TopCashback instant win clues & answers

The Xmas Treats promotion finished on 23 December – I’ll update with details of the next instant win in 2022!

TopCashback are back with a Xmas Treats promotion – their regular ‘catch the hummingbird’ instant win is super popular and easy to enter, with prizes ranging from 10p to £1000!

In total, there are £20,000 of prizes available to be won this Christmas – you can keep track of how much cash is left to be won on the banner that pops up on the TopCashback website when you visit.

How to enter the TopCashback instant win

You can play on the website or on your phone (it doesn’t work on the TCB app, but go to in your mobile browser app instead). You must be a TopCashback member and logged in to your account. If you’re not a member yet, I recommend it, as it’s a simple way to earn cashback on your online and in-store purchases!

If you’re new to TopCashback, join using my referral link and you can earn a bonus £10 cashback on thousands of brands – thank you!

To play the TCB instant win, simply tap the Treats banner at the bottom of the page at, solve the daily clue to an online retailer, then search for the retailer name on the TopCashback website. If you don’t have time to solve the clues, or are stuck on an answer, I will keep a list of the daily clue solutions here on SuperLucky at the end of this post.

When you arrive on the retailer page a hummingbird will fly across the screen – tap on it to see what you collect. It could be a treat – collect a set of the same treat and you win a cash prize! Or it could be an entry into the grand £1,000 prize draw.

If you win an instant cash prize (between 10p and £100) it will be added to your TopCashback account within five days.

Cash prizes available to be won instantly are:

  • 10 x £100
  • 20 x £20
  • 25 x £10
  • 300 x £5
  • 2,100 x £1
  • 3,500 x £0.50
  • 35,000 x £0.20
  • 50,000 x £0.10

Each hummingbird you find will also give you automatic entry into the £1,000 grand prize draw.

If you browse the TopCashback site for a while you’ll find that other bonus hummingbirds pop up – these aren’t on specific pages, but will pop up randomly as you browse. You can collect plenty of extra prize draw entries or treats from browsing!

You can also earn 5 extra entries in the grand prize draw by sharing a link to the promotion on Twitter and Facebook – scroll to the bottom of your Prizeboard to find these sharing links.

TopCashback Xmas Treats 2021 clue answers

You don’t need to visit the retailer page on the same day as the clue – you can leave it for a few days and catch up all at once.

Here are the daily Treats answers – I’ll try to update first thing each day until the promotion ends on 23 December.

  1. Etsy (6 Dec)
  2. Numan (7 Dec)
  3. ScottishPower Gas & Electricity (8 Dec)
  4. Kiehl’s (9 Dec)
  5. Waggel Pet Insurance (10 Dec)
  6. Lancôme UK (11 Dec)
  7. Urban Decay (12 Dec)
  8. 20Cogs (13 Dec)
  9. Naked Wines (14 Dec)
  10. ScottishPower Boiler Care (15 Dec)
  11. Giorgio Armani Beauty (16 Dec)
  12. The Fragrance Shop (17 Dec)
  13. IT Cosmetics (18 Dec)
  14. Glossybox (19 Dec)
  15. The Royal Mint (20 Dec)
  16. Kate Spade (21 Dec)
  17. FeelUnique (22 Dec)
  18. Tastecard (23 Dec)

Good luck – let me know in the comments if you win a cash prize!

If you enjoy instant win comps then do check out my list of Instant Wins and Daily Draws – plus there are lots on my Compers Shopping List!

12 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Today’s answer-Scottishpower Boiler Care

  2. Sarah says:

    Todays answer – Naked Wines

  3. Sarah Fawcett says:

    Yay just won £0.20 and then £0.10! Which is £0.30 more than I won last year! Today’s answer is ScottishPower Gas and Electricity

  4. Melanie Rice says:

    How do you go to the web page after you’ve got the bird? Do I have to click something specific?
    Thank you

    • Di says:

      You should see a pop up immediately which will show what you’ve collected – did that not happen?
      Then just check your dashboard by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the homepage

  5. Kaye Willan says:

    I’m on a roll just won £1

  6. mac moore says:

    Just won 10p.

    Thats me happy.

  7. Lyndsey Bruce says:

    So far I’ve won 10p and 20p! Better than I usually do!

  8. Julie says:

    Thanks for mentioning Di that this comp is back again.

    I often think this is unfair comp as far as collecting pde’s (prize draw entries). Humming bird wins – I’ve not problem. Sometimes people on this have had many PDEs so how do they give you e.g 150 prize draw entries at the end or whatever you’ve earnt over the comp…….. it must be impossible to work out and make sure that person “A” has the number of PDE entries they’ve won and person “B” the number of PDEs, and person “C” just 50 they’ve won & so on. I’ve asked many times before TCB never can tell me how they manage to put the right number of entries for each participant. I don’t think they can really say that anyone has more actual entries into the prize draw than any other player.

    • Di says:

      It’s all automatic Julie – this format is used for loads of prize promotions, if you imagine a HUGE spreadsheet and every prize draw entry you collect is automatically adding a new line with your name to the bottom. Then the winner is chosen using a tool like which selects a random numbered line of the spreadsheet – it could be someone with just one entry, or someone who’s collected 200 entries.

  9. Fiona Foskett says:

    I won 10p which is better than nothing x

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