Twitter comps – worth the effort?

Now, I’m a big fan of Twitter. And therefore a big fan of Twitter competitions! But I know a lot of folk are of the opinion that they’re not worth the effort, and I’m here to change your mind. Lately, I’ve found that Twitter competitions are the ones that motivate and inspire me to comp. I’m disheartened by text competitions, where the only skill required is to input a code and whizz it off to the same short code day after day. And the competitions that I used to adore – supermarket entry forms with tiebreakers and slogans – are rarely seen these days. I need a fast fix for my comping addiction, and it’s Twitter to the rescue!
In the last week, I’ve entered and won some great Twitter competitions – ones that require a bit of effort. And I’ve not shied away from them because of that – if anything, I’ve been keener to enter as I know that most people will only have the energy or patience to do a simple ‘Retweet’ comp, so the odds of winning are much higher.
@ClothingatTesco promoted a Twitter competition on Friday where you had to choose your own prize from their website. Perfect! The winners receive a prize they want, and there will be fewer entries because the majority of people won’t have the time or energy to browse the Tesco site! I was over the moon when Tesco announced I was one of their 10 winners today, and I’m now the proud owner of this gorgeous handbag:
I also bagged myself a @YoSushi t-shirt in their photo competition – you had to tweet a photo of yourself in a Japanese-inspired outfit. I’m obsessed with Japan and already had a photo of myself in a ninja outfit (don’t ask!) on my Mac, which I dusted off and tweeted. There’s a similar competition from @Official17 running at the moment, where they want you to ‘send a photo of yourself in leopard print’ to win one of 5 Galibardy rings. I found this hideous photo from my hen do, sporting my friend’s gran’s catsuit, and tweeted that. Currently I’m the only entrant!
Last week @lurpakButter ran a Twitter comp asking you to tweet your idea of good food, to win one of five tea towels. Not a thrilling prize you might think, but it’s an excuse to get the brain cells ticking over (and how I need this with a 6 month old sapping my brainpower every day!). I tweeted “A perfect poached egg with a nice runny yolk, enjoyed on a muffin with Mr @RobCoke!” and won a tea towel. You can never have too many tea towels!
This evening there were a couple of other more interesting comps – one to win books from @QuercusKids to tweet your idea for a #bookdinner – ‘Gullivers Trifles’, ‘War and Peas’, etc – and one to win hair products from @Get_Connected to tweet your favourite summer hairstyle. The prizes are usually small, but I find the fun element of them makes it worthwhile.
I hope perhaps this might make you think again about spending a little more time on these competitions; it’s more entertaining than just retweeting all day long! And if you’re really new to comping on Twitter my friend Jane at Competition Grapevine has written a fab post for beginners here that will help you out.

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  1. superlucky says:

    Thanks Erin! I tweeted 17 today and they said the Twitter comp is finished but you can still enter leopard print photos at their Facebook page (search for ’17’!)

    Not sure if this means our entries are still counted or we need to resubmit to Facebook! Good luck!

  2. xxErinxx says:

    I entered the 17 competition where you had to send a pic of yourself wearing leopard print too! Do you know if they have announced the winners yet, as I haven’t heard anything but this was ages ago?

    I am loving your blog btw 🙂


  3. superlucky says:

    Oh, I’m really glad that was the winner Tony as I saw your entry in my timeline and chuckled! A nice surprise to win the books too, I hope you’re keeping an eye out for other similar comps – I’ve actually just had my first ever caption competition win so I’ll be entering those a bit more often now!

  4. Tony says:

    I saw that someone I followed on Twitter was doing #bookdinner and thought it was just a mini-meme going round and added my “To Grill a Mockingbird” to it. Imagine my surprise when I got a message asking for my details to send me a prize of books!!!

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