Creating a collage with PhotoGrid

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  1. Webster Angela says:

    Thanks so much Di, I’ve been looking for something like this to use on Instagram for ages, didn’t have a clue where to start

  2. Louise says:

    Thanks, I’ve now used this, it’s great, much easier than the app I was using. It’s so tempting to add everything just because I can though!

  3. gr82do says:

    Can I use it on a Macbook pro? Or is there a version for laptop?

  4. Julia Plant says:

    Thanks Di. I’m really cautious about using collages if they stipulate one entry per person in case they see it as more than one photo? But yes, I’ve noticed collages are winning more and more (eg PAYM).I think you and I were the only collage entries to towerlondon and even though we didn’t win, I still agree that the entries stand out.

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