Is Twitter filtering you from searches?

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  1. toadfinder says:

    Very interesting – hardly any of mine show up when I search, but nonetheless promoters have liked and/or replied to them…anyone have any ideas why this might be? Have filed a complaint as recommended so will check again in a couple of days.

  2. Vapes Motel says:

    Great info for those of us just starting to run competitions. Thanks!

  3. Lauren B says:

    I’ve just checked mine and it’s not shown any of my tweets at all this year! :/ I need to do more regular tweets! @littlelaurensbl

  4. Jackie Allum says:

    I’m being filtered #devastated. I’ve got a comp running now. This is just going to stop me doing it. I’ve ticketed them hope they sort it.

  5. Rebecca Cleary says:

    I have sent non-comping tweets but when I search for them as described above I cant see them, only comp tweets but when I go onto my twitter profile I can. Does that mean I am being filtered?

  6. Carol Turner says:

    thanks for this I tend to RT and then follow up with a personal tweet, Ive just checked mine and it seems to look ok.

  7. Monica Gilbert says:

    Is it worth going through your tweets and deleting competition ones once the winner is announced? I was just thinking it might make my account look less compy.

    • Some people choose to do this, but I think the time would be better spent sending a few non-comping original tweets after each comping session, so those are the ones at the top of your profile!

  8. sandy port says:

    I’ve had 5 twitter wins so far this month so mines fine. Lots of normal non-comping updates and photos. I use the normal retweet button for mine and normally enter very near to when the competitions end – like last day or last 15 mins if I know the time. I only retweet a comp once unless it specifically states you can enter more often. I don’t copy and paste entries. I am also very chatty with promoters and often ask question about their products etc..

  9. Chris says:

    I am confused by Twitter these days. I wonder how the organisers collect and organise their comp entries. Do they want mentions, notifications or auto retweets? Which list do they use?
    I have looked up retweeting with or without a comment – ‘with a comment’ does not count on the RT totals so would they not want that? A manual RT puts it in their ‘mentions’ list, so is that the best way? I am doing a bit of each at the moment but not too much as I hate the cheating element of Twitter comps.
    Twitter are trying to attract more business so it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

  10. Susan Peart says:

    I copy and paste a lot and only a fraction of my tweets are showing! No wonder I am not winning lol. I have filled out the form to file a complaint. Really interesting, thanks, will try replying and adding comments.

  11. Rachael Lines says:

    I have seen an increasing number of people being filtered on twitter, friends of mine – who had tweeted me vanished off the radar. It is how we noticed it was happening, as I asked her why she had deleted her tweets.

    Some compers copy and paste multiple times, and feel that is the ultimate way to gain an advantage – but if they are being filtered out, all that time and effort will simply be wasted.
    I copy and paste very rarely, and always RT the original comp tweet – however my odds of winning and very low compared to others who do copy and paste / use apps such as twitaculous.

    It would be nice if companies did pin a single tweet to the top of their timelines. With companies that pump out 100+ tweets a month for the comp, we cant possibly Rt them all, and among all the copy and pasters – there is hardly any chance of being picked as a winner from a single RT.

  12. Jackie Dawson says:

    Great advice x

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