Using Tweetdeck to find Twitter competitions

Tweetdeck is one of my favourite ways to find new and low entry competitions – and I’ve finally recorded a YouTube guide to help you with navigating it! The website lets you view multiple Twitter timelines and searches simultaneously, and works best on a computer (it’s possible to use it on a mobile device but it’s a bit fiddly and your device may struggle with refreshing the feeds).

If you’re relatively new to Twitter, check out my Twitter tips for compers video guide first to find out more about how to use Twitter lists and advanced search functions, as you’ll need this to make the best use of Tweetdeck.

How to use Tweetdeck

Log in using your Twitter username and password at Tweetdeck has multiple columns, grouped into decks, and you can add columns by tapping the + button. Your essential columns are likely to be your home timeline, notifications, messages and bookmarks. You can also add profiles, lists and search columns to a deck, and move the columns into an order that suits you.

  • Interact with tweets as you would on Twitter – use the like, follow, comment and retweet buttons to enter competitions directly from a Tweetdeck column.
  • Tweetdeck is most powerful when used for searches – add columns searching for your wishlist prizes plus the word win, phrases like enter photo competition or RT follow reply or look for comps in your local area.
  • Create lists (or follow other people’s lists) and add these as columns to your deck – see my Twitter tips post for advice on creating lists
  • Convert your list columns into searches. For example you can ask Tweetdeck to search for the word ‘competition’ in recent tweets from your ‘foodie’ list
  • Organise columns into themed decks – for example, searching for local competitions, photo competitions, blog giveaways, foodie prizes, etc. The example below shows search columns I have set up for prizes on my wishlist.

I hope this encourages you to give Tweetdeck a go, and hopefully you’ll manage to find a few low entry competitions while you play around with it! Don’t forget to check out my post and video on Twitter tips for compers too, and if you have any questions or Tweetdeck tips please share in the comments.

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2 Responses

  1. B says:

    There’s very little point in entering on Twitter any more.

    Used to win semi-regularly. For the time I put in, 3-4 wins a week. Since the idiot took over, I’m down to a prize every two to three months. Nothing changed on my end – same time put in, same routine, same regular profile picture/bio changes to freshen my account up.

    It makes no difference. Now too large a percentage of winners just happen to have a blue tick. It feels like a form of cheating, really. It’s a shame companies like Currys and so many others don’t seem to care.

    A 10-year hobby gone because of Space Karen’s pettiness. I know there are other sites (I’m on FB and Tiktok) but it’s not the same.

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