Top 5 competitions to enter right now!

It’s easy to enter competitions – but of course, it’s much harder to win them!  But knowing the right type of comps to enter will give you a better chance of a prize.

This blog post will be kept up to date with current prize draws or competitions where I believe you have a great chance of winning a prize. These are likely to be creative, purchase-necessary or comps with a LOT of smaller prizes – and I’ll try to include a range of different types of prize promotions, so you can start learning which ones are the best to have a go at!

Good luck – let me know if you win any of my top competitions!

Doritos Win a PlayStation 5

Purchase-necessary instant win – main promotion ends 31.12.20
To enter, buy a promo pack of Doritos and enter the code from inside the bag at

There are 3959 prizes in this winning moments promotion, including 181 PlayStation® 5s! Plus there’s also bonus prize draws and an AR game with even more chances to win.  
Tip: for winning moments comps, your best chance of success is entering your code between 1am and 6am!
Click here for full details of the Doritos PS5 promotion

Kingsmill Win £10k

Purchase necessary instant win and prize draw – ends 7.12.20
To enter, buy a promotional loaf of Kingsmill bread and enter the code from the Best Before tag at

There’s 850 cash prizes, ranging from £10 to £100 ,to be won instantly in this Kingsmill promotion – if you enter after a winning moment, you’ll win! Not only that, all entries go into the grand prize draw, with prizes ranging from £1,000 to £10,000 cash! You can only enter once a week and win one cash prize per household in the instant win, and one prize per household in the grand prize draw. 
Click here for full details on the Kingsmill promotion

Greenalls Great British Get Together  

Judged tiebreaker competition – ends 9.11.20
Enter by saying why Greenall’s should throw you and your neighbours the ultimate street party at

Tiebreaker comps are rare these days, but this is a nice one – as well as the top prize of a party for up to 500 people, 200 runners up will win a Greenall’s party kit including 6 cans of Gin & Tonic! Entries are judged on passion and inclusivity for the local community, 
creativity and originality, and should be in line with Greenall’s core values (authenticity, inspiring and credibility). 
Click here for full details of the Greenalls Party promotion

Walkers Max & Tesco 

Standard rate text entry instant win – ends 20.10.20
To enter, text MAXCASH followed by your full name and postcode to 60110

Tesco text comps are easy to enter, cost less than 10p, and often have lots of prizes. For this Walkers promotion, there are 12 prizes of £100 to be won instantly every day. You’re allowed to enter once a day, and if you’re the first person to enter after one of the twelve random ‘winning moments’ each day you’ll get a winning text message back! This comp is advertised in store, but as yet the T&Cs haven’t appeared on the Tesco Competitions website. 

Mentos Me & You

Photo prize draw – ends 31.1.21
Enter daily on Facebook or Instagram with a selfie of you and your packet of Mentos

Buy a packet of ‘Me & You’ branded Mentos, then take a selfie and share on Facebook or Instagram with #MentosMeAndYou. There’s a Mentos gift box to be won every day in a random prize draw, plus monthly prizes of ten £99.99 BuyAGft vouchers, plus 15 grand prizes of a £1,000 BuyAGift voucher!
Tip: for a selfie comp like this one, take a batch of slightly different photos at the same time – then set a daily alarm on your phone so you don’t forget to enter every day!
Click here for full details of the Mentos selfie promotion

Good luck with these five great prize promotions! If you want to find more top competitions like this, join the Lucky Learners Facebook group. You’ll also find lots more comping tips for beginners in my Getting Started guide

32 Responses

  1. Aggie says:

    Hi Di, thank you for your website, I entered Liverpool FC competition last month and today I just received my prize ,it was a football kit for my son, we couldn’t believed it !

  2. Hi Di,
    I’m new to this but I’ve seen a text comp in The Sun to win an electric Corsa.
    Is this worth entering? Texts cost £2

    • Di says:

      Personally I wouldn’t enter by text – it’s widely advertised and is likely to get well over 100,000 entries! If you check the details there’s other entry options – you can also enter by collecting seven Sun Savers codes between 12 & 24 October, and entering them on the Sun Savers website or app (check Money Saving Expert as it’s likely a member may share the codes on a comping forum!)

      You could send a postcard too, which would save you a bit of money as you’d only need to buy a second class stamp! It’s always worth checking if there’s a cheaper option for premium rate text competitions, like this one or the ITV ones. “Enter by post by sending your name and contact number to SUN VAUXHALL COMPETITION, P.O. Box 4445, Colchester, CO2 8GD. Max one postal entry. “

  3. Enkeleda Kamxhiu says:

    Thank you

  4. Karen says:

    Hello! I have entered the perfect match competition for many days now but I still haven’t won 🙁 do you have any tips that could give me some luck. Thanks.

    • Di says:

      I’ve entered every day since it began, at all hours of the day and still haven’t won a prize! Although many of my readers have won all 4 prizes – a TV, soundbar, bean bag AND a snack pack! Unfortunately we just have to keep plugging away. If there’s another household member, get them to enter daily too so you can double your chances. Unfortunately we only have a few days left of this one!

  5. James says:

    Hi Di, love the tips on competitions, i won a tv with the Pepsi comp! I entered at 5am and couldn’t believe i won,
    Good luck everyone, stay safe and keep entering!

  6. Nicola France says:

    Hi, just wondering if the B.O.B Milk competition is a daily entry or once only draw, Thank you

  7. Lidiya says:

    They only announced two winners for the Roddas Competition this week? I thought it was 3 winners every week.

  8. helena denton says:


  9. Katerina says:

    How do you calculate the exact number of your bills. You include mortgage, electricity, water and internet?

  10. James Turner says:

    Hey Di,
    Just to let you know that the Tesco comp ended yesterday.

  11. Catherine Wressell says:


  12. Have you seen the Hairbo 25 years of star mix competition starts 3rd Feb it is one when you have a code on the sweet packet that takes you through to an entry form. Cant find much on the terms and conditions but looks like a lot of prizes this ink give some info

  13. Liz Whitney says:

    Thank you so much Di, I’ve just seen this in time to enter the Asda Innovations Awards comp. Also the Walkers/Tesco one, a nice lot of prizes for these two. Fingers crossed.

  14. Debbie Miller says:

    Thank you.. I am a bit worried about following so many new companies on Twitter at once.. don’t want to receive a ban.. (M&S hamper) ..

  15. Sam says:

    M&S hampers comp completed

  16. Heather Cain says:

    Thank you. Will take a look

  17. Frances Heaton says:

    Thanks Di, have done a couple of the comps, just need purchases for the others.

  18. Mel says:

    How many times can you enter the swizzels competition?

    • Di says:

      I’ve asked them and they replied ‘as many times as you like!’ – good luck!

      • Melanie Walker says:

        Brill thank you for checking. I take it they didn’t say that you was limited to one a day like the pringles one?

        • Di says:

          They didn’t say, Melanie – just ‘as many times as you like’ – I think if it was random winners then they would put a limit on entries.

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