challenge videos!”

7. Jackson’s of Yorkshire Feeding Creativity

Promotional loaves of Jackson’s of Yorkshire bread this year featured the lovely Feeding Creativity promotion – if you entered the batch code from the label online you had a chance to instantly win an £80 art kit for your nominated school. As well as the 500 instant prizes of art kits, there were weekly prize draws to win breakfast hampers for your nominated school and a grand prize of a family art Experience and two-night London hotel stay.

Reader feedback: “The prizes were much needed art supplies for your nominated school – both my Mum and I won prizes for my children’s school!”

8. Currys Cash For Trash

Currys awarded a whopping £38,000 of voucher prizes in their Cash for Trash promotion –  customers were invited to take broken electrical items and tech to a local Currys store for recycling. As well as getting a £5 off voucher for your next purchase, if you shared a photograph of your recycling duties on social media with #CurrysCashForTrash you went into a daily prize draw – every single day, ten winners were chosen to win a £100 Currys voucher, and one to win a £1,000 voucher. After the closing date, all photo entries went into the hat for the £10,000 gift card grand prize. Although Cash For Trash was a fantastic initiative and encouraged thousands of people to recycle their tech rather than throw it away, the T&Cs weren’t as clear as they should have been. Entrants weren’t sure if they could submit the same photo each day, the same photo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or whether they should be in the photo with their tech. Plus some weren’t happy that the grand prize winner’s Facebook account didn’t appear genuine. Nonetheless, with eleven happy winners chosen each day this was a super generous promotion and a great way to encourage recycling tech.

Reader feedback: “There were loads of winners and I liked that we were encouraged to do something useful in order to take part!”

9. Inch’s Win a Plant Makeover every week

The Inch’s Cider promotion just missed out on the top ten in 2022 due to frustrating technical problems with the website, but this was fixed in time for the 2023 version. Entry involved uploading a photo of your cider bottle, and you could enter daily. The eight weekly draws each had a prize of a £2,000 plant makeover but there were also 1,250 Patch Plants vouchers and 750 glasses to be won instantly: the split prize draw/winning moments format that SuperLucky readers love!

Reader feedback: I’m a fan of the Inch’s cider promotions. They’re generous with their prize pool and I feel a bit more virtuous winning greenery! I’ve also found them to be well administered and really efficient on their deliveries.”

10. Old Mout Cider Win Weekends in the Wild

And finally, another cider promotion! Old Mout partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and used augmented reality for a quirky instant win advertised on 10 packs of cider. Entrants registered their details, then could play the game to find ‘unseen’ wildlife species in AR. When 3 animals had been found, it unlocked a unique code which was used to spin the prize wheel. Top prizes for those that entered after a winning moment were ten £2,000 Canopy & Stars gift cards, plus lots of Old Mout merchandise – six of the ten top prizes were won by Lucky Learners members! A bonus was that every entry triggered a £1 donation to WWF from the promoter, which was a nice touch.

Reader feedback: “An engaging AR experience with fantastic top prizes – plus a donation to charity!”

Near misses…

There were lots of other fantastic prize draws and competitions that didn’t quite make it onto the 2023 list…

  • The Samsung £500k selfie competition was a massive prize and a great entry task, to take a selfie in store on the brand new handsets. But store staff hadn’t been briefed on it, and many SuperLucky readers were unable to connect to wifi in store to enter. Plus, despite T&Cs stating the winner would be required to agree to publicity, Samsung told me that they would not be publishing the winner’s name – a real anti-climax to this big budget promotion.
  • The AutoTrader ShowOnTheRoad competition asked us to guess how many potatoes were in a Smart car to win it! Let’s not forget AutoTrader also give away an electric car every single month at – a very generous company!
  • This year Mars ran SupportHER again with the usual instant win format – vouchers were switched from printed to digital this time, but winners reported issues getting their local convenience stores to accept the PayPoint vouchers.
  • The Vimto daily selfie competition on Instagram was fun, but T&Cs weren’t clear!
  • Guinness dripmats in venues advertised a free-to-enter online instant win promotion, with 500 prizes of a festive Guinness jumper up for grabs. You could enter up to ten times. Lots of prizes and lots of happy winners!

…and the WORST competition of 2023?

The Napolina & Tesco promotion in January was without a doubt the year’s worst. It advertised 250 prizes of £500 Tesco vouchers, and consumers needed to buy a Napolina product in Tesco to take part. The advertising was misleading, T&Cs were vague and it wasn’t clear to consumers that their chance of winning was only 1-in-6420. This was an algorithmic instant win promotion – so all 250 prizes would only be awarded if everyone who bought Napolina in Tesco entered the competition. In fact, there was only 1 winner. During a cost of living crisis, I felt this was a poorly executed and misleading promotion designed to take advantage of consumers. The Advertising Standards Authority agreed.

But which other comps got a thumbs down?

  • Trek Win 185 Fitbits was a repeat of 2022’s algorithmic instant win promotion, and they only awarded 5 prizes – however, later in the year they followed up with a great Decathlon promotion where all prizes were given away (lesson learnt, we hope!)
  • Pringles promotions have appeared on the top ten regularly, but SuperLucky readers are frustrated with the time consuming and fiddly process of logging into the mobile site in order to play the games (which don’t always work properly!). In addition, several winners from this year’s Pringles Logitech promotion received demands from DHL asking them to pay tax bills for delivery of their prizes, with Pringles taking months and months to sort the problem out.

And that’s it for my list of 2023’s best and worst prize promotions! Leave a comment to let me know which were your top comps this year – did you win a prize in any of the ones I’ve mentioned here?

6 Responses

  1. Marsha Richardson says:

    I love working for Tesco but hate that I can’t enter any of the competitions! However, they do run some amazing colleague competitions on the colleague app. A few years ago all the comps were in our ‘T’ magazine and you had to email. I won 5 prizes out of the 8 I entered and then it all went digital! Not won a thing on the app …. yet! Thanks for all your hard work Di, good luck in 2024

    • Di says:

      Good luck to you too Marsha – that’s an interesting bit of info about the colleague app and your email entries!!

  2. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    Well, despite owning a Yeti I managed to completely miss that Skoda promotion. I think my New Years Resolution will have to be ‘Pay More Attention’

    • Di says:

      If you check the Lucky Learners group daily you’ll always know about the latest good comps Kathryn!

  3. Heather Cain says:

    I have to thank you and the groupmbecause I won £250 on the Walkers on the penultimate day, I think i worked it out that I got 50p per entry lol!!
    I also got one of the £5 lunches from Walkers.
    And I won £50 cinema voucher on the Skoda comp. That was fun and I think it was more or less you win if you enter. I didnt enter any of the others, I dont think.
    I have your books Di for next year, and I am going to be a bit more organised.
    This is my second most successful year, and hoping next year will be even better.
    Thanks for all the help from everyone in the group

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