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It’s time for more inspiring winners’ stories from SuperLucky readers! Some of the UK’s biggest prizes are given away by radio stations, and these compers all got lucky on air in 2016.

Kevin won an amazing holiday with Capital FM…

“My favourite prize win of 2016 was when I received a call from Capital Radio to let me know I’d won an all inclusive trip for 2 to China with Wendy Wu tours in their Kung Fu Panda 3 competition. All I had to do was to answer how many marshmallows Po put in his mouth from watching a video clip.”

“The trip was amazing as it included all flights, hotels, meals & we also got to visit attractions like Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, The Great Wall of China, The City Wall of Xian, The Terracotta Warriors, The Grand Buddha at Leshan & finally Pandas at Chengdu’s famous Panda Conservation Centre. The trip couldn’t have been a better year to have won as my wife & I also both turned 50 too so it was an amazing way to celebrate!”

“We met a lovely group of fellow travellers on the tour from the UK, Ireland, New Zealand & Australia & have invitations from them to visit!”

Gemma only started comping last year, but got lucky with a trip to Dubai!

“I started comping in January when I won a holiday to Dubai staying at The Atlantis Palm Hotel! I won through a local radio station website and was randomly selected for the final five contestants. I then had to go along to a coffee morning with the other finalists and choose a box… number 2 is now my lucky number!”

Kaya will always remember a special Facetime call from Capital FM…

“I was at work on my break scouring the internet for some holiday competitions because December really has me in the gutter with the cold weather and dark nights! I spotted that Capital were running a competition to reconnect you with loved ones over Christmas. You had 140 characters to explain who you wanted to spend Christmas with and where. My best friend lives in New Zealand and I haven’t seen her for almost three years. I simply put “My best friend Tori who lives the other side of the world in New Zealand!” The next day I received a phone call from Capital telling me I was in the final ten and they wanted some more info about Tori. A couple of days after that phone call I had another one saying I was into the final 4 and this time they needed Tori’s contact number and email! They said if I was lucky I would receive a phone call that Sunday…”

“Sunday arrived and I was hungover in bed. My phone rang – a FaceTime all from Capital FM! I was live on the radio with Tori when they told me I would be flying out to New Zealand for ten days with £500 spending money, helicopter tour, an overnight sea life tour and a vineyard tour.
It honestly is the most amazing prize!”

Kaya emailed me last month to share photos from her Easter trip:

“It was absolutely incredible – I met people from all over the world after joining a backpackers site! An American girl Mariah made my trip ten times better as she accompanied me on some of my free excursions; it’s the best when you get to share prizes!”

Finally, Sue registered for Magic FM’s cash giveaway last year, and got a surprise while shopping in Asda!

“I was shopping with my mum-in-law and my two little girls in Asda, when I suddenly had lots of messages and people trying to ring me (I was so lucky, as I don’t normally get a signal in Asda!). I was told I had 20 minutes to ring Magic Radio to win £2000 (it had rolled over, as the previous caller had got the £1000 answer wrong).” 

“I abandoned my poor mother-in-law with two shopping trolleys & two kids! She said ‘Go, go and good luck!’ –  I ran like a looney to a trolley bay out of the wind and away from passers by (I got a few funny looks!). I made the call and I made them giggle, telling them about leaving mum-in-law stranded in Asda… I had 20 seconds to answer the question – thank goodness for iPhones, as I had to Google the answer! I started typing as she was asking ‘what’s the name of Coldplay’s latest album?’ Thankfully the answer came up straight away. I was shaking and felt sick but I won £2000 and it was the best feeling in the world! Big thanks to all the compers in Di’s Lucky Learners group for contacting me, I’ll be forever grateful!”

Have you ever won a big prize from a radio station? 

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  1. Julie Valenzuela says:

    I won my wedding through my local radio station back in 2007. They covered everything including a honeymoon!

  2. rebecca beesley says:

    wow – what inspirational stories! I’ve never had the confidence to do radio comps but the prizes seem so great. x

  3. Sue Stoddart says:

    Thanks for featuring my story Di! I still laugh when I think about abondoning my mother-in-law! Still extremely grateful to the LL group x x

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