UK Blog Giveaways ending September 2020

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  1. Kelley P says:

    I meant to say a big thank you as well for everything you do for Comping, it’s much appreciated.

  2. Kelley P says:

    Thank you for replying, hope it helps other people too.

  3. Kelley P says:

    Hi Di,
    I can’t understand why I can’t access the Blog Comp Linky sites anymore. I received the message “Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available.” I am a member of compers news and a Loquax member, so a legit comper. Do I have to register with your site or any other?
    Thank you.

    • Di says:

      My annual LinkyTools subscription has run out but I didn’t realise – I’ve just paid, but as the owner of LinkyTools is in the US I don’t think it will be updated until later today! Sorry about that.

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