Using the Fillr app to fill forms

Do you enter competitions and shop online using your iPad or smartphone? It’s a pain completing forms – and so easy to make a mistake, even if you’re using your browser’s Autofill function!

The free Fillr app extension offers an easy solution, completing forms in Safari faster and more accurately than Autofill – it standardises mobile forms into the an easy to read format, so no more pinching and zooming.


Fillr isn’t just handy for comping though – it makes it easy to checkout every time you shop online. It stores multiple addresses, emails and credit cards, allowing you to choose the right information to fill forms with accuracy. Worried about security? Your data is PIN protected and only stored on your mobile device using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. The only information that Fillr have is your email address.

You can use Fillr in Safari on your iOS8 device, and several Android browsers – find out more on their FAQ page.

  • Download Fillr for iOS here. 
  • Download Fillr for Android here.

I’ve created this short video showing how to get up and running using Fillr on an iPad.

To get started, pop in your name and email address – then choose a pin number (you can use this pin number in Safari before completing every form, but if you fill lots of forms, you’ll want to turn it off in the Fillr app).

Complete as much information in your profile as you like – address, phone number, date of birth, etc. You can add credit card details and different addresses.

To activate Fillr in Safari, tap the Share button (top bar on an iPad, bottom bar on an iPhone) and swipe the bottom row of icons until you see More. Tap, and in the list of app extensions, turn Fillr’s green button on. You can then tap and hold on Fillr to move it to the top of your menu.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 13.50.31

When you encounter a form to fill whilst browsing, simply tap share and then the Fillr icon – choose the correct details and fill the form!

I found Fillr simple and fast to use on my iPhone, but a little bit slower on my iPad. Unfortunately Fillr can’t complete every type of entry form – the iframe entry forms on websites like Stylist don’t work (yet!) which is a shame. But if you only use a mobile device for your comping, it’s definitely worth a try!

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