Trebor ‘Cash in a Flash’ instant win

Trebor Cash is back for 2020! This is one of those promotions compers LOVE – a winning moments promotion with instant win cash prizes – 1,165 of them, in fact – ranging from £5 up to £1000. It’s advertised in stores rather than on pack though – all you need to enter is one pack of Trebor mints, and a camera to take a photo of it. There should be great chance of winning if you remember to enter daily until it closes on 30th September.

How to enter

  • Buy any Trebor product (just in normal packaging – there’s no promotional packs for this comp!) and keep your receipt safe in case it’s required to validate your win
  • Go to and enter your email address
  • Take a photo – or upload a photo – of your pack, including the Trebor logo
  • If you’ve won you’ll find out instantly – and can complete your details to receive your prize via cheque or bank transfer
  • Each person can enter once a day, and can only win one prize across the whole promotion. 

Cheques should be received within 5 working days – and cash transfers within 3 working days.

The promotion is open to UK residents aged 18 and over. There’s a No Purchase Necessary route for NI residents – find out more in the T&Cs.

For those of you that like statistics – this is a winning moment promotion and prizes will be given away on average every 74 minutes. As you can only enter once a day, you might want to save your entries for later in the afternoon/evening, as a lot of compers will probably enter in the mornings – set a reminder on your phone or Alexa!

The prizes

Prizes available to be won instantly in the promotion are:

  • 500 x £5
  • 400 x £10
  • 200 x £20
  • 30 x £50
  • 20 x £100
  • 10 x £250
  • 3 x £500
  • 2 x £1,000

Good luck! If you have any problems entering, you can contact 

24 Responses

  1. KelleyP says:

    I won £5 this am, chuffed with this, followed it with a £10 dominos voucher win on the Budweiser competition. Given that things nearly always come in threes, I’m intrigued to discover what the third prize will be!!

  2. Tammy Angus says:

    Just won £10-super happy as this is my first prize in the last 2 weeks of major comping

  3. Barbara Young says:

    Thanks Di. Just uploaded a pack of mints £1.30 and won £5. Result.

  4. Lindiwe says:

  5. Adele Done says:

    Thanks! Many thanks for posting the comp too! Good luck everyone.

  6. Frances Heaton says:

    Thanks for posting this competition Di. I’ve been entering daily, but no wins so far.
    I bought some more Trebor mints at Tesco this morning, but looking at the till receipt it just says soft mints, and doesn’t mention Trebor at all.
    Wondering if I were to win, whether the receipt would be accepted by Trebor?
    Well done winners!

  7. Suzy says:

    I won £20 yesterday. Opted for bank transfer but cheque is possible.

  8. Adele says:

    I won a fiver ✨

  9. Jacky Westoby says:

    Has anyone else noticed that it’s allowing you to enter more than once with the same email ? Yesterday I entered about 6 times with the same one, didn’t win but got the losing message up each time, so assume each entry was accepted? Or is it a problem with my phone?

    • Mark says:

      Just tried this and I get the message saying I’ve already entered today, maybe it was a glitch you were encountering?
      It’s also possible you were encountering the same losing message each time, as that was the result of your (first) entry that day and the system was recalling that same result every time.

      • Jacky Westoby says:

        Hi Mark, oh, I don’t know, it’s happening every day now, doesn’t matter how long the gaps are between trying-my partner’s having the same problem with his phone, he did get the message saying he’d already entered one day, but each day since he’s tried multiple times and it’s accepted each try-no winneres though!

  10. Jacky Westoby says:

    Great, thankyou xx

  11. Jacky Westoby says:

    Can you use the same pack every time?

  12. Karen says:

    Do they ask you for proof?

    • John says:

      The might do random checks but generally I don’t think so. In any case it’s not exactly expensive to go and buy a packet of mints prior to entering just in case they ask for a receipt.

    • Di says:

      Proof of purchase or proof of ID? Terms say to keep your pack as proof of purchase may be required, I don’t think they ask for proof of ID.

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