Top 5 competitions to enter right now!

It’s easy to enter competitions – but of course, it’s much harder to win them!  But knowing the right type of comps to enter will give you a better chance of a prize.

This blog post will be kept up to date with current prize draws or competitions where I believe you have a great chance of winning a prize. These are likely to be creative, purchase-necessary or comps with a LOT of smaller prizes – and I’ll try to include a range of different types of prize promotions, so you can start learning which ones are the best to have a go at!

Good luck – let me know if you win any of my top competitions!

Magic Pays Your Bills

Free entry daily prize draw – ends 30.4.20
To enter, register your phone number on the Magic website to play, before 4pm each day

Several radio stations give away BIG cash prizes on air in expensive text comps, but the online free entry route isn’t widely advertised.  Magic Radio are running their ‘Pay Your Bills’ promotion every day until 30 April – all entries remain in the draw for every subsequent day, so be sure to listen out  daily for the prize amount (announced after 8am on the Breakfast show, then regularly through the day). The winner is called after 4pm – you have to answer within 5 rings and give the correct cash amount to win it! 
Click here for full details on the Magic Radio promotion

Tip: you can enter up to 6 times daily, so make sure you do for the maximum chances to win!

Haribo Prizes 

Purchase necessary instant win and prize draw – ends 31.10.20
Enter by buying a promotional bag of Haribo sweets and entering the unique code at

With 4,200 prizes guaranteed to be won, including XBoxes and board games, you have a good chance of success in this promotion! There’s one winning moment every hour, and although you can only enter once a day, you can win unlimited prizes. All entries also go into a prize draw to win a Florida holiday!

Tip: the codes are printed on the outside of the bags rather than inside, so you can keep the packets tucked away for future scoffing!
Click here for full details of the Haribo Prizes promotion

Tesco & Cadbury £1000 every day

Daily standard rate text entry prize draw – ends 22.4.20
To enter, text CADBURY1 then a space and your name and postcode to 60110

This easy entry text competition has a generous prize fund –  22 winners will win £1,000 cash, with one winner chosen every day. 

Tesco run lots of great text entry prize draws, which are standard rate (usually costing between 8p and 10p – although sometimes they may be included in your free allowance!). It’s easy to enter their comps, you simply text a keyword then add your full name and postcode afterwards, eg. CADBURY DI COKE BN1 6TY. If you win, you’ll either receive a text message or a phone call.

Tip: Tesco text prize draws are usually one entry per person – but for this one you can enter every day, so set yourself a reminder for the best chance of winning!
Click here for full details of the Cadbury/Tesco promotion

KP Snacks Lunch Next Level

Standard rate text message instant win – ends 31.5.20
To enter, buy Hula Hoops, McCoys, NikNaks or Skips and text LUNCH, then the last digits of the product barcode to 81181 (this is a standard rate message, so should cost less than 10p)
With over four thousand prizes to be won (including amazing trips to New York and Tokyo), don’t miss this easy text prize draw – the first entry after a winning moment will win a prize. 
Tip: You only need to buy one product, text the same barcode daily until you win!
Click here for full details of the KP instant win competition

Pringles Stack’n’Share

Photo prize draw – ends 30.4.20
Enter daily on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a selfie of you and your stack of 3 Pringles, using #PringlesStacknShare

Buy three different flavours of Pringles, stack one of each crisp on top of each other, then take a selfie and share on Facebook, Instagram or or Twitter. There’s a total of 1,392 prizes to be won across 17 weekly draws – which works out at about 12 prizes every day. Prizes are ‘Tasty Experiences’, £50 Restaurant Choice cards and boxes of Pringles!
Tip: for a selfie comp like this one, take a batch of slightly different photos at the same time – then set a daily alarm on your phone so you don’t forget to enter every day!
Click here for full details of the Pringles Stack N Share promotion

Good luck with these five great prize promotions! If you want to find more top competitions like this, join the Lucky Learners Facebook group. You’ll also find lots more comping tips for beginners in my Getting Started guide

13 Responses

  1. Catherine Wressell says:


  2. Have you seen the Hairbo 25 years of star mix competition starts 3rd Feb it is one when you have a code on the sweet packet that takes you through to an entry form. Cant find much on the terms and conditions but looks like a lot of prizes this ink give some info

  3. Liz Whitney says:

    Thank you so much Di, I’ve just seen this in time to enter the Asda Innovations Awards comp. Also the Walkers/Tesco one, a nice lot of prizes for these two. Fingers crossed.

  4. Debbie Miller says:

    Thank you.. I am a bit worried about following so many new companies on Twitter at once.. don’t want to receive a ban.. (M&S hamper) ..

  5. Sam says:

    M&S hampers comp completed

  6. Heather Cain says:

    Thank you. Will take a look

  7. Frances Heaton says:

    Thanks Di, have done a couple of the comps, just need purchases for the others.

  8. Mel says:

    How many times can you enter the swizzels competition?

    • Di says:

      I’ve asked them and they replied ‘as many times as you like!’ – good luck!

      • Melanie Walker says:

        Brill thank you for checking. I take it they didn’t say that you was limited to one a day like the pringles one?

        • Di says:

          They didn’t say, Melanie – just ‘as many times as you like’ – I think if it was random winners then they would put a limit on entries.

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